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Baltimore Gas and Electric Company (BGE) is a subsidiary of the Exelon Corporation and Maryland’s largest gas and electric utility. BGE earlier had created the holding company Constellation Energy in 1999. Constellation Energy was acquired by Exelon in 2012.Headquartered in Baltimore, BGE provides service to more than 1.2 million electric customers and more than 650,000 natural gas customers in central Maryland. BGE employs 3,100 people in the state of Maryland, making the company one of the 15 largest private employers in the region.

Luke, and unhappy customer mentioned "Having to deal with BGE has been the worst operation I’ve ever had to deal with! I’ve been trying to change the name on my account for weeks. Now they put you on hold for hours and never answer. My last call was 58 min before I got hung up. They don’t have a call back option. The DMV has a way better system than these jokers they need to get with the times or find someone who knows what their doing. They already have a low rating but nothing is being done."


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HVAC Sales (Former Employee) says

"How can a affiliate of the utility company, keep the heat off all winter. Employees getting pneumonia, they still did not turn the heat on. They are the complete micro managers."

Customer Relation Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Potential to thrive if properly managed and processes re-evaluated to improve overall culture of company. Better work life balance needed, to improve culture."

Heating and Cooling Technician (Former Employee) says

"I worked for BGE Home for 13 years enjoyed the first 8 the last five became very stressful. Your asked to fix furnaces and air conditioning to get people back in service if you do that successfully people are happy the company is only happy if you sell them a service contract or send in a lead for a sale on a new unit duct cleaning Etc. You could fix a hundred furnaces a day and not get a raise. But sell one service contract a day and you'll get your raisepay company truck health insuranceNever know when you might get off in a day, Saturday work, working the holidays"

senor sevice tech (Current Employee) says

"I'm a current employee, looking to move on, 14 service calls per day. Management does very little to improve moral. Just pile it on. The job has become very stressful not many techs are happy.Once I leave here I will not look back.Benefits are goodTo many to name"

Team Leader (Current Employee) says

"Fast pace-non-competative salary-no flexibility in work schedule-impossible to balance home and work-high turn over-mediocre training program-low pay for the amount of work expected"

Customer Services Representative (Former Employee) says

"It is my opinion that they do not show appreciation to their contracted employees. We were treated differently than permanent employees yet the same expectation was placed o the contracted workers. It was unprofessional."

Senior HVAC Technician (Former Employee) says

"Works technicians to death. No balance of work and home life. Mandatory overtime. Stressful to the point of being harmful to the health and well being of their employees. Management does not take complaints seriously and tends to frown on employees speaking up about issues. Good pay if you and your marriage survive it."

Indoor sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"Dealing with the public over the phone can be challenging, virtually no down time. Some people can be great to deal with while a few can make a day difficult, However when you have been able to satisfy them and the feeling of accomplishment of helping someone that comes with it. Coworkers are great people to know. hectic environment, no room for outside thinking. real difficult to voice options without being taken incorrectly especially when you are correct about an issue. They feel threatened for questioning authority. Reactive not proactive.great outings and free holiday eventsManagers, low compensation for work load"

Journeyman HVAC Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"Ok job for young apprentices. Too many work hours. Getting away from customer service and moving more towards sales generationcompany vehicletoo many hours"

Home Energy and Comfort Consultant (Current Employee) says

"Good company, they try, not managed well, too caught up in finding fault than helping to succeed. they need to focus more on the employee and less on other things"


"Bge home helped me alot with my hvac career. Would come to work and go to the shop to get parts. Then I would go to customers house to fix there hvac or water heaters."

Installer Tech (Former Employee) says

"it's a good place to work. they give you a take home van. paid vac, good benefits, they also have good training. good people to work with. and you work in the area you live in"

HVAC Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"This job consists of working in very unfriendly conditions. Many of the locations require two men to be present for safety reasons. This position has high demand with long hours.good benefits, salary and work vehicle, tool programvery long hours, mandatory overtime, six and seven days a home life."

Collections Rep (Former Employee) says

"I felt like there was very little movement available in this company. The positions were limited and the people who held the positions had been in the same position for years, and had no intention of leaving them.used to work close to homelimited advancement"

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