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Benetech is a nonprofit social enterprise organization that empowers communities with software for social good. Previous projects include the Route 66 Literacy Project, the Miradi environmental project management software, Martus (human rights abuse reporting), and the Human Rights Data Analysis Group. Current program areas include global education, human rights, and poverty alleviation.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Thanks for spending the time reflecting on your time at Benetech, and bringing up the pros and cons from your personal experience. I completely agree about our mission and that our team is here to make a difference. We attract smart, passionate and committed people because of our mission and our work. It certainly isn’t for the stock options, because as a nonprofit charity, we don’t have any! While our salaries are high by nonprofit standards, we will never win a bidding war with Facebook or an overfunded startup. Our mission is to respond to huge social needs, and we are always asked to do far more than we have the time or the budget to do. If we don’t do the work, it typically won’t be done. So, yes we do stretch to do more all of the time. One thing I can tell you is that the intense pressure to put in long hours and sacrifice your personal and family life is not part of the Benetech culture. Flexibility is, combined with the expectation that you will do a great job. Many of us have been in high-pressure startup environments, and the fact that we can use our skills to do social good and have a life is a great bargain. Finally, we’re very proud of the lower turnover rate and longevity of service of many of our team compared to typical tech companies. We think it’s a real asset in the social impact field, where relationships and trust are so important. Jim Fruchterman, Benetech CEO"

Current Employee - Marketing Coordinator says

"- Old guard - Lack of culture"

Former Employee - Associate says

"I believe this review may belong with the benefits consulting Benetech rather than the tech for good nonprofit Benetech, since our associates don't have clients assigned to administrators (and those aren't terms we use). Jim Fruchterman, Benetech CEO (the nonprofit Benetech)"

Current Intern - Anonymous Intern says

"Lots of older members who are used to seniority equating to power and position. Not very fast turnaround on implementing changes. Not very many new projects."

Regional Pension Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Very little coaching or feedback. Good for experienced workers. Technology lacking. Automation and software improvements decades behind the competition."

Daily Valuation Team Lead (Current Employee) says

"My day starts at 6:30 ends at 3. Work is on a routine every all get alongmanagement seems out of touch with it's employees"

Admin. Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The hardest part of the job is doing the same thing everyday. But being able to talk with your coworkers helps the day go faster.n/an/a"

Buyer/Expeditor/Logistics Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"1) Each day was fast pace, which is good .2) I learned how to be a better multi-tasker3) The hardest keeping functions supported at one time.4) I enjoy seeing that my multi-tasking effort has met all functions requirements and the project is on time."

Administrator (Former Employee) says

"I really enjoyed the line of work I was doing while working at Benetech, Inc.(Third Party Administrator specializing in retirement plans) but the management made it unbearable at times. They have a lot of good, knowledgeable employees, but the energy in the office is just terrible do to the management team they have put together over there. Overall, I really enjoyed working there and learned a lot about the pension business!established company, central location in Orange County, great hours and benefits!Management, employees are not excited about work because of management, lots of employee turnaround"

Administrator (Former Employee) says

"The company thrived on people seeking pension plans. Unfortunately, the company had to lay me off because people were no longer seeking pension plans. In fact, most workers have had to dip into their life saving to get by."

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