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Baroness is an American heavy metal band from Savannah, Georgia, whose original members grew up together in Lexington, Virginia.

An article on claims that, "Baroness were never the biggest or heaviest band, never the fastest or slowest band, never the prettiest or gnarliest band, never even the catchiest or coolest band."


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Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"All the negative aspects of working at a small local company combined with large out of state company ownership and the impersonal and bureaucratic culture that entails."

Office Manager (Former Employee) says

"Baroness is under new management (Empire Distributors) and with those changes it became a stressful working environment. They do not let GM's make quick decisions for the better of the company. They do not listen to the staff or GM's and as they are located in a different area do not know the laws and requirements of our state.They do not think of consequences of their bigger decisions. They think of the staff as a unit of production and not as a team. Cons: micro manage, do not listen to staff, replace instead of retain"

Accounts Receivable Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Accounts receivable for many accounts. I learned a lot about business, and how Liquor laws effect the business. The hardest part was the collection calls for accounts past due. Cons: pay"