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Barco NV is a Belgian technology company that specializes in digital projection and imaging technology, focusing on three core markets: entertainment, enterprise, and healthcare. It employs 3600 employees located in 90 countries. The company has 400 granted patents. Barco is headquartered in Kortrijk, Belgium, and has its own facilities for Sales & Marketing, Customer Support, R&D and Manufacturing in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. Shares of Barco are listed on Euronext Brussels. It has a market cap of around €1.2 billion (February 2018). Barco sells its ClickShare products to enable wireless projection from sender devices to receiver displays.

A former senior software engineer wrote "Warning: Barco is a snake pit! A sinking oil tanker full of toxic silos. The highly political environment encourages a brutal backstabbing culture. Managers fight with their bare fists and have no mercy to use you as a throwaway tool. Top executives and sales remain in Belgium, while everything else is being outsourced to India. And the stock price goes UP! Stay away, for the sake of your own health. There are better places to work."


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Current Employee - Sales Representative says

"Management, terminating reps every year."

Current Employee - Project Coordinator says

"Company decided to relocate our office to another location down south. Hundreds of highly skilled and qualified workers being laid off. Severance package is a joke, opportunities to move are a joke."

Former Employee - Manager - Projects says

"Horrible HR Team in Sacramento. Team of three but barely visible in the office. Whenever an issue comes up, HR pretends to listen but doesn’t not advocate for the employees, they should not be called Human Resources, they don’t treat anyone like humans except for the mgmt team above them. Worked at Barco and have seen racial discrimination, age discrimination, unfair treatment from MGMT to employees. At least five cases and HR turns a blind eye each time. Five Layers of management in sales and services with 2-3 working employee! environment is extremely mgmt heavy and draining to Employees!"

Anonymous Employee says

"Only a single, unaffordable health plan. Below average pay with about 2-3% annual raise. People openly complain about this and challenge management. Over all compensation is not worth it. NA offices are treated like 2nd class citizens. Dead end job. Most people have the same post for 10-20 years."

Former Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"-Only few people can grow here. for example:- Flat hierarchy for less-to-mid experience guys but hierarchy is well maintained(very rigid) for senior and mid management guys in software division. - Not a good company to work for. At least not for pure IT guys. - Company policies are very rigid, not so flexible for employee. - Management guys are very rude towards subordinates even in large forums. - HR is just busy with improving the image of the company for outer world."

Former Employee - Technology Analyst says

"-No IT Company Culture. -Micro management by mid level management. -The HR policies are odd since they are mostly common for the white and blue color employees"

Former Employee - Director says

"Lost Leadership Downsizing by selling business which was profitable Innovation Barred"

Current Employee - Senior says

"Everything is cons there are only cons."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"If you enjoy working with Indians and dealing with their low quality spaghetti code, feel welcome. Almost all Software Developers and Engineers have been outsourced to Asia."

Former Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"Warning: Snake pit! A sinking oil tanker full of toxic silos. The highly political environment encourages a brutal backstabbing culture. Managers fight with their bare fists and have no mercy to use you as a throwaway tool. Top executives and sales remain in Belgium, while everything else is being outsourced to India. And the stock price goes UP! Stay away, for the sake of your own health. There are better places to work."

Credit Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Encourages team members to participate in problem solving, utilizes the skills of each team member. Acknowledges the needs and concerns of others. Has loyal and committed lunches at times"

Customer Service Administrator (Former Employee) says

"This is an entertainment company. The office itself was set up for a nice culture for its employees. The company did some engaging activities which made the environment fun."

Quality (Current Employee) says

"This is a Belgium based company, with locations spread out all over the world. I have had no issues with local management, but communications between Belgium HQ and US is ineffective and there's an underlying aura of classism between white collar and blue collar at times. Wasting lots of money on frivolous projects, yet cutting budgets for the lower level workers. Reviews and raises happen yearly which is nice, but raises are 3% or less with no room for career growth as far as I've seen. They offer health insurance, but every year the amount employees have to pay out of check increases because of budget. It's not the worst company to work for, but there's a lot of room for improvement and I'd advise applicants to seek employment elsewhere.401k, medical, dental, Hsa/fsabad raises, company politics, no career growth"

Technical Support Engineer (Healthcare) says

"Barco, is a great co. with a good modern culture. Unfortinately this is not reflected in the local office in Australia. It is as if they are stuck on a 80's bubbleGood productCulture, Management"

Director (Former Employee) says

"Fast paced public sharing company with foreign ownership. Creates silos and then restructures in groups on a regular basis. Company lacks in employees loyalty. Internal opinions and wishes with personal issues often take priority and middle the structure. Very unlikely to have a long term employment with this company and not suffer both emotionally and physically.Great produxtsBad culture"

Administrative Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"No two days are the same. If there is a way to make process more complicated than it needs to be Barco will find it. If you are in sales, you are a golden child and are treated extremely well. If however, you are in an administrative position, expect to work hard and very long hours. This company is very top heavy - too many managers and little support staff. The only time more people get added to the support staff is if someone quits or leaves. The benefits are good, but there are very little perks. Even in times of record sales, there are no employee bonuses.Every year the company cuts back more and more. This company does not appreciate its support staff. Do not expect more than 2% raise a year. Since the internal structure is not well supported there are fires that constantly need to be put out. Problems are not solved - only glossed over or temporarily patched. There is always a major eruption simmering below the surface. Big Brother Belgium runs the company. The US sites are not as well staffed or supported as the sites in Belgium. They may be cutting edge in technology, but they need to have their internal processes examined and streamlined.Good BenefitsLack of training, Poor management, Long hours"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Poor management. They hire you to fill a seat. People around me were done with their job by 10am. Most enjoyable part of job was the free coffee and popcorn on Friday's."

Director of Sales and Market Business Manager (Former Employee) says

"Management was not open with Public plans for company. The education in technology and selling techniques were above average. The company had a bad problem with mobbing. Some employees that were quiet made it through easy, but others that were more aggressive at their job suffered in the long run. The education on business for senior management was amazing. I learned so much about business plans and income statements working for a public shared company. This was a huge benefit.high pay scalehidden agendas"

Project Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Lots of work - way more than your job description. Often enough you are working more than 1 persons job. Management can sometimes be very new and are only concerned about the bottom line, not your advancement, your pay, or sticking up for their employees. Culture is fine, laid back because they know they can make people do what they want and not pay them more. The Hardest part of the job is doing multiple peoples work without the title or pay to go along with it. Not really many enjoyable parts to the job except that you don't always have someone looking over your shoulder micro-managing you."

General Services (Former Employee) says

"While I was at Barco for a short while I have to save the thing I will remember the most is how generous and helpful people are. The company is solid as well as their solutions. HQ is based in Belgium so it collaboration can be difficult.Good people. Solid company.Healthcare is Cigna and is expensive, sometimes we felt like we were being monitored, lots of micro management from the executive level."

Support Staff Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Like other reviewers, I find the command and control tactics from Belgium challenging to navigate. My position requires ocassional necessary travel, but because we were slightly below our targets for the year they cut all travel, meaning I can't effectively get my job done. Yet Belgium is telling me to do this and that, but not providing funding to do it, so it's a no win situation. The complexity of even getting a small invoice paid boggles my mind. There is little to no support staff, so highly compensated professionals end up spending a good bit of time performing administrative tasks. My title does not reflect what I actually do, and though I asked for a review of that and felt I could support the case for a change, I was told no. Recently I've seen people with many years experience be let go and that makes me nervous. I also do not believe there is opportunity for advancement, though I haven't been there that long so we'll see. There is an inordinate worshipping of all sales jobs, with disregard for the support functions needed leading up to and following the sale. Technology is often rushed to market too quickly so that there are issues in the field leading to bad publicity, or no inventory so we can't ship for months and customers become frustrated.Autonomy, good managers, schedule flexibilityLittle advancement from within, top heavy on mgt, no support staff"

Service Director (Current Employee) says

"Barco is good place too work, very dynamic environment, strong brand value in niche. High focus on technology. Having its own manufacturing facility , quality.Salary/BenefitsJob Security/Advancement"

Electronics Technician (Former Employee) says

"The work was slow and methodical. The people were the same. It is a fine example of what happens when the Federal Government controls something.Climate controlled environmentAll business decisions made in a foreign country."

Strategic Account Director (Current Employee) says

"Barco is a decent place to work. Most of the employees have amazing attitudes and are pleasant to work with. There is room to grow and learn however compensation could be better."

HealthCare Business Unit Manager (Former Employee) says

"Belgian company with a Belgian culture, meaning that European culture is very different from American companies' culture and also very different from South-American companies' culture. One of the biggest Belgian companies."

Sales (Current Employee) says

"Loads of change over the last year with leadership and also org structure. Inconsistent communication depending on the group you are in. Nice work environment and building. Flexibility on start time which is helpful with traffic."

Business Development Executive - Northwest (Former Employee) says

"Dynamically transferred multiple sales and marketing disciplines into new channel development role in a new market niche to generate over $6M in medical device and software revenue in 11 months. Maximized field presence to 85-90% in the largest and most diverse territory in the country covering 10 states in the northwestern US. Built well-respected relationships with informatics directors, chief officers, and vice presidents in vertical provider and horizontal channel markets through social media, national industry conferences, and regional roadshows. Developed and led executive decision support worksessions by analyzing client-based analytic data to build long-term strategic plans to rollout radiology workstations across multi-entity, multi-state healthcare organizations. Improved internal processes including but not limited to market awareness, social media marketing, strategic business reviews, proficiency of new hires, and channel management. Leveraged traditional and new industry leading sales methodologies to displace key competitors in most competitive accounts."

Customer Service Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Was a great place to work, but in the last 5 years, there is more seems more focus on "the numbers" than good service. Also a real lack of direction, at least in the group I was in. Poor communication from management. There was a real team effort early on, but that seems to have have gone missing now.Great people to work with.short staffed, too much of get the job done with very limited resourses."

Senior Software Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Currently we are working in sprint teams and my responsibilityis to handle the QA related tasks which includes : Planning,Execution,handling resources, Reporting. I am working on different technologies like: Junit, Nuint for API Testing. Test Complete (vb script) for Functional Testing. Performance Testing manually and through Unit testing Framework. I enjoy doing different tasks on different technologies which makes my work always interesting."

Project Planner (Contractor) says

"The people at this company are the greatest assets. The hardest part of this job includes dealing with international guidelines with regards to shipping."

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