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Stephen Leo Bing (March 31, 1965 – June 22, 2020) was an American businessman, philanthropist, and film producer. He was the founder of Shangri-La Entertainment, an organization with interests in property, construction, entertainment and music.

Bernadette Roe for Nicki Swift mentioned The untold truth of Steve Bing, "Steve Bing was involved in two paternity cases within a brief span of time. Here's what happened: A former tennis player, Lisa Bonder, had a relationship with Steve Bing in the late '90s, and shortly after they parted ways, Bonder married Las Vegas billionaire Kirk Kerkorian, the founder of MGM Resorts International in 1999, according to the Daily Mail. They were only married for 28 days. Shortly after this, Bing was involved in another paternity case with British actor and model, Elizabeth Hurley. She had a son, Damian, in 2002, and claimed that Bing was the father. In response, he sued her for a paternity test and it turned out he was also the father of Damian."


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