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Belfius Bank and Insurance, known as Dexia Bank Belgium up until 1 March 2012, is a for-profit PLC founded to meet local authority needs. Belfius emerged from the dismantling of the Dexia group, of which it was part until 10 October 2011, when it was purchased by the Belgian State for 4 billion euros. The company's headquarters are in Brussels.

Robin shares his frustrating experience on, "Belfius App removed itself on update, would give error when trying to reinstall, had to clear store cache, Google play cache and reboot but now the app doesn't know me anymore and it won't support itsme to login, card reader that I only used one time is at work so next weeks I'm locked out of my banking accounts."


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"People are stuck in the 80's. They still use Windows XP and there's a lot of change resistance. People have been in the same position for 15-20 years and don't want change. Not the place someone wants to work if you're all about innovation and want to learn"

Current Employee - Risk says

"Communication and integration across divisions within the bank and with Belfius insurance should improve. For the moment career opportunities are very low because the FTE's must decrease. HR department is limited to an administrative role, they don't help with career plans, training etc."