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The True Blue Crew (TBC) is an Australian far-right extremist group. Members and supporters have been linked to right-wing terrorism and vigilantism, and members have been arrested with weapons and on terrorism-related charges. Experts who have studied the group say it appears to be "committed to violence". The group rose to prominence as an anti-Islam group in 2015, and shifted more towards anti-immigration in response to public sentiment and police crackdowns.

This group has been associated many times with terrorism, as you can read in the following article on, "Phillip Galea was caught about four years ago planning terrorist attacks on “left-wing” targets including the historic Trades Hall building in the Melbourne CBD. Police said he was associated with the far-right groups True Blue Crew, the United Patriots Front, and Reclaim Australia, and a jury found him guilty in December 2019 of planning or preparing for a terrorist act and attempting to make a document likely to facilitate a terrorist act."


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