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Rasagiline (Azilect, Azipron) is an irreversible inhibitor of monoamine oxidase-B used as a monotherapy to treat symptoms in early Parkinson's disease or as an adjunct therapy in more advanced cases. The racemic form of the drug was invented by Aspro Nicholas in the early 1970s. Moussa B.H.

A user mentioned, “I had bad results from Azilect. Was in hospital for 2 days and 2 trips to Er within 2 week time. Had little fainting spells (would have passed out except for person holding me up) Dizzy, falling. Doctor sad it wasn't the medicine, but after stopping it these side effects went away.”


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Sid says

"I recently took out a new contract for the latest Samsung phone with unlimited everything, paying £99 upfront and £54 monthly, only I didn't realise that the data was capped at a slow speed. The salesman did a terrific job at explaining that. Seeing as I haven't even unboxed the new phone or the SIM, I tried going back to store to either cancel or change my contract, only to be told that I can't and there was 'nothing I can do' and told me to ring up the call centre. The agent from the call centre said the same thing and that their policy didn't allow for refunds or cancellation even though the phone hasn't even been activated. I also read in the terms and conditions that states: "In certain situations, we may be prepared to give you a refund or exchange for Goods if you change your mind." I don't see how you can refuse a cancellation considering I haven't opened the original parcel the phone came in. I even spoke with Vodafone and they agree that I am in the right, every company should provide a 14 day cool-off period especially for new customers signing new contracts. Great way to treat your customers. I don't see how this is even legal and I would give 0 starts if I could. Disgusting."

Neil says

"The only company trading as mobile phone shop, that doesn't have any mobile phones in store, all I wanted was to buy a sim free mobile phone, the transaction should have taken no more than 5 mins after I had confirmed my phone of choice, I was on a break from work told that didn't have any of the 3 phones I wanted in stock at store and so chose the only phone that was out of desperation, then to go through the hard sell of them to flog me insurance that I didn't want and told them straight, so after 20 mins then to go to complete the transaction and then none of the card machines would would work - then 15 minutes later after much rebooting of tills and card machines still the same issue 40 minutes wasted and no phone, they wouldn't even use the working card machines in the Currys store it was based in ( you are the same company) drove to another store to get another phone, and I was told that they wouldn't see me by rude staff as probably they wouldn't get time to serve me as had 2 people Infront of me and were closing in 90 mins time, castle vale and Tamworth stores are terrible - no phones and poor customer service - not using you ever again ordered online with another company got the phone I wanted next day and saved £65"

John Jonathan says

"refurbished phones!!!! please don't buy them, all damaged and traded in phones which are damaged!!!"

tony norton says

"BIG FAT LIARS AND SCAMMERS, offering the world to you by their best deals, coming to discover your world tearing to pieces, laughing at your bank being bankrupt. please people i am begging and pleading not to go with this terrible company. my story goes like this!! i get a call from carphone warehouse over the phone, often times, claiming they have the new iPhones deals, often times i tell them i am not interested, however they call me week and week almost everyday, saying they have the new iPhone offer i told them i am not interested!! eventually i gave in and told ok ill get the new Hawaii y9 unlimited everything!! i have y6, we agreed and few days after i get a call from Jay (+447424913839) saying he will deliver the product within 2-3 days after. before then i need to make a payment of £30 for the upfront cost and another £30 for covering my current phone bills, he also told me i can save his number if anything comes up. ok i agreed and gave the bank details. and he stated it would be refunded within a few weeks after. after a fews weeks go by and still nothing!! and i have heard nothing from jay or anyone. and then a 2 phones arrived by post and it was the 2 iPhones which was the wrong phones. he said to refund it back. Jay stated that he would also pay for the additional cost which i posted, i saved the receipt as an evidence. and few weeks after he does not reply my calls and text, and coming to discover they had been secretly taking money from my bank, £140 which was deducted by carphone warehouse (O2). when in fact i wanted to do a contract with EE. what liars this company is!! really what kind of company lies and scams people like this, please this is message for you people to avoiding falling into the same trap as i went through!!!"

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