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The Ohio Art Company is an American toy manufacturing company founded in 1908. Based in Bryan, Ohio, the company is principally engaged in two lines of business. The first line of business is the sales, marketing, and distribution of toys. The second line of business is the company's Diversified Products segment which manufactures custom metal lithography products for food container and specialty premium markets. Examples of these are food tins, enclosures, DVD cases, and nostalgic signs.

John B mentioned in a review "Got sent to the wrong phone extension by an Art employee, and was promptly chewed out by the guy that answered. When he was done being rude, he hung up before I could say a word. I guess this is how they do business.


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I R says

"Very disappointed with their costumer service and overall very bad quality! I wish I’d looked on Trustpilot before making a purchase. Super long shipping time, completely off from what they promise. Won’t buy from them again!"

Hu Mu says

"Made a purchase on on 06/25/2020. The advertisement says that it will ship in 3-5 business days. On 07/05, no shipping. Contacted "Eric" on their website, Eric told me that it would ship on 07/07. On 07/07, still no shipping. Contacted "Debbie" on their website, Debbie told me that they were undergoing a system upgrade and could not look into my order and asked me to get back on 07/08 after 10:00 am EST. Contacted "Ryan" on 07/08 at 11:50 am EST. Ryan told me that they had issues with printing equipment so the order was delayed. "It would be another delay of 10-15 days." Asked Ryan to cancel my order. He said it was cancelled. Asked Ryan to send me a cancellation confirmation email, never received it. I bet this is just some 35-year-old jobless loser guy wearing a SailorMoon tshirt eating mac and cheese running a scam website trying his luck of grabbing other people's money. He plays multiple roles of "Eric", "Debbie", and "Ryan" on different days, just like on Monday, SailorMoon is his virtual wife. On Tuesday, SailorMars is, and on Wednesday SailorVenus is."

Alexis Brown says

"Horrible Customer Service. Literally since the first day of me (and my husband ) attempting to purchase hundreds of dollars worth of Art I was met with rudeness. Their chat people are so indifferent. I was asking an important question about my purchase and they would not give me a straight answer and then just made one up. Sizing is kiiiiiind of important. So when it arrived it was not as they said. My husband placed and order and only one piece arrived prior to our move date and we ordered a month in advance. Every chat, every call was met with incompetence. We called to change the address since they did not ship out my husbands art yet. They said they would "try." I am not sure what that is about. They didn't. I get into a chat with Barry who gives zero F*%ks. I wouldn't be surprised if he was rolling his eyes at every person he was chatting with. He seemed annoyed. I'm just trying to get things figured out. I work for a business where people depend on us. I cannot imagine treating people this way. Finally - I get someone who will help. She cannot process my new shipment but will add me to her docket for that Friday. She even sends an email so we can touch base. She was the only nice person but faded away and never spoke to us again or responded. FINALLY, I get in my last chat. I've given up. Game over. Throwing in the towel. Just give me the money back for the art we have spent HOURS researching and planning for our home. It's JUNE PEOPLE. It should not be TWO MONTHS to receive an order. Not only this but the HORRIBLE service. I would never ever ever recommend this company. I cannot believe I am writing this because I give everyone a second chance. The the IDGAF vibes are seriously ridiculous. They have beautiful art but I would rather go somewhere else and spend even more money for better service. You are the face of the company. Get it together. I will post this on every platform. This is not okay to treat people this way. They were going to keep my money. I had to keep on them about our stuff. To no avail. They finally gave us a refund for what we didn't receive but it was a lot of effort. Run!"

Mia Noxid says

"Their customer service is terrible. I was promised it on a specific date, did not receive it. I received different answers according to which agent I received. It was a complete run-around, rude customer service, a waste of time. Terrible online store, will never order again."

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