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Giorgio Armani S.p.A. (pronounced [ˈdʒordʒo arˈmaːni]), commonly known as Armani, is an Italian luxury fashion house founded by Giorgio Armani which designs, manufactures, distributes and retails haute couture, ready-to-wear, leather goods, shoes, watches, jewelry, accessories, eyewear, cosmetics and home interiors. The brand markets these products under several labels: Giorgio Armani Privé, Giorgio Armani, Armani Collezioni, Emporio Armani (including EA7), Armani Jeans, Armani Junior, and Armani Exchange. The brand utilizes the association of the Armani name with high-fashion, benefiting from its prestige in the fashion industry. In 2016, estimated sales of the company were around $2.65 billion.

Carrie S wrote in a review: "Armani is very priced and unrealistic. The quality is nice but there are other companies with comparable (or even better quality) for much much less."


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Former Employee - Sale says

"Terrible company to work for. Managers do whatever they want and corporate don’t give a dam thing about their employees. Worst work experience of my life so far without a doubt."

Former Employee - Supervisor says

"Upper management is extremely unprofessional and RUDE. When I met a woman from upper management, she came out eating popcorn with her mouth open while dragging her heels on the sales floor. They all play favoritism and treat work like a high end club. They hire incompetent workers and don't treat their hard working employees with respect. I have been working retail for over a decade, have NEVER in my work life met such a disgrace of professionalism from upper management."

Current Employee - Sales Manager says

"Directives come after the fact. Poor roll outs. Tired of no pay increase regardless of P/L"


"Unrealistic sales goals, snooty coworkers and horrible environment, unrealistic expectations, nitpicking and they do a stupid "touch base" thing with you that doesn't even make sense. You'll learn to hate this job. Don't work here unless you wanna be treated like a mule. Have to wear heels and walk a crap ton around the sales floor."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Unable to use pto half the time when requested Only hire based on referral Does not value employees at store level"


"Everyone underpaid. Most corp employees are former intern running high level positions. High turnover rate due to no raises given, even to employees with 3-4 years. Multiple expectations and demands beyond job description employee is hired for. HR is unsupportive in any internal issues when needed most"


"extremely low pay, no training, no growth opportunities"


"You don't learn anything regarding PR, you lift heavy boxes, get lunches, iron, fold..."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"awful managing. awful HR department. No possibilities to grow and develop new skills"

Former Employee - Makeup Artist says

"Toxic work environment Bullying from management on a daily basis Terrible work life balance"

Management (Former Employee) says

"Giorgio Armani uses the same business management model to all its business Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani and Armani Exchange. Training and development is non existent. Everything is dictated from Milan and managers in the UK just follow along. Conference calls across Europe are a joke as all other countries rarely say anything. Keep your mouth shut, never share your ideas you will get far.Say hello and smile - that’s it. You will get far.Friends and Family sale is a joke - 90% off discounts are swallowed up by head office fat cats."

Temp Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Assist merchandising team , such as maintain product stock inventory, issue sale order follow up, assist wholesales duties, stock delivery arrangement for sales campaign…etccontract end"

Fashion Coordinator / Sales (Former Employee) says

"Not a good review, I had to resign under stress, due to hostile environment working in experience management and their bad attitude supported by store manager at Armani Outlet Division Houston TX. Store Manager need to grow up and not to mix personal issues with business."

5th Avenue - Brand Ambassador (Former Employee) says

"The benefits and ONLY benefits includes the discounts on the clothing. No increase in compensation, lack of advancement and long hours. There were friendly managers but they have favoritism.discountseverything else"

Shop Manager Women's Dept (Former Employee) says

"The worst company I ever worked for in my life! Although I enjoyed my work envoirment and my fellow managers (the regional manager however was the worst) The corporate expectations of our positions was unrealisticLabelCorporate Management"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Very challenging environment. The team works on its own. Upper management and HR are awful. They will never respond to any concerns or to emails. The opportunities of advancement are next to none since they will always bring external people to take on the management roles. I would not waste my time with this company. Even though the discounts are a plus the price and quality of the clothing is pretty bad. Also, they are so disorganized they confuse and mislead customers with sales, prices etc. you are going to have to deal with mad customers since the upper management, district and regional manager won't care since they won't have to deal with the complains. There is no type of retribution for your work, the incentive program is ridiculous you will never make comission and they never review the staff nor hold any staff meetings.Your coworkersUpper management and HR"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"A discrage of a company the management take weeks to months to do something I was told I would be given the new season uniform in January 2017 and I was still waiting until March 2017 wearing the cheapest polo shirts they sell which with one wash was not even wearable also they gave me the cheapest pair of jeans I had to wear the same uniform for 4 months after keep washing the one pair of jeans which faded in colour. The concession was badly managed and the same colours who ever picked out the spring summer collection all navy and dark colours also I realised an upside down print of the Armani logo on a sweatshirt and dealt with many faulty items and customers complaining it is a disgrace of a company. No communication what so ever just left there on the shop floor.NothingEverything"

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"I have been working as a parttime sales. It was super slow sometimes. The management there was the worst, too many managements ask you to do different things and you never know which one you should follow. If you donot listen to one of them, they will question or yell to you. They will keep asking you questions until you gave the managements a answer they think good. Too many fights there, even for part time sales associate, everyone is pushing you to be aggressive. Doesnot worth to be like you, there is no haply working there, stressful. Too long working hours, your lunch break is not included. If you are working a full time, you have to be there for 9 hours a day, 1 hour for your lunch, it is not free. Not any chance of improvement.A/X is not an high end luxury brand at all. Donot be fooled by them.Literally nothingpoor management"

Head Office (Former Employee) says

"- An extremely toxic working environment and the head of the department is managed by people who know very little (if not nothing) about the product and know particularly well how to micro-manage their employees - Besides a few exceptions, most people are willing to throw you under the bus when you commit some mistakes, and most of the times you where most colleagues are willing"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Never work here. All employees did not get paid for 2 months and then were paid in cash. GM was stealing money but whole company is corrupt. HR was a armani clotheseverything else"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"L' ambiente di lavoro è invivibile, il clima è veramente pessimo principalmente a causa del gestore del negozio che, anziché promuovere la solidarietà e l' aiuto reciproco, cerca in tutti i modi di mettere zizzania, parlando male e prendendo in giro i vari colleghi in loro assenza. Le lamentele sono state innumerevoli e a prova di ciò il turnover di dipendenti è altissimo, molti non superano nemmeno i primi mesi e non di certo per la difficoltà del lavoro.Buoni pasto, stipendioNessuna pausa caffè, ambiente lavorativo"

Sales Associate/ Cashier. (Former Employee) says

"As a Sales Associate / Cashier role. I am proud of my self to be a Top Seller for this big company. I love my job very much and love to bring any people in the world to come to shopping, give them a good service make them happy what they bought ."

Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"Armani Exchange is a brand that is primarily popular on the east coast and over seas as it’s a higher end luxury brand that has a specialized clientele. I worked for the store in Bloomington MN which was normally a ghost town being that Minnesota people don’t represent the brand on the large scale. Mall of America is a great venue but with a localized and limited audience in MN."

Makeup Artist (Former Employee) says

"Long hours and uncoordinated shifts, manager was a bully and constantly picked on staff until eventually most of the senior staff as well as myself quit. Unpopular brand.Nothing really.Long hours, bully manager, opinion never taken into consideration, treated unfairly."

Sales Assistant (Current Employee) says

"inkompetente Leitung, schlechtes Betriebsklima, keine Teamarbeit, z.T. intrigantes Team,Personalrabattkeine Zusatzleistungen wie Urlaubsgeld, Weihnachtsgeld, Fahrzuschläge, keine Verütung von Mehrarbeit"

Management Emporio Armani (Current Employee) says

"In store staff is a pleasure, however upper level management on vp level is unsupportive. The company trains minimally yet expects results. Poor compensation structure for anyone working on commission. Hard work and dedication is not rewarded or acknowledged. Corporate is not helpful and takes several attempts to contact anyone. Lower pay or demotion with no warning. Only about the image and not morale or support of employees."

Vendeur, 1ere échelon, catégorie C (Former Employee) says

"ayant eu l'opportunité de travaillé pour Armani a saint germain des prés, je n'ai pu constater que le manque de compétences, et l’environnement déplorable entre personnel, en effet cet univers de la mode de luxe n'est qu'un voile comparer au relation établis, le respect est trait qui se fait rare dans ce genre de milieux d'autant plus que les coup bas font partis du quotidienrencontre de grande personnalité et contacttravail inintéressant"

Merchandising (Former Employee) says

"No work, life balance. No appreciation for good work, and bad employees were never let go of soon enough. It was a cut-throat workplace. I liked my co-workers but the company needs a lot of work in regards to workplace culture."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Great injustice to the brand. The management are highly incompetent and do not care about management or staff. No room or routes for progression. Did not even give uniform and clothing allowance until 4 months in to the job!Good on your resume, discountsTerrible upper management, disinterested HR and benefits staff"

commessa abbigliamento (Former Employee) says

"L' azienda ha la sede fuori regione e il punto vendita viene gestito da un direttore :tra i dipendenti sussistono continui battibecchi anche dinnanzi ai clienti e non c'è collaborazione ,nonostante il lavoro in team sia fondamentale.Negozio ampio con varie categorie di prodottiAmbiente di lavoro"

J. D. says

"With this pandemic, I ordered 3 shirts from the Armani online store early July 2020. It turned out that the sizes don't fit, therefore I returned all three items with the original box within a few days. Then, I got a refund for only ONE shirt and of course with the deduction of shipping cost. I called the customer service more than three times (as of August 24). The first two reps confirmed that the warehouse has received all three items. Today, the third rep told me that the warehouse only received one shirt. The quality of management and customer service over Armani, such a world-known brand, is ridiculously frustrating. I am waiting to see if the can address customers' complaints properly. Will update soon. Update: not so surprisingly, the “head office” sent the final email. They denied that they have received the other two and will not refund. This one time service became a life-time lesson. Will never buy their stuff."

Denise Adams says

"It has been a month and I still have not received my package and although they keep telling me I will get a refund I have yet to do so. I will never purchase Armani anything again."

Foad Eid says

"I ordered a jeans sent the wrong one and even after contacting them all they can do is maybe accept the return what a bad service, and bad reputation for the brand because of losers work there"

Malik qadeer says

"Bought a Armani dressing gown at Xmas 19 paid 92pounds through underu six months down the line the dye is coming out complained to both companies can't help you both companies are dodgy after your purchase theiving crooks."

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