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Beats Electronics LLC is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. that produces audio products. Headquartered in Culver City, California, the company was founded by music producer and rapper Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine. The subsidiary's product line is primarily focused on headphones and speakers with style and cultivation entwined.

Alyssa Castle for The Master Switch said in her review of the Studio3 Wireless model, "Beats by Dre, which we’ll refer to as Beats from now on, are supposedly famous for their powerful, world-beating sound. At least, that was our notion when we started planning this review. Everything about the Beats by Dre Studio3 Wireless is supposed to leave a lasting impression of strength and passion for sound, with a quality that earns their $350 price tag. After getting our hands on the cheap, plastic material of the headphones - we’ll talk more about this below - we prayed that the money would be in the audio. Alas, we were sorely mistaken. The Studio3 Wireless are some of the least-powerful headphones we’ve ever tested, but not in a volume sense. Nothing about their sound makes you feel like they’re a powerful pair of headphones. We were so disappointed, that we had to create a separate section in our best headphones roundup advising listeners to avoid them. Yes, we went there...These are the worst pair of headphones we have ever tested in this price-range. Anyone who says otherwise, please feel free to fight us in the comments.


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Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"The senior managers have no idea what they are doing. Senior directors are even worse. Half of the managers in the software group are clueless. They got their jobs for being friends of the higher ups. They don't like smart and independent thinkers here. If you only do what are told and willing to earn below market salary, you'll do well here."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Engineers get rewarded and promoted not based on performance but how much they suck up to their horrible managers. Some managers here work only 20-30 hours/week. They don't really produce much, just walk around looking busy and most importantly, suck up to the right people."

Former Employee - Marketing says

"Working in the marketing department is like going back to the worst high school you can imagine; everyone is in cliques and everyone talks about each other behind their backs. The leadership is a boys club and complete joke. They run around hanging out with artists and athletes to feel cool while they delegate insane amounts of work with no clear direction. Money is so completely mismanaged that Apple would be appalled if they truly audited the department."

Current Employee - Marketing Manager says

"Executives are horrible and egotistical. The CEO and CFO of finance are the worst. No sense of humor and painfully miserable people to work for. The finance leadership is foenough to make you want your jump off a cliff. I hope the CEO gets help. He is very unpleasant."


"Poorly managed schedules and projects, serious lack of or no communication within departments, no team or group spirit, Everyone for themselves only mindset, complete lack of transparency from higher ups, managers openly talking smack about other people without addressing the people in question to resolve issues, a culture of backstabbing and paranoia, higher ups won't give you the full picture or complete answers to questions, deliberate secrecy and sabotaging , disorganized, exclusive environment"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lack of communication at times Different departments pushing their own agendas"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Too many chefs in the kitchen. Everybody is hungry for the spotlight. No team atmosphere, management doesn't have a clue what they are doing but love playing gatekeeper. A lot of work with no reward."

Former Employee - Product Development Engineer says

"The move from Santa Monica to Culver City promised better facilities, with more space, conference rooms, real engineering labs for equipment, and attractive surroundings that inspire. The reality is that the PD building was an after-thought that was barely finished and that had none of the expected improvements other than a few more desks. It's like the budget for facilities was all used on the flashy, colorful, and very pleasant main building that houses the executives, Marketing, Sales, and HR. If you are an engineer, expect to be treated like a second-class citizen, even though you generate revenue growth for the company by developing new products. In an industrial area in Culver City. No convenient choices for walking to lunch. Right next to a sewage treatment plant, by the smell of things. The smell from the sanitation dept must be drifting striaight into the parking lot, or it's the stench from the "river" going by."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"average pay, incompetent executives, impossible to meet schedules, low regard for product quality from executives, wasteful spending on product development as a result of impossible schedules and indecisiveness/lack of skills from executives. Executives will rush an unfinished/low quality product out the door to meet their arbitrary schedule that they made up out of thin air."

Current Employee - Manager says

"crazy place, immature executives, no processes, bad HR, money oriented"

Person (Current Employee) says

"You'll be comfortable here if you prefer a laid-back office environment -- some people may prefer more structure. If you're plugged into contemporary culture, you'll find it to be an exciting place to work."

Freelance Assistant Editor (Former Employee) says

"I worked in the post production / marketing department. Everyone is extremely passionate about their work and it shows. They create great content and work together very well. I hated the fact that I never knew when I was leaving for the day or if I would have a weekend off. I need work life balance and this place does not have it. I get calls/texts/emails off hours constantly and am expected to drop what I'm doing with my family and answer questions or run into work.Edgy and provocative videos, nice office, cool coworkerslong hours with no end in sight, takes advantage of their freelancers and staff's willingness to work for a cool company"

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