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Auteco (Auto Tecnica Colombiana S.A) is a Colombian motor vehicle manufacturer. It was the first motorcycle assembler in the country.

Daniel shares his disappointing experience on Facebook, "I do not recommend Auteco. I bought a motorcycle 0 km, at 400 KM it did not turn on and for this reason, I had to take it by crane to an Auteco workshop. And they did not take care of the transport of the crane when the mechanical failure was their responsibility and error when the motorcycle was assembled."

"Jose Gomez" leaves a negative review of Starker t flex bicycle on the Auteco Mobility "Facebook" page on September 15, 2020: "Very bad experience in technical service. 5 months without the bike while it was being repaired and now more than 1 month to get a basic replacement like the battery charger for the starker t flex."


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