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ArcelorMittal S.A. is a Luxembourgish multinational steel manufacturing corporation headquartered in Luxembourg City. It was formed in 2006 from the takeover and merger of Arcelor by Indian-owned Mittal Steel. ArcelorMittal is the world's largest steel producer, with an annual crude steel production of 92.5 million metric tonnes as of 2018. It is ranked 120th in the 2019 Fortune Global 500 ranking


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Former Employee - Senior Executive Assistant says

"ArcelorMittal takes these concerns very seriously. We are committed to providing a positive and healthy work environment, free of any form of discrimination or harassment. The company has policies and procedures in place to support a professional and welcoming environment, including our Code of Business Conduct and Fair and Equal Treatment Policy. In short, harassment has no place at ArcelorMittal. In order to perform a thorough investigation, we request that you provide additional information about your concerns, such as when and where the incidents occurred, who was involved, what the incidents specifically entailed, and any other information you believe would be helpful to perform such an investigation. You can provide additional information through our whistleblower hotline 888-242-7305 or website This hotline and website are operated by an independent third party and any reports may be submitted anonymously and are confidential."

Current Employee - Inspection says

"Low quality steel coming from Burns harbor causes a lot of rework at Conshohocken."

Current Employee - Shift Manager says

"Managers have unlimited expressed authority, but no actual ability to get things done without commitees, meetings, and ultimately rejection of any value added proposal."

Current Employee - Operations says

"ArcelorMittal offers a competitive compensation and benefits package to both our salaried and represented employees. At this time, we remain in continuous dialogue with the United Steelworkers and are committed to reaching a fair and sustainable contract without a work stoppage. Safety is our number one priority. We are committed to promoting and protecting the safety and well-being of our people, yet we still face challenges in creating a zero accident workplace. We believe in the importance of strong labor relations in order to create a positive working environment. Employees are never disciplined for accidents and we welcome ideas to improve safety. Our facilities follow state and federal guidelines with respect to short term disability for health conditions. Unfortunately, as our operations run 24/7, shift or schedule changes may occur to ensure proper coverage. We recognize shift work can be challenging, but it is the nature of the steel industry. We operate extensive career enhancement programs that serve not only to ensure that our workforce is constantly learning and improving, but that members of the ArcelorMittal family have the opportunity to be motivated to develop. Ultimately, we seek employees that want to work with us to achieve their potential and create a rewarding work life."


"We’re disappointed to hear about your work challenges. We take learning and development seriously and provide personalized development plans for all employees to aid in creating a rewarding working life. As a leader in our field, we also provide competitive compensation and benefits packages."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Salary bonus is no where near advertised. Working with the union is extremely difficult and will often drag their feet or fight you every turn. Salary is treated as second class to the union. Upper management will not support you in order to maintain the status quo to the extent of under cutting your authority and making you look weaker. Impact on your social life with long hours unhealthy eating and drinking habits that plague blue collar workers. Hot, Cold, Dirty and oily working conditions but what do you think you signed up for I'll move that last one back up to pros."

Hot Mill #2- Roll Shop (Former Employee) says

"VERY poor leadership, culture lost in time. Do not apply here if you have any respect for your self. Poor wages and benefits, bullying is going on strong and hard every single day You will go home every day hating your life.noneto many to mention"

Shift Manager (Former Employee) says

"Nothing good to mention Lack of clear communication, Senior management manages like it is 1985, Management by fear, No clear direction always in crisis mode - toxic culture."

Production Worker (Current Employee) says

"No job security. I've worked here for 6 years and have been laid off twice. The stupidity of management is seriously indescribable. The union is so weak you would think that right to work was established in Ohio. Good but expensive insuranceEverything"

Senior Network Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Was hired for a specific role in the IT department but the “specialist” whom I was hired to help didn’t want to train. I sat there for over a year doing pretty much nothing. I would ask to help/work so much the manager told me to stop asking. The group and manager I worked with were highly unprofessional to the point that it was abusive. Team members would yell and walk out of team meetings almost every week. They would trash talk each other behind backs. A common occurrence would be that I was told wrong information by senior team members (absolutely clueless old guys who literally made up nonsense when they didn’t know what they were talking about) then the same guys would complain about you. Even worse if you actually fixed an issue after you were told bogus information they would complain about you. Same old guys would chat it up all day either on the phone with personal calls or in person with other co-workers, but if you make one phone call to your doctors office they complain about you making personal calls. Management didn’t care about anything going on as they were retiring in less than a year. New tech-leader in training was one of the most miserable human beings on earth who would regularly trash talk his own family and children, the job, and co-workers. My predecessor left this position because of the same issues. They would constantly trash talk him. My father died during my employment here, they would literally make jokes about it. I had to take a medical leave and the day I came back I was let go. This was one of the most dysfunctionalNoneCo-workers."

Operator (Former Employee) says

"Management has a bully mentality. You dont get hired based on attendance or work ethic. You must kiss up to anyone in charge. It is a battle between casual workers for any recognition."

Planner & Scheduler (Former Employee) says

"The working environment at the Hamilton location of ArcelorMittal, Dofasco, is an antiquated working environment, both in regards to the day to day work, as well as the ability to advance in a career there. The employees in position to make decisions are those of a tunnel vision addled grouping. The inefficiencies and illogical work regulations are beyond comprehension. Please take care of yourself if you end up working here, as the money is good enough, but the toll it will take on your mental, as well as physical health, will be staggering."

Responsable RH (Former Employee) says

"Maltraitance des salariés Non respect de la sécurité des salariés Aucune stratégie de développement Aucune formation délivrée aux salariés Perpétuelles restructurations et réductions d'effectifs Aucun avantage salarial"

gestione telematica merci, contatti con clienti e fornitori (Current Employee) says

"ufficio logistica un branco di incapaci assoluti. Disorganizzazione come da nessuna parte"

Network Engineer (Former Employee) says

"They are team with no technical background and they dont trust anyone , they just trust old employee so you never grow or being motivate it because all the time they prefer old employee plus their team is they did anything no one blame them if new one did anything they just fire him/her."

boutefeu (Former Employee) says

"l hypocrisie rasisme favoritisme familiale connaissance rapproché"

Operator (Former Employee) says

"The hours and the pay always fluctuated, until yesterday, when they abruptly closed down, giving no one notice. At least no one else has to work in all that uncertainty.NoneEverything"

Human Resources Representative (Former Employee) says

"The company promotes only the team members they like. The work/life balance is nonexistent, I worked 70 hours per week. I also did not have a back-up thus using my vacation was extremely difficult. When I did take vacation, I was still working from home so that my workload is manageable..Ability to work from home, 401K matchNo work/life balance, very poor healthcare. No room for advancement favoritisms"

MTE Crane Repair (Current Employee) says

"management sucks, union officials terrible at helping members. work place not safe, safety programs a joke. older workers act entitled but most have little education or skills"

Operator (Current Employee) says

"Ok, it is a very cut throat place to work, and if you're not in a certain click or group, management do not care about you at all........................."

Fonte (Current Employee) says

"Aucune entente entres collègues, c'est chacun pour soi. Favoritisme en terme d'embauche, d'évolution professionnelle. Sécurité zéro, il attente toujours un accident pour réagir.Aucune écoute.Salaire très bas pour travail posté avec responsabilité (1350€ pour un coefficient de 215...)Locaux sales (réfectoire, toilettes, douches...)Hiérarchie agressive.La mentalité des jeunes embauchés est lamentables (frotte manche, hyper connecté avec les portables, fainéantise...).je n'en vois pasl'usine"

ouvrier production (Former Employee) says

"j ai travaillé 30 ans en production management nulle encadrement pas a la hauteurcadeaux ceharcellement des petits chefs"

SIC Tooling (Current Employee) says

"Good no benefits no job security management not good to employee Bad culture over all I will say every one not to join this company if want to join be clear about contract"

Quality Controller (Former Employee) says

"Absolutely ridiculous place to work for , management attitudes stink towards employees , hardly any breaks through out a nine hour day ,would not recommend for anyone to work here .none to my knowledgelong hours no breaks"

Steelmaking Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Company not looking after its employees. Empty promise from management. Lack of recognition to employes performing well. Training is really bad. The comoany doesnt allow their loyal employees to grow.Long hours. No motivation"

Technicien de maintenance (Former Employee) says

"Une mauvaise ambiance reigne à travers cette entreprise, les manageurs au quel j'ai eu à faire ont tous des méthodes médiocre.Légère charge de travailPeut de moyens mis à disposition"