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Big Bad Beetleborgs (later Beetleborgs Metallix) is an American live-action television series by Saban Entertainment and was co-produced with Renaissance-Atlantic Films, Toei Company and Bugboy Productions. Two seasons aired on Fox Kids from September 7, 1996, to March 2, 1998. The series adapted combat footage from the Metal Hero tokusatsu-series Juukou B-Fighter (first season) and B-Fighter Kabuto (second season).Unlike its contemporaries, such as Power Rangers, the show had a greater emphasis on sitcom elements, rather than a villain of the week.

A viewer said this in a review "Yes, something obviously went wrong, sometimes we see horrible and awful things sometimes we can't control but Beetleborgs was obviously a tradegy I do not know what in the world these creators were thinking how huh what? Were they thinking you know? Fox kids really makes some of the worse and annoying shows for kids now I admit I got sucked into crap like the power rangers, and this show but the power rangers wasn't as retarded as Beetleborgs, It makes absolutely no sense i don't know how I (I was young and didn't know any better and I was ) and millions of other kids thought this was cool but now as I look back on it were we all on crack back then? for advice if this show gets back on air for your sake Do Not Watch This Show!!!"


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