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The Bidvest Group Limited (commonly known as Bidvest Group or simply Bidvest) is a South African services, trading, and distribution company. The Group was founded in 1988 by Brian Joffe and listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in 1990. The Group owns or has significant holdings in over 300 companies. The Bidvest Group Limited has a corporate office in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Rich mentioned, "Bidvest are kings of bad service. I wish I could give no stars at all, pathetic service received from the roadside assistance division. Still 1 day later I have not received a call with assistance after making 2 calls and asking for a manager. I wish I had never gotten involved with such an incompetent business!!!"


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Former Employee - Human Resources Business Partner says

"No work life balance Poor leadership Lack of empathy in leaders Not accepting of new ideas"

Current Employee - Systems Administrator says

"They pressure is too much"

Current Employee - Corporate Security Officer says

"Low pay,lot of work ,lot of stress ,management doesn't care about employees,no seek pay ,horrible supervisors and managers"

Former Employee - Manager says

"Very arrogant senior management team No ongoing training provided to develop staff Below average salary No HR department, a lot of bullying"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"very demanding but no money i try all things"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Supervisors lazy and clueless management on fiddle and no idea how to run buisness"

Order Picker says

"i was lied to , workers are allowed to work under the influence of alcohol and prescribed drugs.. and continue to be employed as their face fits."

Current Employee - Picker says

"Rubbish work environment with useless managers and out of date equipment"

Former Employee - Sales Analyst says

"Terrible management, terrible pay. No profeesionlisim what so ever in some of the managers. No holidays were ever accepted when requested."

Current Employee - Manager says

"Benefits and People care lacking"

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