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Stéphane Billette (born April 21, 1971) is a Canadian politician in the province of Quebec, who was elected to represent the riding of Huntingdon in the National Assembly of Quebec in the 2008 provincial election. He is a member of the Quebec Liberal Party.

Stephane Billete was involved in aa corruption investigation as stated on, "Premier Philippe Couillard has always denied that Côté, a big Liberal fundraiser, had any influence over his government. The CAQ opposition is calling for a hearing to probe further into these latest allegations. “We have to find out why he lied,” leader François Legault said. “We need some answers from Philippe Couillard, from Sam Hamad, who was president of the leadership race of Philippe Couillard, from Stephane Billette who was in charge of the organization, and received as a gift to be whip of the government, and from Josée Lévesque.”


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