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AVG AntiVirus (previously known as AVG, an abbreviation of Anti-Virus Guard) is a line of antivirus software developed by AVG Technologies, a subsidiary of Avast. It is available for Windows, macOS and Android.

Shirish of London shared this in a review: "Stay away from AVG!! It hijacks your computer and uninstalling is a nightmare. Almost impossible short of having to reformat your computer. The free version is even worse than the paid as it installs all sorts of 3rd party plugins."


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donny says

"avg refund impossible to get. they cant be trusted "

Bookateria says

"Everytime you here from them or upgrade or are asked to upgrade you get less Their tabs are lies - what web and email protection 5/4/21 They are asking for money per month to block trackers $2.99 F@#*-OFF"

Nellie says

"The worst anti-virus I have ever had. They are a bunch of thieves, I would explain huge faults but just keep on reading. Don\'t make the same mistake I made. They don\'t refund, and you will have to pay for virus they should have protected you from. FOREWARNED!!!! "

MV Dunlop says

"The worst ever...read reviews and then if you want to make same mistake as SO MANY have made...go for it."

TheDribbley says

"Will charge you yearly. Even if you think you've canceled chances are you haven't. They have hide ho OP ps you have to jump through. They're rip off merchants Avoid"

Stephen Gleeson says

"Never buy a subscription from these thieves. They renewed my subscription without my say so and I was charged £ 74.99. I have requested my money back but have had no reply. Looks like they have done it to lots of other people recently. I have changed my card details as I have learned a valuable lesson never to do this again."

David says

"As a multyear customer of AVG for 2 products I accepted a Black Friday offer from them to renew at a lower price. Although the new product showed clearly on my AVG account page the company still renewed the black Friday product as well at full price. I have now marked both my products as don't renew. And will go elsewhere in due course. PS I was thinking of buying the shares. #notnow"

Elizabeth Paley says


Jean Pierre Ardinois says

"I received months in advance spam emails that my subscription expired while I had still months to go. I have renewed the subscription on 4 December 2020 and on 13 December 2020 billed a much higher amount. In fact quite scandalous for a provider offering protection software. In fact AVG applies falls sales practice and should be taken to account for this. For me it is simple, I am asking the bank for an immediate reversal and will go with another provider. I regard AVG billing actions as fraud and so will the bank."

fedup says

"Purchased this 18 months ago ( 2 years cover ). Since then I have had 2 major issues where I have been advised by AVG to do a complete uninstall and then re-install. Now I have an ongoing issue where the AVG privacy protection goes off every single day even after I switch it back on. Messaged AVG customer help, but after nearly 2 months...NO REPLYFROM AVG. In other words AVG is not giving me what I have already paid for in advance. Basically I have paid for a service that is not fit for purpose... I am ignored by AVG, be advised this is a terrible anti virus system and an even worse company to deal with. STAY AWAY or waste your money"

Alix Marie Southwell says

"I cannot fault the product. But what I do fault is their inability to actually keep repeat customers by auto renewing after an offer for one year being £19.99 and then taking £74.99 a year later before the renewal date is close. I requested a refund and it was granted automatically. BUT!!!!! A month later they have taken the money once again when I have changed to their free service. AVOID A PAID SUBSCRIPTION"

Nikki says

"Don't purchase a subscription. It worked well for two years but then got offered a very cheap subscription (about $12 per year) only to get charged $34 and kept getting sent in circles when I tried to get my money back. Very dishonest for a malware company."

Piotr says

"Never again !!! attention !!! they had to protect my PC, mobile ... and secure paswords & payments. I changed my card. I didn't give them the new details. Stole data from my PC and sent me 2 invoices for 2 subscription on year £72 & £20. W-T-F this is jock? This is Security company? I try uninstall software, after normal procedure i delete file manually and AVG still fallow me. No chance for clear all files from Windows."

Nbw w says

"Be aware I have been with AVG since 2011 paid vershion . This year a leap of £40 on sub due to auto renew . Called and had the price droped . Scandles behavior by AVG . All ways make that call and get it cheeper . This has damaged my trust in AVG I may well go elce where Nbw"

NB says

"I have used AVG free edition for years and have always been happy with it, however, I since I have updated to the paid version with the VPN I have had nothing but problems. The VPN constantly disconnects without warning and without notification, leaving you browsing totally unaware that anything has changed or that your information is exposed. Every time I scan it tells me that the web shield is off (supposed to block harmful sites) I go through the process to turn it on and it says all is ok. Next time I scan it's off again! How long it's been off for I have no idea. I am now on my third attempt to resolve this with their customer services and they have been worse than useless. They respond ONCE when you contact them by email, they give the same advice that didn't work last time YES, my power saver setting is off YES, I have re installed,,,TWICE YES, the permissions are correct. And then nothing, no response to return emails, no further advice. Even though my contract with AVG still has 8 months to run I am going to have to delete and pay for an alternative that actually works for more than a couple of hours without randomly turning itself off. I just can't trust it."

Alex K Popof says

"Very unfair I would avoid absolutely 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮"

Morten Helms says

"I have been using avg pc tuneup for years. But all of a sudden it stopped working and now i can only install the newer but inferior avg tuneup with less functions. That was not what i paid for. I am not a avg customer anymore. Waste of money!"

Ethel Aardvark says

"I downloaded the free scanner, only to find it had, without authorisation, installed their own Web browser. It was not simple to remove, going from Microsoft's straightforward Control Panel to their own questionnaire needing multiple questions answered before removal. Free scanners aim to provide an inspiring service encouraging purchase - this failed, acting like the malware it is supposed to remove."

Joma Jo says

"I've bought one-time-pay product wich stopped working properly after some years, because they need to sell me something new. I was frauded by well known brand, and it's support just confirmed it. Thanks fo this one, but no more purchases from you"

Roy Costigan says

"I've just received an email from AVG saying they have renewed my subscription to AVG Secure VPN (5 devices). I did not knowingly request an auto renewal. AVG have taken £74.99 from my account. my initial subscription ends on the 14th September they have taken the renewal payment on the 30th August, two weeks prior to expiry! Its not the first time companies like AVG have taken the liberty of helping themselves to my money I'm certain it happens to many others. Immoral and unethical, the new way of online business they need to take a good look at themselves!"

Callum Cullingworth says

"The free anti-virus is sufficient for everything i've needed it for, although it is very pushy about buying addons or subscriptions. So that part is fine. What is less fine was the most recent update, which installed the AVG Secure Browser without asking permission, pinned it to the taskbar, and made it my default browser. I tried to uninstall it normally, but for some reason it hadn't included an uninstaller. It seems it should include this, as all the guides I found online relied on it. I had to go and download the installer seperately. When I tried to use the 'leave feedback' link, it took me to a 404 page. Plus, I now have some remnant files lying around which I can't get rid of. Hooray."

Steve Smith says

"The basic security package gets on and does what it's always done - which is fine. But I'm not a fan of constant scaremongering reminders that I'm at risk of almost certain death if I don't upgrade to all AVG's other services (for lots of money). And it's massively ironic that the AVG Browser - which I assumed was supposed to offer extra protection from spam and so on, actually seems to ADD a couple of spam advertising emails to my inbox every day for various companies. Also, it constantly overrides the shortcuts I've placed on the browser homepage, which drives me absolutely mad. Again I guess that's advertising related. As a result I've switched back to Google Chrome. Maybe it's less safe - but it's a certainly a whole lot less hassle."

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