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A very disapointed former employee shared this in a review: "If you ever want to join Berkadia, don't make the mistake of getting into FSA group(this group has many processes). These teams are lead by the worst managers ever. You will have no growth, you will be tortured to the core though you give lot of work, no recognition, no appreciation. Most of them are stuck there only because of bad market outside, else more than 70% would leave the company immediately. Already, the best one's left the company who couldn't take it anymore. Remember one more thing, if they(managers) start disliking you, for sure they can't remove or fire you, instead they will start torturing you more than before, so that you will resign by yourself. Here disliking will only start when you start questioning them or opposing them. I suffered with these kind of idiots right since 2017. Whatever work you have been doing, it will go in vain. They will bring all your confidence levels down. You will lose all your motivation. You will start doing more mistakes. Your concentration levels will go down. So they will have so many reasons to point at you. Also, I complained many times to the management, but everything gone in vain. The reason being these managers are a lickers. Also, not only me, but many others complained about these managers, but of no use. One of the manager got the award for the best Idea of the year which was an utter failure and the whole company knows that. The same person got manager of the year award. I still don't understand how these kind of people get these awards who are fit for nothing. The same person keeps saying - You have given your basic requirement, what is that beyond you have contributed! Are we slaves? Are people machines? He & the other one keeps saying that they are trying to help us. They just interrogate people instead of questioning. They never try to help people. On the other side, they will give targets to the analysts and the moment they reach, they keep increasing the targets. These analysts can never open up with their managers fearing of losing their jobs. One of the manager takes sessions on Berkadia Way and its so funny that he never follows Berkadia Way. He never had any empathy of sympathy on people and I am sure that he will never have the same in coming days as well. The cold-hearted fellow. Many complained about this guy only, but of no use. I still wonder why senior management isn't evaluating these managers based on the attrition that is happening(& happened) under them. May be the management itself wants them to leave for cost cutting! Just asking. I never had complains about Berkadia and will never have in future as well. Berkadia is always the best company. It's true that, people leave because of their supervisors and not the company's."


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Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Lot of politics are there in this place and career advancement is tough. Cons: Compensation is low, too much of politics"

Director (Former Employee) says

"You won’t even get your foot in the door here. HR is extremely unresponsive and unprofessional. They ignore all of your questions and concerns and have the nerve to blast you for what they feel is not basically doing their job for them. Bunch of K-names they sure are."

Senior Real Estate Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Large Agency lender. Lacks growth opportunities. Dominated by mature bankers who probably should exit the business. Very controlling environment. Seems to turn analysts frequently."

IT recruiter (Former Employee) says

"Very difficult place to work. No direction no training no guidance. They are not truthful and two faced. They tell you one thing and do another very despicable. Cons: Management"

Consultant (Former Employee) says

"A typical day involved taking notes and following whatever the local branch manager considered important for the day. I learned 2 real estate programs. The CEO is great but the Branch Managers are all smug and sexist. I have a business degree and 20 years of senior level management but I spent the majority of my times making lunch reservations and grabbing drinks for the boys. The only perk of the job was that it was close to my home. Cons: Sexism, no room for advancement"

Developer (Current Employee) says

"The tech innovation branch in Midvale is falling apart. The company does not offer competitive wages, and scrapes the bottom of the barrel for personnel. Management is inexperienced, apathetic and completely disengaged. Work changes weekly. Deadlines are a constant."

Senior Financial statement Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Work culture is good. Biased ness is more. overtime is regular. Cons: overtimes"

Innovation depart (Former Employee) says

"I loved working here during my first 6 months. This company has great people in many cases, but it’s so insanely political that nothing actually gets done. It’s a shame, the people are mostly great. The upper management is so deeply removed and more concerned with their egos than the progress and work of those they are supposed to be leading. Managers and leaders at Berkadia should be ashamed."

Marketing Project Specialist / Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"It's all depends on who you are friends with at Berkadia that dictates if you are happy or not. Job performance is second to who you know. Managers are all friends so you can't confidently confide in any one of them. HR will believe a longer standing employee versus someone being attacked and targeted by that employee."

Innovation technology (Former Employee) says

"There is no growth in IT."

Hyderabad as Financial Statement Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Not a good place to management skills in the company."

Credit Analyst (Underwriting Team) says

"Overall Good work Culture. Good co-workers and security at work,however salary is not satisfactory."

Staff (Former Employee) says

"Berkadia itself is a good stable company, however, the Houston office is notorious for having its share of negative attention and problems. Low staff retention, high turnover, demanding and overbearing management, little to no work/life balance, and no sense of team spirit or culture. Cons: No acknowledgment or reward for hard work."

Financial Statement Trainee Analyst (Former Employee) says

"balanced work life"

Accounts Executive (Former Employee) says

"It is a routine job work for the student who did CA and for the students of MBA can take a step to learn new things and work place is not good and need to improve more"

Sr Agile Developer (Former Employee) says

"Change is good, but constant change with little communication is not always good. Some managers like to have their hands on everything, proving to have little time for their reports. It's also not right to expect someone to have little to no experience at writing code to learn a specific code with a one hour overview."

Data Services Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Too much was driven by individual brokers styles, some were great to work with, others were terrible. Management should implement consistent working code of behavior."

Design Associate (Former Employee) says

"Berkadia is a great place to work if you're passionate about your work. I would not, however, expect any type of advancement or recognition from anyone at the enterprise level, you'll just spin your wheels and burn your energy waiting."

Insurance Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Management - needs to cater to the requirements of the employees."

Sr. Analyst (Current Employee) says

"As this is general website and open for everyone. I don't want to put any comments about the organisation which has given me starting steps for my career"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Berkadia full-time for more than 3 years Cons: pay is below market average there are no career opportunities good people leave bad ones get promoted"

Former Employee - Product Manager says

"I worked at Berkadia full-time Cons: If you work in Berkadia Innovation, prepare for a lot of conflict and minimal autonomy. Challenging and asking questions is seen as dissension (a very non-tech atmosphere). You are repeatedly told by leadership in other verticals that they know what's best for your product more than your stakeholders or customers do. (Challenging this is seen as 'not being a team player'). Berkadia Innovation views Engineering as driving the innovation rather than Engineering aligning with a Customer and Stakeholder driven roadmap. Product and business insights are seen as a nuisance by engineering leaders. Senior leadership likes to lead from a strongly Centralized model even though their backgrounds are in Real Estate, which can lead to a vacuum of innovation in the engineering side. They repeatedly conflict with one another's vision on the goals and requirements for all products in the org, and this conflict trickles down to the engineers who become demotivated, making it difficult to lead as a product manager. For this reason Berkadia Innovation abandoned the pretense of working in "agile" and now refer to it as "scaled agile" (aka non-agile, divided committee-approach to everything). You must wonder if Engineer hires must pass any screening on competency or self-starter criteria, and when you request mentorship or help for your engineers that you have personal relationships with, you will be told by engineering leadership that it is product's fault, and product is not writing PBIs/clarifying the roadmap. Certain existing leaders are extremely sensitive and resistant to questions about their motivations and competency and efforts to address basic needs can quickly become diametric and hostile. Unlike most tech companies, they are very resistant to spend on third party software to help speed development or research. There is a strong "not-made-here" bias that can greatly slow velocity. As delivery deadlines have been missed repeatedly for years, stress creeps in on the engineering teams and diametric conflict escalates (see above). Good people are brought before tribunals of uninvolved leaders and scapegoated. Turnover of dozens of talented people in the span of a year is met with question marks and confusion. The lowest performers remain and are coddled ("for the culture") and are put under more stress as talent turns over. Berkadia Innovation is a case study in how to triple down on bad results."

Current Employee - Analyst says

"I have been working at Berkadia full-time for more than 3 years Cons: There is no real diversity & inclusion in the company (outsourcing projects to India is not diversity). If you are a minority, especially, an African American, Berkadia is not the place for you. You will limit your career potential of you come here. One leader in the Management Team/Committee is obviously a.....and he doesn't hide it."

Former Employee - Senior Analyst says

"I worked at Berkadia full-time for more than 3 years Cons: I came to an Interview to this company 2 years ago with all other college friends who got shortlisted after so called written COMMON TEST. We were Interviewed, we got selected and we got our degrees with flying colors. Now, I walk on office floor with one of my friends who got selected like me, who is in the same position but gets more than double salary than what I get. Oh yes, do you think our packages were different? NO! Do you think it’s because of performance? HELL NO! It’s the stupid divisions in the Organization. Berkadia has three main divisions GPO, Servicing and IT. Had I know this before? Trust me, they never disclosed about this from their end. You get to see most underpaid people in SERVICING. GPO will have market correction (Increments in salary) frequently but it never happens in Servicing. GPO will have in 30 to 80% where as servicing will have 3% to 5%. They believe in this stupid myth ‘GPO makes money so GPO gets money’. I really wish to see servicing abscond for a while so that they can feel the deficiency. If it’s about the skillset, why did they take people from same college or what so ever. Is it our bad luck that we were picked by servicing? Or we were less talented that we are in servicing? If this is the case, why didn’t they tell this before so that we wouldn’t fall in this trench. Are we not demotivated by such actions? You never get answers for these questions but my personal suggestion is if you ever want to work for berkadia, DO NOT ENTER INTO SERVICING!! IT’S A SIN WORKING IN SERVICING."

Former Employee - Analyst says

"I worked at Berkadia full-time for more than 10 years Cons: Upper Management has no loyalty to employees and have no clue how to manage down. Recent Senior VP promoted to a position they have no career knowledge, manages like a consultant, looking where to cut next and replace with similar IT background people. Experienced staff being pushed out, Production staff's bars consistency being moved. Seems like they are preparing for company sale. President of Servicing has no say and is just going through the motions until retirement ."

Current Employee - Innovation Technology says

"I have been working at Berkadia full-time Cons: IT is a complete disaster. This "transformation" has been a joke almost from the beginning. People are fired for purely political and narcissistic reasons, while some of the most useless humans to ever be employed remain and get promoted. Performance doesn't matter as long as you stroke the egos of the CIO and his chosen few. Vendor and personal bias reigns supreme limiting any chance for improvement. Think long and hard about applying here. I'm sure there will be openings soon as most IT people I know are actively applying to other companies, but it's just not worth staying anymore."

Former Employee - Marketing Coordinator says

"I worked at Berkadia full-time for less than a year Cons: Company is full of liars and cheats"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Berkadia full-time for less than a year Cons: Everything said in the Sep 5, 2018 review and the Aug 30, 2018 review is true, though I would chide those two for a less than professional tone, I too witnessed everything they described and the lump some of it all is what makes Berkadia a terrible place to work. In addition to what they said I would add watch out for the signing bonus, the company will actually sue you for that money if you leave before a year. Ask them to take it out of the offer letter so you don't have that burden to deal with. UX reports up through dev, a software company 101 no-no and a real good way to assess what you’re in for here. There are no Product Managers only Product Owners, not kidding, and no formal Product organization - for over eight dev teams! The company is not up to basic modern software org design and management standards. You'll be spending the majority of your time with the consequences of these shortcomings and very little time actually doing your job - which will also hurt your career long term."

Current Employee - Senior Software Developer says

"I have been working at Berkadia full-time for more than a year Cons: Buzzwords and lofty hopes and dreams will fill your interview, but none of them will ever be realized or acted upon. Berkadia is not for you if: - you're a true UX or design professional - you're looking for a design-driven company that embraces UX from the top down - you believe in a developer-driven design methodology with no real interest in adopting UX best practices - you're a developer who likes autonomy or the ability to contribute your expertise to the team - you like to work on projects that ship - you like the flexibility of being able to test code easily in local environments - you are coming from a real agile environment where projects ship regularly - you appreciate clear, transparent communication and support from your senior management team - you have a weak stomach for petty politics - you enjoy collaboration and clear communication from remote teammates - you're not a fan of politics and unnecessary red tape around every process - you're looking for a management team that follows through on promises - you dislike letting people who know very little about your project review and reject your code - you dislike a toxic culture fueled by poor communication from your senior managers - you anticipate having a smooth on-boarding process (or any at all) - you enjoy contributing ideas that get automatically shutdown (regardless of relevance) - you enjoy being controlled by a platform team dictatorship"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Berkadia full-time Cons: When I started working here, Berkadia was a great place to work. When I left, it grew to be the worst place I have ever worked. The company grew very fast and hired several toxic individuals. These individuals built out the rest of the teams and managed to create an extremely toxic CULTURE. There are individuals and management that blatantly disrespected me and my team. I have never experienced such unprofessional people in my entire life. Some of upper management are out to sabotage their own employees. There is no transparency; they have fired entire development teams and kept it quiet/mentioned no word of it. The company is failing. Toxic people are calling the shots and only caring about moving up in the ranks, while stepping on qualified people to get there. HR only cares about saving the company and their own PR, instead of actually getting to the root of core issues and discrepancies. Office politics are normal, but this is an extreme case that will never be fixed unless there is a literally a cleanse. Unless you enjoy being disrespected, I would stay far away from this company."

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