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ATI Technologies Inc. (commonly called ATI, later known as Radeon Technologies Group) was a semiconductor technology corporation based in Markham, Ontario, Canada, that specialized in the development of graphics processing units and chipsets. Founded in 1985 as Array Technology Inc., the company listed publicly in 1993.

A former employee said this in a review on Indeed website: "I had worked at ATI Technologies back right before AMD bought them. Unfortunately Management was petrolic and contributed negatively to the poor culture and atmosphere. No chance of promotion or opportunities for advancement".


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Patient Service Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Started off okay but quickly devolved into a ton of pressure to increase patient numbers and get as many visits in per day as possible. There's so much burnout at the clinic level.Corporate laid off the entire front office staff recently and replaced them with athletic trainers. Clinicians now have to answer phone calls, do intake, help with new patient paperwork, etc., while trying to juggle 2-3 patients at a time.Therapists at individual clinics were great to work with.No raises in at least two years, no incentives/bonuses, a lot of stress and pressure."

Patient Service Specialist (Former Employee) says

"This company does not care about employees. You are a number. The harder you work- the higher they raise the bar. Never can reach your goal therefore never compensated. If you have no outside life- this is the place for you!"

Physical therapist (Current Employee) says

"At first this wasn’t a bad company but in the past few years it has gotten worse. They overwork everyone and don’t care. All of their good clinicians are leaving"

Patient Service Specialist-Floater (Former Employee) says

"● Work-life balanceThere is none● Pay & benefitsBad benefits that cost more than the wage we received . Pay is not at all consistent to what was expected from workers. No protection from Covid-19● Job security and advancementTerrible job. High turnover, poor training, no protection from the Covid-19, terrible pay and management did not care.● ManagementThey are overwhelmed or do not care either way they were of no assistance and it was more like a High school atmosphere. Terrible, terrible training...if complained you were reprimanded or blown off.● OverallTerrible Management, favoritism, pay and training! The high turnover speaks volumes of how management protects their employees. The pay is not livable wage and training will be up to you as they expect you to know everything in a months time even though they change practices daily."

Patient Service Specialist (Current Employee) says

"I've been here a few years now, and they have never been professional, or a nice place to work but since the COVID they got ALOT WORSE. Everyone is laying off, or firing I get that. But I work a 2nd job, and yes there were layoffs... CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME ASAP IF WERE COMMING BACK FOR MY OTHER JOB. (this way they know how to schedule) SURE SURE I was told... then their heads up was a Friday, and I was to start Monday. After I said I'm not sure If that'll work for my other job, my position was threatened and I felt uncomfortable so I went back. Only for them to fire us 2 weeks later. They just today sent out a "Company wide" email to talk about raises for "Some of us" not me of course because I'm waiting on my end date. Did that really have to be company wide email... Not nice... Not professional... I totally would NEVER recommend this company. I could keep going but it's not worth it, Just take my advice MOVE ON. The position (my position) has been redone w/less hours/pay and no benefits...NOT WORTH IT.Free lunches at meetingsThis place sucks"

Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"Shame on you for the corporate monster you have become!The CEO has run this once brilliant company into the ground.With all the bad press about how they acted during the pandemic, I don't see this place being around much longer.The harder they come, the harder they fall, one and all!Therapists are the HEROSThis company doesn't care about you!!"

Patient Service Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Before upper management changed I felt like ATI was a great company to work for. Now that we survive COVID-19 with cut hours, PTO/sick time being accrued at half, holidays unpaid that once were, no PPE supplies in the beginning, 850 jobs are being cut in the company!Local management is awesomeThe ones who care can’t do anything and the ones who can DON’T care about you!"

Front Office Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I worked there and 26 years and they let me go I guess I wasn’t good enough or they were money hungry they have let go so many people!. I guess you want me to go on and on! Well treat people like people and you you won’t have this problem"

Front Office Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"They will work you to death for minimal pay, cut your hours and double your work load and then get rid of your position entirely. Told us to lie to patients when coworkers were out due to covid testing and tell them it was unrelated. I really liked my coworkers in the clinicHaving to do 2 jobs for the pay of one. Then eliminating your position, and telling you to reapply for a new position with less pay. Terrible pay"

PSS (Former Employee) says

"Upper management of this company is a complete JOKE. We are overworked, underpaid, and now they have decided to eliminate many positions to "restructure" after COVID-19. Upper management has gotten to work from the safety of their own homes while never once taking a pay cut. Meanwhile, clinic level staff were forced to work through the first month of the pandemic with absolutely no PPE as it "may make the patients nervous." They're too busy spending money on "leadership conferences" and other unnecessary things while their clinic staff is getting worked like a dog and burned out.NoneWay too many to list"

Physical Therapy Technician (Former Employee) says

"Only plus side was the knowledge I gained of PT and the job offers I got from patients. It’s sad when the patients feel bad for how you’re “taken care of” with a company. I wish it would get better but it’s the complete opposite year after year.NoneEverything"

Office Administrator (Former Employee) says

"I had a great direct manager in the clinic but all upper management realizes that their front desk is treated like bottom feeders. You're basically thrown into a job that you are micromanaged on, no opportunities to move up and no options for substantial raises. Their healthcare coverage is expensive and barely covers anything."

Physical Therapist (Former Employee) says

"I was paid pretty poorly for having a DPT. They are more focused on making sure you are hitting a certain level of patients per week, than they are about making sure the employees are happy. I worked for this company for 5 years and I should have gotten out much earlier. I would make sure if you are working for this company that nothing shady will happen in the future."

Patient Services Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Over the past few years ATI has gone from a decent place to work, to a heartless mega corporation. The inner directives are to treat the patients like walking wallets. The only thing preventing this are the decently minded doctors and staff who constantly ignore the cooperate demands, just before they quit. The turnover rate is extremely high, the training they brag about is a lie, the pay is substandard, the work/case load is well beyond the point of ever reaching a work/home life balance, the contracts the therapists sign should be seen by an attorney before signing. As for the hourly employees, fully expect to be treated like any retail job, over- worked till you burn out and quit. In summary, do not apply to ATI."

Patient Account Specialist (Former Employee) says

"ATI outsourced majority of the corporate staff positions to India. Billing, insurance verifications, posting etc. ATI used to be a fun place to work, patient care was their first priority but now it’s just money. The company attitude has become cold and sterile both when it comes to patients, providers and employees. It’s really too bad."

PTA (Former Employee) says

"ATI is a failing company that has grown too big too fast and is now not able to manage the mess it has created. Management has poor leadership skills and focuses on productivity instead of qqaqualityEasy to get hired. Always looking for new staff due to high turn over.Most everything. It’s not a quality organization."

Front Office Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"Management is horrible. They allow you to drown in work and don’t help. The position comes with no respect. The raises are an insult if they exist at all. People are immature and base all decisions on whether you are personally liked, not based on completion of work assignments. You will get little to no training and be micromanaged by someone who has no clue what the job actually entails. No room for for advancement."

PSR - Patient Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"They racist they lie on you some are team players but they are very they want all this work and pay very little EVERYBODY telling you what to do.the management is poorBenefitsEverything"

Exercise Specialist (Former Employee) says

"My experience at ATI Physical Therapy was horrible. It was my first job out of college that I thought would be professional. I wasn’t treated well, was given too much for one person to handle, and the management was very political.Bonus opportunitiesLow compensation, poor management"

Patient Service Specialist (Former Employee) says

"If you have a medical condition, you will get targeted. Targeted to the point where they knit pick you until they get rid of you. If you want to be liked by management, you must kiss their behind. The patients were great. The job was not bad. But management were clicky and awful.Close to homeOffice manager"

Mary says

"Sick and tired of being fobbed off by this company regarding refund of £3600 for a holiday cancelled due to COVID. Two months of excuses and passing the buck - I am now taking legal action. Strongly advise that when travel resumes you avoid doing business with them. We have had nothing but evasiveness and excuses. See their response below: As you can see, fobbed off by Tropical Sky whose COVID-19 refund policy is to foist their legal responsibility elsewhere. Our contract is with you. FYI, insurance companies will not refund airport tax, plus you lose the excess - which on this booking totals around £300. So I continue to demand reimbursement in full and in cash from Tropical Sky. Thanks for the swift response to the negative review. Much swifter than trying to get any response to e-mails to and phone calls. And in answer to their second response: Seemingly, Tropical Sky can respond within minutes to a negative review - which has not been our experience whilst trying to get a response by e-mail/phone. Day 60 of lockdown - our departure date was April 18th. I reiterate that this is Tropical Sky's liability and attempts to foist it into insurance companies are delaying tactics. Happy to keep posting in real time as we await a cash refund rather than excuses."

Annabel says

"We booked our dream holiday (Route 66) with American Sky travelling on Saturday 28th September. Everything was great at the booking stage & the service was spot on. Unfortunately, on Tuesday 24th September I was admitted to hospital because I was vomiting blood. I was in the HDU for 3 days whilst they were running tests and trying to stop the bleeding. Eventually, they discovered that I had a clot near my Liver which I am having further treatment for. On Thursday 26th September I called American Sky, from hospital, to notify them that the doctor had advised, on medical grounds, I am unable to fly. They asked me to put it in an email, which I did. I was discharged from hospital the following day. I emailed American Sky on Wednesday 2nd October to discuss whether there was anything they could do to change the dates of the holiday or even give us a credit to rebook with them next year. I was told that "legally" there was nothing they could do. I replied saying I understood there was nothing they could do "legally" but maybe on a personal/ethical level. I enclosed a copy of my discharge note in the email to them. The reason we had to cancel was due to unforeseen circumstances which were completely out of our control. I am still waiting to hear from a Manager. I am so disappointed that we have nothing to show for the £3300 that we have paid for our holiday to celebrate our 40th birthdays."

Janice says

"Having just returned from Orlando I will never use this company again. I had travelled twice before to Orlando with American Sky and had no problem but this year was awful the “superior” villa we paid for was disgusting and infested with cockroaches. I was in contact with them as soon as we arrived. The following morning I was told by AS that the letting agents would be in touch when their office opened at 9am to try and remedy the issues of the dirty swimming pool and toilets. Despite my sending an email to them to advise no one had been in touch I never heard from American Sky again. We had a disaster of a holiday with 3 children as the pool was filthy and had to sleep on the couch because of cockroaches in the bed. We submitted a formal complaint and we haven’t even received an acknowledgement. I am not leaving it. The holiday cost a lot of money and their response to our problem while there was despicable."

JD says

"The company used Dollar as the car rental company. At Orlando we waited an hour and were left to find the car. Not really what you want having just come off a transAtlantic flight - but that was just the beginning. On returning the car. we found no one who spoke English. We followed instructions but received a bill that was $60 more than it should have been. Queried with AmericanSky who were useless. After nine weeks they still had done nothing. My credit card company had refunded me and there was n problem money wise, but the travel company did not care one bit, they were rude, clueless and I would never use these people again. They may be OK if everything is OK, but Lord help you if anything goes wrong. I would not want to depend on them."

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