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ATTITUDE is a Canadian company built on innovation and imagination: Natural personal care and household products of the highest quality, with the lowest impact on our families and the planet. Available in over 40 countries, ATTITUDE has developed a range of products to meet every family’s needs including Bath & Body, Baby & Kids, Household and Pet Care — all free of ingredients of concern and full of natural wonder.

Myra shares her experience on Influenster, "I had an opportunity to try this Attitude shampoo via the Wellness Voxbox. I had actually stopped using shampoo a few months ago because everything I tried seemed to make my scalp itch. I tried this because it is made without harmful chemicals, and while it did not irritate my scalp like other shampoos, it left my hair feeling extremely dry. I have naturally curly hair, and I normally use an oil in my hair about 20 minutes before I shampoo to maintain moisture. well, this shampoo cleaned so well that I think it stripped everything, lol. I ended up giving it to my sister in law who has oilier hair and will benefit better from the cleaning abilities of the shampoo."


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Business English Trainer at OPEN (Current Employee) says

"Do not advise people to work there. The work conditions are poor. the Management is so poor; it is a horrible horrible place to work in. I DO NOT STRONGLY RECOMMEND !!!"

Promoter (Former Employee) says

"La giornata doveva iniziare con un selfie presso la postazione, cosa che ritengo altamente inutile. Lo stress del dover "fatturare" risultando maleducati e invadenti. Lo stipendio di uno fulltime al pari di un partime."

Cobrança Ativa/Receptiva (Former Employee) says

"Rotina de trabalho de 8 horas, bem organizada, salário baixo, boa gerência, pagamento em dia."

Remplacement (Former Employee) says

"Mon expérience à était très courte je ne peut donner d’avis ou de critique constructive."

hostess/Some Serving (Former Employee) says

"queso is right let underage kids drink plates are hot management is booty without aldo steal money from servers tip out getting sued for it by employees Cons: nahar"

Sales Representative/ Telecommunications (Former Employee) says

"I would start by reviewing the script with the Supervisor and other employee's. We would go on the phone and call warm and cold leads. These are follow-up calls too, to schedule as many appointments as possible. I learned communication, sales, and negation skills. Cons: There was times it would be stressful, but I would shortly overcome it."

Operador de Telemarketing (Former Employee) says

"Uma empresa muito boa , mais meu foco é crianças é uma coisa que eu sou apaixonada Cons: Não fornece vale refeição"

Handyman (Current Employee) says

"Work is a place where we pass your day .."