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The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette is the newspaper of record in the U.S. state of Arkansas, printed in Little Rock with a northwest edition published in Lowell. It is distributed for sale in all 75 of Arkansas' counties. By virtue of one of its predecessors, the Arkansas Gazette (founded in 1819), it claims to be the oldest continuously published newspaper west of the Mississippi River. T

A disappointed customer left this review, "I checked with customer service to make sure I was using the correct log in credentials. They sent me an email confirming my correct user I’d and password, but when I use these credentials to log into the Arkansas Online app on my iPad, I receive this error message. Service Error Invalid User Name or Password I contacted customer service and they responded: please try one more time and let me know if it happens now. I believe I fixed the error, but I would like for you to double check for me. Thank you, Customer Service I tried again, same error so I responded the message above and told [REDACTED] I still couldn’t sign in. I waited over 24 hours for a response. Having received none I again reached out to this same agent who responded, “I am escalating this internally, to see what the error is and get it fixed as soon as possible. That was more than 10 days ago and I still haven’t received a response. It’s all very disappointing."


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