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Autodata Limited is a British multinational that specialises in automotive data and software. Autodata provides automotive technical information to professionally service, maintain, and repair cars, light commercial vehicles, and motorcycles. It's best known for providing the automotive aftermarket with OE manufacturer data and has its own APIs which other companies integrate to build bespoke consumer and business automotive solutions.

On January 2017 a former employee wrote a review for Indeed saying that Autodata sucks:

lacking, not open communication: things are either not communicated or you are just ignored, management tries everything to get rid of you, chaotic management style: you get the impression, people do not know what they are doing, due to changing, dynamic environment, important things are forgotten, you are promised benefits like home office, flexible hours, but you actually do not get it.


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Former Employee - Support says

"- Horrible coffee first of all, coffee pots are thoroughly burnt. - No transparency in decisions made by company that affects our team, no input from our team is ever considered or asked. - Weird and unreasonable answers given when told we couldn't work from home until covid-19, no discussion on if our team will be allowed to continue WFH or if required to return to office. - Management loves to glean information from direct reports, but takes credit for the answers by removing or bcc-ing you to emails sent to vendors and client. - There is no upwards mobility/promotion - outside hires exclusively. HR will laugh you out of their office, call you cute and state how lucky you are to get your foot in the door to work in a office job/their company. They clearly haven't read resumes on file. - Feels very backward for a tech company, women aren't treated as fairly as their male peers."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No growth, ppl from lobby go up the ladder"

Current Employee - Engineer says

"Absolutely no sense of work life balance - I'm expected to be here 10-12 hours numerous days each week. Team leads pay us lip service and say they're speaking to managers about letting us leave by 6, yet night after night I'm here until 7 or 8 pm. Totally unrealistic, do not recommend. You can see why the turnover is so high pretty quickly."

Former Employee - Software Developer says

"- horrible management - doesn't do anything about racially charged remarks - politically motivated - toxic workplace - no room for growth - no recognition - nepotism all the way - only promote their friends and family - no values"

Current Employee - 3D Department says

"-The pay rate is just above minimum wage for positions which require specialized skills and many years of education. - Upper management led us to believe that raises would take place once the product we were making would be sold, but this wasn't true. - My team was led to believe that we would eventually be able to negotiate wages, but in a recent meeting about pay, my team was told "This is not a negotiation" and that "we cannot commit to change". - We were informed that confidential sources had been used to determine our pay rate, but there is no transparency about these sources (which do not represent an accurate market rate)"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Very low wages(at or just above minimum wage) little to no contact with upper management few opportunities to advance career company is very resistant to change people burn out quickly and are replaced just as fast"

Current Employee - 3D Modeler says

"Very top heavy pay scale. Pay is non negotiable. Workers in new positions are exploited and paid almost minimum wage for a job that requires extensive education and talent. No opportunity to discuss pay. When compensation dissatisfaction was evident in the employee survey, we were told not to talk about it. Questions are answered vaguely and employees are treated as easily replaceable. High turnover. HR and committees have almost no power in creating a better workplace environment. Another con is Sunshine days - a sad attempt at staying current in tech company culture."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Unless you are a part of the historical inner circle, you will find this to be a demeaning and unproductive environment. There is no opportunity to grow and learn."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Employees are severely underpaid High turnover of critical employees Management lacks any direction at all Chaotic on the best days Executives are completely disconnected from employees Little to no room for advancement A lot of red tape that does nothing but hold back projects"

Customer Support Specialist (Current Employee) says

"This is the absolute worst job and company to work for. There is no sense of purpose in your role. You will often wonder what you should be doing exactly and you will be told what you need to do even if management never explicitly told you or had you trained on any of the tasks you’re supposed to complete. Management and coworkers will use you as a scapegoat and blame you when things go wrong even though it’s their fault. They will belittle you and talk down to you. They will make it seem like you don’t know what you are doing even when they are unaware of what’s happening. I felt extremely disrespected at this company and within the department I worked for. The way my team leader spoke to me was atrocious. She had no accountability and had poor communication skills. Also, the manager for the digital marketing ( customer support team) is the daughter of the VP of digital strategy marketing. These two jobs are within the same department. I’m pretty sure this isn’t allowed and is nepotism. Also, they will hire you in as full time then after you’re hired conveniently tell you that your hours will be reduced due to COVID-19. The reduction is supposed to be 10% but it’s way more than that. Please stay away from this company. They have shady practices and will make you wonder what you are actually doing. There is no solid training or clear training. Especially in the customer support department!No weekendsPoor leadership, nepotism, no training, poor pay"

Acting Project Director / Project Manager (Current Employee) says

"Stressful unappreciated, no place for growth. Senior Leaders Changing causing discomfort in the ranks. people have worked here for years and quit for the same reason, very few of the older team members stay. Avoid this place."

Helpdesk Support Technician (Former Employee) says

"Good experience of corporate culture. Decent place if you are just starting your career and need some experience. Great hands on experience. Do not plan on sticking for long enough though."

Automotive Feature Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Just like the title says, it is very much like a call centre in terms of the blatant favouritism and BS that goes on. Management is virtually incompetent, they will constantly give you reviews about how you "are not meeting your goal", yet never give you a hard goal to strive for. Ask for a raise and you basically get ostracized. Management constantly pats themselves on the back for meeting their targets on the backs of other's hard work. Professionally speaking this is truly one of the worst places I have ever worked.encouraged to go get up and walk aroundinept managers, constant negativity, no direction, no chance for advancement, no raise"

Ex-Empl (Former Employee) says

"Management do not care about the team. The only ones that benefit are their group of people / lobby. GPTW nomination is an eyewash. There is certainly high rate of attrition in the team members. No one actually cares. HR hardly wants to make a change."

Solution Analyst (Former Employee) says

"High Turnover, nice people, pigeon-holing people into roles they are not meant for. management is .....interesting to say the least....For a company that says they deal with data, they don't really analyze it.....I'd pass"

3D Animator (Current Employee) says

"Learned a lot about how not to run a company Almost every job is underpaid creating some very low morale Best part of the job is reliant on individual people, without them this company would not be doing as well as it is.1 free snack a month, Flexible schedulinglow compensation"

Analyst, Data Researcher, Configuration Author, Billing Manager (Former Employee) says

"A typical day is coming in, sitting at your computer and working on whatever fires happened over night, or playing catch up do to a work load coming in from a team in a different part of the world. Management has changed so much from when they first worked on Saskatoon St. to now being in the Bell building. There is so much cognitive dissonance and disconnect between management and workers. Much of the decisions have to go up the chain, so instead of going directly to the most important decision maker, it goes between each level of management. It seems like a friendly and open environment, but often see and hear gossip during lunch and while walking by on workers screens via the instant message systems. I found the most difficult part of the job to be just showing up, every year it got more and more difficult to justify putting in so much effort for so little reward and no appreciation.Free lunches, Work from homelong hours, little appreciation, offers cheap lunches over fair pay and benefits."

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Small company doing big business. Has more of a "mom & pop" feel to it. Management optics are that they are "over their heads" with the company at this point. Considerations towards obtaining some "Enterprise Level", Experienced/Mature Leadership/Management into the organization would help support their growth.ParkingPoor facility"

Post Production Technician (Current Employee) says

"very stressful emotionally, like most places they just care about getting the job out ASAP and dont care about quality or compensating employees well enough."

Project Manager (Current Employee) says

"Lots of promises from executive leadership but very few are followed through upon. Job security and advancement is undefined. No clear strategy communicated to the employees."

IT Operations (Current Employee) says

"As with most companies, management like to stick their head in the sand as to be blind to problems that run rampant. Policies and procedures are a joke as trying to enforce them only result in parties going around you and escalating until they get someone to approve their "exception". There are some truly smart people who ant to do the right thing but weak management, poor processes, unwillingness to address fundamentals (i.e. hiring more resources instead of just making the current ones put in more hours) and other cultural problems (i.e. swearing at the front line triagers or calling someone out in front of everyone you can think of) really hamper Autodata. Its unfortunate because there is potential here if you believe the "we are going to change" message.Allowed to go for small walks, coworkers often want to do the right thing, ability to work from home on rare occassion (with 24 hrs notice), fair payOn call hours are brutal, company doesn't take advisement of technical staff, sales team sells unrealistic timelines, poor culture"

Data Analyst/Researcher (Former Employee) says

"This Job seemed more promising than it actually turned out to be. Management has high expectations from employees but when it comes time for proper compensation they fall far short of what is acceptable for the level of work required. They will straight up lie to you about receiving raises or the raises will fall far short of what is required to make this job worth coming in day in and day out. While they fail to meet your expectations they expect you to meet their always rising expectations. The people within the company are great but the management is what is killing this company, they strip expenses where they can for the common employees while management and higher ups reap the benefits.Free lunch and breakfast once a monthTerrible compensation"

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Great place to work for awhile and get some experience in the software industry. Co-workers were great. Upper management the biggest problem. All talk, no action. They use employee social activities to balance their lack of management skills. Like the song - Be there for a good time, not a long time - Very high turnover of employees.Employee social activitiesVery clickie inner management circle"

Bilingual Digital Account Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Typical day is responding to incoming calls and emails regarding various aspects of digital marketing for dealerships online. Various programs were used to solve the incoming inquiries and needs.Management started well orienting new hires and developing skills in the team, however, over time this continual improvement ceased. Workplace culture was attempting to build cohesiveness; however, silos developed over time. Feedback was minimal and regular reviews did not happen in a timely manner. Yearly reviews often the only time issues were brought forth, thus creating lots of stress with regard to performance reviews. Management needs to give feedback more than once a year especially in a growth environment so that the team works toward continual improvement. The most enjoyable part of the job was knowing that I was helping dealer's or vendors with issues. Co-workers were interesting and many were great people to have lunch with although the overall work was siloed. Monthly birthday celebrations when we were physically present.professional development non-existent, no path to move internally within the company."

Software Development (Former Employee) says

"This company has a reputation for eating people up and spitting them out. They go through more bodies in a year than most companies do in 10. There is always a new project coming at you with completely ridiculous timelines. A great place to come and learn but if you are established in your career you will soon realize you made a wrong breakfast once a monthThe Managment and the locatation EOA...lock the car"

Quality Assurance Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Great employee culture! Management culture leaves something to be desired. Subpar compensation. Management has been open to feedback and have already made some positive changes."

Graphic Designer (Current Employee) says

"-a typical day at work includes editing photos of cars, having it looked over, and making the necessary changes -i learned more techniques in photoshop -management wasn't the best -workplace culture was okay -the hardest part of the job is when you send a job to be looked over but someone in QA, not everyone critiques the same so you have to adjust -the most enjoyable part of the job (for me personally) was getting to see the new car coming out, and most of the people i worked with"

Solutions Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Work life balance is ok and the work culture is progressive. However, opportunities for growth are limited and performance review is ambiguous as goals are not clear."

Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Many events through the year to improve morale like bbqs etc. Supervisors are usually very willing to work with you when you have appointments, etc. Mon-Fri scheduling.Employee EventsHigh Expectations, Low Reward."