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Aviva plc is a British multinational insurance company headquartered in London, England. It has about 33 million customers across 16 countries. In the United Kingdom, Aviva is the largest general insurer and a leading life and pensions provider.

Vince shared his bad experience in this review: "I have been an Aviva customer for years - made a claim on my fleet policy for a car accident which meant the car was written off and guess what? they won't payout enough to buy a like for like replacement when you can't find any car at the value they place on it - sticky fingers when it comes to paying out and it's only then you know what you paid for"


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Former Employee - Credit Analyst says

"The overall talent was way below average"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Everything is rubish. There you go"

Current Employee - Quantitative Analyst says

"No ambition in teams in general"

Former Employee - Customer Advisor says

"Floor-wide misery. Those who were best at the job were either actively seeking other work or considering leaving without another offer. I saw multiple people - very nearly including myself - take sick leave to deal with the mental health strain of working in such an unsympathetically miserable environment. You are paid minimum wage as a salary, expected to work unpaid overtime, pushed beyond capacity and treated with resentment and barely-concealed anger from management for any inability to deal with the number of phone calls coming in. It doesn't matter that you're working constantly - their lack of capacity is made into your problem. For such legal-minimum pay, you are told - actually told - that the company "gives you a lot" (e.g. a free banana once every four weeks) and that you should "give back" (i.e. unpaid overtime). I was once questioned for using the toilet too often and had to explain the frequency of my bowel movements to my line manager. I was repeatedly invited to conversations where my level of education was used against me, the suggestion being that I should quit if I have aspirations beyond working there forever. Bizarre, considering - as I must repeat - the bare legal-minimum pay. Of the five people I trained with, myself and one other left at the earliest outside offer, another left after extensive mental health leave (brought on by the work), another was deemed incapable of working in that department and so - rather than being pressured to quit, as I was - was shuffled into another department where they could do less damage. Only one remains. That took less than six months. During that time, a few others also left. The good people in that office deserve better work, and the management deserve to struggle with a depleted workforce during a hiring freeze. One star."

Former Employee - Claims Adjuster says

"Management is terrible, promotions reserved for the manager’s “favourites”. Terrible work life balance."

Former Employee - Shared Services says

"No transparency, indecisive from management leads to unfavourable outcome. The bottom staffs just need to agree to the unrealistic time lines given. Hard time managing your bosses’ KPI"

Former Employee - Policy Services says

"Discrimination on certain races/religion/sexual orientation Wide salary range No work life balance Unnecessary long meeting Sexual harressment from male HOD/SMT No promotion since joined the company as told by manager that HOD mention ops is an expenses team not sales generating team."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I received a disrespectful reply when I was not selected for the position I applied for. Firstly, they referred to me as "Dear University" in that email, proving that it is a copy paste message and the person who sent it did not cared at all. Finally, I sent a response to that email, asking for any feedback on my application and asking why I was cut out of the selection problem, only to get an automatic response saying that the email was not monitored."

Current Employee - Technical Support Engineer says

"salary is incredibly low for most of the employees"

Former Employee - Insurance Sales Representative says

"No support, micromanagement, unrealistic targets"

Sales Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Aviva started off good, however if you haven’t been there for very long you will be treated differently not great. The people are not friendly. Very strict. Not a great environment to work in. Same as Teleperformance a lot of bullying in the work place.PayNot Friendly"

PA (Former Employee) says

"I would never advise any one to work there, I worked in wholesale and it was a vile environment. Staff went to external meetings and came back stinking of alcohol and my whole day was spent processing alcohol expenses, shame on you Aviva!"

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Management are poor and ill-informed! I was bullied out of the company because of my absence due to mental health, my manager was ignorant and sneaky! I would not recommend working for them! Training has nothing to do with the actual job! They pride themselves on being diverse but they are the opposite! Manager was very unprofessional and took a disliking to me, he then did everything he could to get me out.Terrible management and policies"

Claims Handler (Former Employee) says

"I would never recommend anyone to work at Aviva, managers are barely what you could call a manager. No professionalism whatsover. Worst place I have ever worked.NoneEverything you could think of"

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Do not recommend. I feel that at Aviva if you are not a manager, you do not have any rights. You will not be listen to, you will not be respected. At Aviva same rule does not apply to everyone. At Aviva it’s not what you know but who you know. If you are in a right click you’ll ok."

Personal Incident Manager (Former Employee) says

"An absolutely horrific workplace, tantamount to a sweatshop. Incredibly stressful, decision making on claims spanning a range of specialisms. You are advised to work in an autonomous fashion and be pragmatic. However, your decision will be arbitrarily put to the sword, in a serpentious, behind your back manner, in a kangaroo court fashion. You will be expected to take levels of abuse and repudiate high value buildings claims over a single phone call; then immediately take another call without a single care for the operatives well being. It is a very cliquish set up, with people ever ready to step on each other, to get ahead. The remuneration is appalling. Counterparts in the same role in Canada earn three times the salary. I would advise to avoid like the plague, unless you enjoy self torture."

Underwriter (Former Employee) says

"Culture of bullying - do not work in Aviva Cork. Huge workload, need to refer everything and terrible salary. Really do not under any circumstances work for Aviva Cork"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Despite aviva claiming it values its employees it does not also if you intend to climb the career ladder be prepared to have to walk over other people's aspirations. On the whole an unpleasant work culture and poorly paid for what aviva expect of you."

Engineering Specialist - Loss Control (Former Employee) says

"Equipment Breakdown has long been a real joke at this company. Inexperienced managers. One in particular that spent hours on the internet googling how things worked. How did she ever get the job.And beware the underwriters.... none of them have any real world experience with boilers or machinery... they are just data entry clerks. And the inspectors are discouraged from doing their jobs by a manager that encourages wearing blinders on the jobcomapny carmanagement"

Doradca Klienta (Former Employee) says

"Szukają naiwnych, potrzebna własna działalność której kosztów nie pokrywają małe prowizje. Umowa tak skonstruowana że w przypadku kiedy klienci nie płacą składek agent musi oddać to co zarobił"

Call Centre Agent (Former Employee) says

"Minimal training, and a system where every single thing you do is scrutinized. Ten minutes a day to go to the bathrooms which are a football pitch distance from your desk, constant pedantically marked call reviews where any deviations from the script are gleefully leap upon so they can sit you on the naughty step and put another black mark in your file (which they use to threaten you with if they want to get rid of you)... If you're on a call when it's home time, you have to stay with never any thanks or extra pay - ten percent of the time you go in only to find there are too many people in and get sent home. Office is difficult to get to and in the middle of nowhere. Never ever work here.You are allowed home occasionallyEverything about this job is terrible"

Professional (Former Employee) says

"Terrible management- dishonest with staff, do not care about people. Only major suck-ups at head office get anywhere, often without being properly qualified for their roles. High staff turnover - from top to bottom - should tell you something.FewPretty much the entire experience"

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Sexist, racist and unethical is the treatment an employee at this company can expect. Everything is about the bottom line and the customer or employee is not a concern."

anonymous (Former Employee) says

"Incredibly siloed, and everyone looking out for them selves. No collaboration, no prioritization, no planning, no vision. Certainly no communication to staff about what is going on, what the problems are, or how we can maybe help? Nope, not interested in what the little people think. Only leader I've had that did this was tossed soon after an old school "boss" took over.subsidized lunch and shuttle bus (only head office)everything"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Worked there for several years no progression only if your face fits. They also treat men with children abysmally but fall over to help women work part time.Can’t think of anyToo many to list"

Claims Manager (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Aviva for many years at numerous locations doing numerous roles. I was very happy but got made redundant. I would never have left but for this."

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"My manager was not at all supportive. Plus they were biased towards old employees. Not a great place to work with. Work life balance is not respected at all."

Recruiter Manager (Former Employee) says

"If you want to be a free slave then please join Aviva. No culture and no manners. No salary at time and this is one of the company i worked with and i can assure this is the worst company to work with."

Customer Service Representative- Diligenta (Current Employee) says

"Typical day-Not very good. What you have learned-No personal development Management- only believes in cost cutting Workplace culture- only work Most enjoyable part- people , team matesfree parking, flexibilitytoo much pressure"

QA Analyst (Current Employee) says

"as a female in IT we are underappreciated and abused, our manager with a bad haircut is constantly condescending and threatening us. this is two thousand and seventeen, sadly our people function supports this attitude and senior managers behavior as they all take orders from the transformation VP. this is not north korea. new IT management replaced our staff with a vendor partner that pays their employees a higher salary than aviva staff. cio has taken ownership of the majority of the critical functions causing chaos and complexitycomplimentary shuttle bus serviceCIO running the organization"

Naresh Sethi says

"I am very disappointed with Aviva not paying my motor accident claim by saying my policy was void as I had ticked a box wrongly as owner - I own the car jointly with my son - the registered keeper is my son but that is not necessarily the owner - I even have a document signed saying we are joint owners - they said they go by the registered keeper which is not correct - DVLA and Police say the owner can be different. Surely it is my son and I who decide we are joint owners and not Aviva- the garage we bought the car from was fully aware of the facts and we followed their advise and recomended policy"

Tariq Musaji DVSA ADI says

"This is to do with Aviva Health private insurance which I had been paying for over 2 years. £127 per month. And never made a claim during this time. During the pandemic in March 2020 I was not able to access any of their healthcare services. Even their remote GP App was not functioning. I tried to make a claim. I was informed by AVIVA that ALL RESOURCES WERE ALLOCATED TO THE NHS. Fair enough. But here is the issue. I asked that if all the resources are allocated to the NHS WHY AM I STILL EXPECTED TO PAY MY PREMIUM EACH MONTH? ANSWER GIVEN "We will defer your premiums but once the pandemic is over, you will need to pay your missed premiums" I felt so angry that I did not renew my policy in June2020. This is an unethical and a greedy organisation. Extra surplus cash will nicely fill the senior managers bonuses. I have taken this matter up with the Financial Ombudsman Service."

lamine Moun says

"bad company, horrible customer service...AVOID."

Dynamicsqween says

"Really bad awful customer service and journey. WARNING: do your best to avoid this insurance company for life insurance. I feel like I am being scammed - the experience has been that bad. I am in the process of surrendering an insurance policy. Nine months later Aviva are putting in all the stops in order not to pay out money that is rightfully mine. Aviva are even using the pandemic as an excuse; due to the pandemic it is taking a while for me to respond to letters and act as quick as I would normally. For example, Aviva are saying 'as they have not heard from me, they are assuming I no longer want to surrender the policy'. The funny thing is, I have registered all letters I have sent to them and I have proof that the letters have be signed for at their end. I was being patient with Aviva (9 months worth of being patient). Now I am no further along the process of obtaining my monies even though I have complained to Aviva - but Aviva Customer Services are not helping in the slightest, so I have to complain further via the financial ombudsman. This has to be my worse customer experience and journey of all time. I believe Aviva actually deserve a *NO STAR* rating, but unfortunately this option is not available. :-( To everyone let this be a true wake up call, as this has been such a painful experience for me. Avoid Aviva."

Simon Dyball says

"I can Cleary Remember being Told you are not allowed to Build up profit In your House, By Someone at Head Office, When I Was Told to Sell It."


"MY year end for my AVIVA HEALTHCARE is July 1st 2020 , i have made 4 very long phone calls (mostly on hold) used useless "chat" - I need my certificate for my new provider else i cannot get continued cover , I need to prove that I have no ongoing issues and no exclusions ,( as none of my employees do) as its a group company policy scheme. Each person i get through to (eventually - its covid they say - oh really i say !) gives me a different story = no we cant email = no even as the administrator to this policy we cannot send you the certificates ! one whole month ive been waiting , if it dosnt arrive tomorrow by post (it has to be post they say ) i will self combust !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tonight on my online portal with Aviva health - in black and white it says call us between 8am and 8pm , THEY HAVE NOT EVEN UPDATED THERE WEBSITE , in 3 months - with new opening times . Something is seriously wrong here , Avoid this company - i will in future"

Mr Dean Colcombe says

"Had a driver collide with me at a roundabout. Which he confirmed. As no dashcam footage or eye witness, Aviva agreed to go knock for knock and l lost 7 years no claim bonus, and had to admit being in an accident that was my fault. I am in the process of cancelling my car and life insurance with this despicable company."

Clive Morris says

"Avoid They are cowboys Back street operation Take your money and fail in duty of care They say contact and then say don't care Greedy scum"

John Carvey says

"We are taking Aviva to the FCA for taking advantage of a vulnerable old lady and using mis-leading sales tactics. We contend that Aviva used a derivative to ramp up profits from an already very lucrative equity release product. Aviva deny this so we will let the regulators decide> Our approach to Aviva was met with condescension. It remains to be seen if the FCA picks this up but we will post updates as we get them"

BobGord says

"I agree with the 1087 reviewers on Trustpilot who have rated Aviva as bad. In other words, 82% of their customers have no confidence in Aviva. If you want an insurance company that: • Unlawfully violates your fundamental, human rights • Treats you unfairly & provides false, misleading information • Cause severe stress & provides degrading treatment • Discriminates your identity & nationality • Abuses their Ethics Code & Customer Experience Business Standard policies • Shares your confidential, personal data with a fraudulent solicitor - without your authorisation A solicitor who unlawfully, faked my address & identity to conceal theft (£280 000 of my assets), committed by a fellow, convicted (SRA) solicitor ( BBC: news/uk-england-manchester-29694339 ) • If you want a company that condemns documents containing stamped, sealed & certified proof of identity & witness statements from the British and Swedish government • Ignores your request for your original documents to be returned & request for your personal data • A company that transfers your hard-earned pension pot without your authorisation • Ignores your request for your hard-earned pension pot to be returned to the original company (Reach PLC) • A company that condemns their own provided documents containing the customer's confidential personal data (sent to my lawful post address & country of residence since 2013 - in Sweden) • If you require a company that dismisses your existence & your identity despite that you've provided witnessed, certified proof of your identity & requests from a trusted peer & certifier (A Minister of Church) Then AVIVA is the company for you. In the await of a reply & confirmation that Aviva condemns a Minister of Church as a trusted peer and certifier, from Customer Relations (CEO Office) & as stated in my latest email dated 03/02/2020: I agree that there is sometimes a way to make things less onerous, hence why Aviva should return my pension pot to Reach PLC & send my pension data. Aviva should never have transferred my pension pot without my authorisation or shared my personal data with a fraudulent solicitor - which was also provided without my authorisation. A solicitor that unlawfully claimed I was residing in the UK whilst Aviva sent my confidential documents to my lawful address in Sweden. When this was highlighted, Aviva decided to dismiss my identity, my Swedish nationality & domicile in Sweden since the 21st of September 2013. I would classify that behaviour as unlawful, life damaging & of extreme effort. ´Effort´ for no other the reason than to gain profit. There is nothing to discuss or explore by phone. I have not requested or authorised a transfer of my pension pot from Reach PLC (Trinity Mirror) to Aviva. The only matters that need exploring are Aviva's policies & customer service, not to mention the unlawful abuse of my (fundamental) human rights & entitled, personal data. I have not authorised any of Aviva´s policies or requested Aviva’s services so your internal processes & external regulations are irrelevant to me. I am a Swedish citizen & domicile since 21st of September 2013. I have never authorised any British solicitor to act on my behalf & manage my financial affairs neither prior to my migration or after. Aviva really need to be concerned about that. I require Aviva's actions & confirmation in writing for future purposes should my pension not be returned to Reach PLC. Vague excuses and phone calls are simply not good enough. If in doubt why I want my pension pot returned & do not want to speak to Aviva, read the 1086 bad reviews on Trustpilot where 82% of your customers have no confidence in Aviva - I am one of them. Thank you for returning my original documents to my lawful address in Sweden. I am still waiting for a reply & my 14 original documents which Aviva signed for & received on the 15th of November 2019 with post tracking number: RR858758079SE"

James Procter says

"Really did not think it was possible but unbelievably after turning down our claim, using "small print on page 199 etc" as an excuse and leaving my Daughter and her new born baby without ANY cover Aviva have added Insult to incredible injury by offering TO SEND MY DAUGHTER A BUNCH OF FLOWERS AS COMPENSATION. They have added several weeks onto my daughter and new born granddaughters suffering and unhappiness. I hope the decision makers at AVIVA can sleep at night? I have family Health Insurance with Aviva. My daughter has been diagnosed with Post Natal Anxiety and Post Natal Depression (after 2 miscarriages, her baby daughter being admitted to hospital on several occasions and her own after birth complications. She has been admitted to a Secure Medical Centre in Bristol (amazingly the nearest available unit to our Sheffield home). I contacted Aviva to request help but they insist "look at the small print in your multi page hand book" neither you or your family are covered for ANY pregnancy issues OR mental problems. They are happy to take my £200+ per month but always find excuses to renege on ANY payouts/cover/costs. My wife, daughter and new born granddaughter have been left abandoned by Aviva. I hope the powers that be at Aviva can sleep at night as our family cannot."

Peter Patdrill says

"Aviva 3 response - 3rd guy Reply from Aviva plc 5 days ago Hi Peter. I understand you would like a response but we wouldn't discuss anything policy specific in a public domain. Please do email socialxxaviva.com (with a link to this review so we can link the two, and to save you repeating yourself) or contact us on social media so we can at least begin to look into this for you. Regards Andy Aviva Social Response Team Follow us on Twitter @AvivaUK Andy, Please study my review with a little more care, my issues raised are not policy-specific but relate in general to Aviva general practice of doing business to all new retirees trying to set up their pensions and as such surely open to some public scrutiny & discussion. Do you know enough of Aviva general policy? or you and at least your media team of 3 just "sheepdogs" working to the whistle of your master? You don't know why the sheep have to be in the hurdles just get them securely tucked away? For a shearing or a meeting with the "grim reaper"? Its a great analogy about Aviva business practice don't you think? Yours, "baa baa" or is it "woof woof"?"

Rapid cars says

"They sold old hiden policy to old customers with highest price playing with there trust those policy known as classical policy whixh not any more online only can find in renual latter or over the phone I make awear to Ombusman they investigating more than a year hopefully by next election I may get response Truly Aviva need big changing in customer services department and should hire more people to deal with people It's fact they enjoying lot of money from old customers becouse they attensaly not offer them beat policy for them and when they catch by some one they just reply it's not our job to offer the customer best policy BUT it's our job to hide the best and offer the moat expencive? I am waiting outcome from ombument to fallow the proses otherwise I will take them in court but look like Ombusman people bought the policy from them as well and try ing to sort out own interest otheewose it's not rocket science to take so long ."

JD says

"A truly appalling approach to it's customers and policies. Have dealt with Aviva and there 'legal' partner Arc, for the past year, having attempted to utilise the legal cover, my enquiry has been dragged out to a grand total of 362 days, to finally be told (unsurprisingly) they have followed all there policies, clauses, sub clauses etc, to be able to tell me the cover does not in fact do just that! A business that will go to such lengths to avoid providing cover, or at the very least a good customer experience, should not be classed as anything other than fraudulent"

Mr Matthew Jepp says

"I have had Aviva Travel Insurance through First Directory for many years, and have never needed to use it. I needed it a few weeks ago when abandoning a trip to the Far East due to Coronavirus etc, I have just had my claim rejected and the reason provided to me, which quite honestly makes me question whether any insurance is worthwhile ever again. The claim was rejected because "Covid-19 is not an influenza". The policy wording stated that I could abandon and be covered if "the area where you are staying is affected by pandemic or epidemic influenza". Previously i had been told that this clause only kicked in when the WHO declared Pandemic, which they did on March 12th, after which I did decide to abandon. How is the layperson supposed to buy insurance for a Pandemic disease, do they need to name them all upfront??? First Direct wash their hands of this and just say that it is Aviva who they have outsourced to who made the decision. And I have no doubt Aviva will say that it is not their product. At the end of the day this review has been posted against both companies, I guess that is only fair :) EDIT: Update post social media intervention. This has now been resolved to my satisfaction. But should never have got to this stage in the first place."

Sean Gay says

"A number of businesses have now made decisions to stop favouring new customers over existing customers - not Aviva. On renewal Aviva asked for a 14% increase on previous year's premium despite 3 years + without any claim on a multi car policy. I called them and informed them that there were much better offers out there but I was prepared to pay more than these quotes to avoid administration burden of changing if they could offer some sort of reasonable reduction. Polite response was not a single penny less so I have switched to Direct Line for 22% less than Aviva's renewal. I would happily have renewed at last year's premium which still £90 above the deal I have switched to. Just seems such a stupid business model - but perhaps it's the customers who are stupid - too lazy to switch even when the premiums are no longer competitive"


"While I generally like Aviva as always found them easy to contact and receive good quotes from ,I have a number of concerns Their Lifetime mortgages dept value the amount available in the life expectancy of the youngest partner, in our case my wife. They can adjust the sum if her life expectancy is reduced due to illness. She has Lupus which seriously affects her immune system, she also has sticky blood which puts her at risk of a stroke. They would not accept these as being of risk to lower her life expectancy. Their Life insurance department ,who gave me a very competitive quote would not accept my wife due to the extremely high risk due to her illnesses. How can they both be right ? I also have concerns as to their security of my personal details. Every2 weeks I receive a phone call purporting to be from Aviva offering a review of my Life insurance to see if they can get a better deal.On qestioning them I find they are not from Aviva and try to switch me to another Company. The latest one today introduced himself as "Alan from Aviva " on phone number 01887 188445.How did they get my details of my Aviva policies?"

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