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Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, commonly referred to as BMW (German pronunciation: [ˈbeːˈʔɛmˈveː] (listen)), is a German multinational company which produces luxury vehicles and motorcycles. The company was founded in 1916 as a manufacturer of aircraft engines, which it produced from 1917 until 1918 and again from 1933 to 1945.


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Current Employee - Logistics X-14 says

"The orientation started before the time they scheduled. Arrive waaaaay early so you can get the choice of shoe you want before all of your options are picked over. Also bring shades the sun is SUPER bright while waiting for shoes! If you try to drive around the parking lot to get a feel for how to get to your new workplace you will be followed by security. The security guard is SUPER friendly and actually drove me down the highway to help me find the place I will have to report to on Monday!"

Former Employee - Production Associate says

"They don't care about their employees and the HR department acts like you owe them something like they are doing you a favor to do their job!! The money is not worth what you put your body through. Leaving there I felt like I was leaving prison. Best decision of my life!!!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"ALL - NO, Repeat, NO Human Resources policies are observed. ALL Management Defrauding BMW and Empoyees"


"You work like you're a slave. They've taken away almost every perk that they originally had. Bmw does not care about you, they care about themselves. Very greedy company."

Former Employee - Machinist says

"Poor management lead people show favors to there friends"

Former Employee - Assembly Line Worker says

"Strict , strict attendance . No reason excepted . Plan on leaving your house an hour early . Take 10 minutes to walk-in the building and another 10 to get to your area. 10 minutes breaks leaves you with 4 minutes to sit down outside unless you sit on the assembly line. Huge turnover . I haven’t found a person who hasn’t worked there. The is a hair sample drug test , a time assembly test , and a question test about your experiences and how you’d handle events . Then 2 weeks in a classroom that you literally think you have landed the best job in America because the lady is wonderful , smiling and has a great personality . These 2 weeks are the only best things about that place. Within 3 months their was 2 of us left out of 30 of us and then I quit. Everything is kept in-house . Fire department , doctors etc so the public doesn’t know what truly happens . Don’t stop the line even for a heart attack and that is the truth. Just move to the side and sit on a crate . Wrong parts place on the car - don’t stop the line , just add the cars to the enormous staging parking lot of thousands and thousands of “ reworks “ . Depending on the assembly line you might luck out on not dying all the way. I Would never recommend the assembly line for anyone over 30 and even at 20 I’d recommend going somewhere else to find a career that you know you’ll be at for years ."

Former Employee - Cashier says

"Only will pay advisors top dollar, but will not pay support staff what they deserve when management wants them to do more than what they are asked of."

Former Employee - Call Center Representative says

"Horrible company to work for. Nobody is ever on the same page with regards to how your work is going. One manager can say you are good and the other manger can say another. There its a constant flow of new people coming so you never can get properly trained. When you ask questions to supervisor she would not know the answer. If you asked the service manager he made it seem like you are bothering him. The supervisor will say one thing to you and communicate the opposite to her boss. The service manager was the complete opposite of how a manger should be. He constantly made you feel like you were walking on egg shells or bothering him with questions.He would walk in and only acknowledge certain people instead of others and never seemed to smile."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"most of their field employees are contractors and treated poorly. BMW says that contractors are just like internal employees but that is definitely not the case. BMW protects its employees no matter what; hostile work environment, sexual harassment, you name it. The second you speak up about one of THEIR internal employees behaving badly you are let go and black-balled by everyone internal and external. The contractor companies have no loyalty to their employees and will take BMW's (their client) side no matter what. Good luck being a woman in this company, I guess to succeed here you have to have no self respect and not speak up about anything inappropriate in the workplace. My advice is go work somewhere they actually respect and support their employees and don't cover up HR complaints by FIRING the complaint issuer"

Current Employee - Production Associate says

"Too many to list, good insurance though."

ESA (Current Employee) says

"Since all of the changes as of January, they’ve taken so many things from us. Overtime, paid lunch, holiday Accrual, family day, benefits, and broken promises of making up for it by paying out vacation on holidays. There will be more and more taken away over time while adding more responsibilities.Everything is taken away from you"

Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"When going to management with an issue. It gets dismissed Wanted to progress my knowledge and widen my achievements and learn new things.. it gets dismissed. Yet new staff seem to get everything that they ask for . The workshop lads are great to work with. Unfortunately the after sales team and the sales team not so great Long hours"

Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"Management is awful they will belittle employees and often make racist remarks about customers, pay is terrible with no room for raises because they are too cheap, alot of empty promises made by the management, they will require you to do other peoples jobs for them, coworkers are great for the most part. Free lunch, driving carsManagement, pay, just about everything there"

FINANCE MANAGER (Current Employee) says

"Terrible company to work for! No support and negative atmosphere! Great place to work if you’re a family member! Human resource department is terrible! Constantly leaking personal information! NoneNegative environment"

asesor de ventas (Former Employee) says

"Te contratan con un outsorcing para que no acumules antigüedad, los gerentes no tienen liderazgo, no te enseñan. Tienen a gente que no está comprometida con la marca lo cual es una lástima dado que es la mejor del segmento automotriz.La marca debería preocuparse por que sus distribuidores no tuvieran esas malas prácticas hacia su personalLa mejor marca en el segmentoPeor equipo gerencial que trata a su gente con la punta del pie"

Technician (Former Employee) says

"I’ve been working for BMW of Rockville formally known as VOB Bmw for 10 years now and all I can say is we went from a family owned and operated business to a massive corporate company. Everyone now fends for themselves and will throw you under the bus to make an extra dollar. The management are puppets being controlled by the owner and the owner has to be one of the most stingy person alive. You are just a number to profit from and nothing more.Pay, lack of benefits, horrible management."

Senior Tech (Former Employee) says

"This company cares about one thing and one thing only. Making money. Employee happiness and advancement are not a concern. Supervisors do not encourage but degrade on a daily basis. Hr does not listen because they have, as they say, drank the Penske Kool Aid. Do not work here."

Service Advisor/Writer (Former Employee) says

"The hours are long, and the pay is not conducive for the hours worked. It's every man for himself, and it's chaotic, day in and day out. The phone's go unanswered, and customers are constantly left wondering what is going on with their vehicles even if you are not the service advisor on their car. Luxury car customers who have otherworldly expectations and you are constantly expected to bow down and kiss their feet and cater to their every whim even if they are in the wrong. There is no support from Management on anything and you are constantly thrown under the bus just to pacify the customer."

Getting abused (Current Employee) says

"Sexist racists. Terrible. Managers are dumb. They fire the good ones and keep the sexist idiots. Oh and the woman managers are mindless drones as well. So forget about diversity. Watch and old German movie. You try the idea."

None (Current Employee) says

"management cares about themselves and those above. No source of advancing in the field , you will be stuck in the same position with no raise unless you bug them for over 7 months. Company refuses over time to anyone !!!! Even when your forced to maintain an office to yourself with no manager."

Dishwasher (Current Employee) says

"If you're a woman, stay away. If you're an honest individual, stay away. Most inappropriate environment I have ever seen. All male Management team has the must vulgar, sexist language."

Mecanicien moto (Former Employee) says

"Énormément de tourn-over.......ça veut tout dire.....salaire misérable pour une marque premium..."

SITE SUPERVISOR (Former Employee) says

"Company and work was a constant mess. Management daily tried to implement new ideas that completely confused lower managers and all the workers. It was not a pleasant environment."

Loaner car agent. (Former Employee) says

"This store has a very well documented history of being a good old boy club with the EEOC, if your not one you are not moving up. You will be there years before you get a raise."

Collections Specialist (Former Employee) says

"This is the worst company I ever worked for. I have been called the n word on the phone by customers management seem to not care nor did anything about the sisuation. The biggest turnover in a company I have ever seen. Team leads show to much favoritism. If you a temp they will treat you differently. I took too much abuse from customers in the phone not worth it."

Cherry Picker Operator sitdown stand up and high reach forklift (Former Employee) says

"They don't care about their people they don't want to pay more for all the work they have to do something's need to change workers are not happy there"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"There is money missing from every paycheck, after 1 or 2 months of arguing over your missing money, you will receive an apology with about half of the missing money, now, you must let them steal the remainder of the missing money to let them win, in order to protect your future paychecks. The missing money goes into a Cream Account that is shared by GM and owner"

Senior Technician / Technicial (Current Employee) says

"Worst place I have ever worked. The workshop controller is a muppet. No management skills at all. Workshop is bismal. No communication. Not even a HR department. I strongly recommend not working here!"

Porter (Former Employee) says

"do not work for MetroTech for BMW. they treat you horrible. they expect things that are impossible to do. they pay you nothing and never give advancement. the turn over rate is extremely high because the people at BMW will treat you like you are less than a person if u dont drive a BMW.noneEverything"

Valeter (Former Employee) says

"I found that valeters here are treated unfair and seen as the lowest of the low. You can never do enough for them always want more. No wage increase and promised bonus never ever got it!! Work overtime and don't get paid it. Management are a joke not easy to talk to them about problems within the workplace.NonePlenty"

Paul Shackleford says

"Poor design flaws and won’t own up to them. Major problems with wheels, drainage (look at sloshing water). When you address them so they can rectify and resolve they want to blame you for it. I will never get another BMW and that is after owning 6 of them."

Shohid Miah says

"older bmw 1 series seems to be having timing chain problems. avoid older bmw 1 series its an expensive repair."

Dr Pramod Prabhakaran says

"Extremely poor and unresponsive telephone customer service in finance team. Spent several hours without being able to speak with anyone and the person spoken to arranged a callback not honoured wasting time and money. No response to email or online requests either -"

Mark Harrison says

"I recently purchased a 650i from Stratstone Derby and when collecting all seemed fine. On the 200 mile drive home numerous faults were identified including a broken door lock, smelly air con and blown speakers! I immediately reported this and it was agreed that I could take the car into my local dealer in Colchester. They ordered the relevant parts and the vehicle was booked in. On the day work started the dealership phoned to say there were serious problems with the vehicle and the amplifier was underwater and there was a large amount of water in the rear of the vehicle causing various degrees of corrosion. I immediately informed Stratstone and rejected the vehicle, I was then informed it was my responsibility to return the vehicle (200 miles away). I asked how I would be able to get home after this and was told they would give me a lift to Derby train station. What a joke. I then had to pay for the car to be transported back to Derby. I requested that this money be refunded but was told no. I then contacted the pathetic BMW customer services team (Sarah), who having heard my story took ten mins to decide that they wouldn't help and couldn't do anything about the situation. BMW proudly advertise they carry out exhaustive checks on their vehicles, in my case it is obvious that did not occur and the dealership does not have the decency to to pay for the vehicles return or explain how the vehicle was supplied in such a bad state. My next move will be a solicitor as I will not let this drop. BMW have now lost another customer although with their profits they won't give a damn."

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