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Aptech Limited is a global education and training company set up in 1986 and headquartered in Mumbai, India. The company has 800 centres in India and over 40 countries including Africa, West Asia, South America, Russia and South East Asia through a franchise model.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Very high turnover rate which is mostly due to poor morale and discontent with middle management. It's great that WuXi promotes from within, but they do a poor job of measuring the emotional intelligence of the individuals they promote to management positions. Managers and supervisors do not receive extensive training, but that is a secondary issue compared to promoting individuals who lack the EQ to be effective leaders in the first place. The cliche that "people don't quit jobs, they quit their boss" definitely holds true at WuXi."

Current Employee - Research Associate I says

"Upper management doesn't care to value their good employee. They make people work until late night/weekend/holiday without asking the employee's personal schedule. 20+ people turn over during the pandemic period. Yes, they made us work in the office. Also, weekend and holiday work is required."

Former Employee - Laboratory Technician says

"Low wage Too much management and less support for the workers under them"

Current Employee - Scientist says

"Incompetant management How everyone cuts corners Clique/cult like personalities Inadequate procedures Playing favorites Not caring about employee well being"

Current Employee - Senior Laboratory Technician says

"During the COVID-19 pandemic, WuXi failed its employees by forcing most hourly employees to continue working on site, despite insufficient work. Social distancing policy was not implemented properly, as many departments have shared desk and lab spaces where 3-10 employees must share the same computer/lab equipment. Initially, the company policy was to allow 14 days of paid time off for those in quarantine but as the pandemic worsened, we were told that WuXi would no longer be providing this benefit. Despite many individuals objecting to the policies, the Senior Leadership Team has been slow and ineffective in making the necessary changes. Certain members of the Senior Leadership Team have been outright dismissive of employee concerns and have ignored evidence that guidance memos they published were factually incorrect or misleading"

Current Employee - N/A says

"During the COVID-19 pandemic, WUXI only protected management and salaried employees. Most hourly employees were not given the option to stay at home even when the schedule was clear for the day. Social distancing was implemented in name only, as offices were often over crowded and many departments utilize a shared desk system. Memo's were sent allowing employees to quarantine themselves if exposed, but only after they exhausted all of their sick and vacation time for the year."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Upper and mid level management have no functional idea how day-to-day operations work outside their offices, and have no inclination to look. Department heads have used disparaging and demeaning language in reference to entry level workers, and blind yes men accept customer orders and requests with blatant disregard for the existing work schedules of the departments responsible for fulfilling the requests. Recent company changes have been instituted as knee-jerk reactions and implemented as company wide umbrella policies, in ignorance of how each department will be affected. When questioned, management has consistently evaded or ignored the issues presented, or informs various departments that a new policy will be enacted only to change it to something else entirely within the span of a week or two."

Senior Lab Tech says

"High turnover, management spread thin and can’t train/meet employees’ needs, all talk and no action in improving benefits/compensation, not family friendly"

Former Employee - Manufacturing Associate I says

"Employees were constantly over worked"

Former Employee - Lab Technician says

"Profit based with regard to employees as far as training, workload but holds employees (technicians particularly) responsible for everything from assays, to mechanical maintenance of the equipment, to performing duties of the Study Directors, though they employee several. Managers share highly personal information about their private lives while simultaneously gossiping and trashing their staff within eat shot of other staff members, including the one unfortunate employee being trashed. Highly unprofessional and toxic environment where employees bond over the shared interests of wanting to jump in front of a moving vehicle rather than come to work, yet they persevere for the sake of the salary that is well below industry average. Wuxi is a pit of despair for all who enter."

NA (Former Employee) says

"Human excrement comes from the leadership team. This is voluntary, correct. Why the fornication under carnal knowledge would you require me to meet a quality guideline?You can search for other jobs with a paycheck"

Employee (Current Employee) says

"WuXi is a Chinese company. Management only cares about making money - employees are expected to work long hours for little pay. Don't expect to advance your career here.Make sure you get everything in writing - they promise a lot but don't follow through on those promises to employees.. Low pay, no work life balance, no respect for workers"

Quality Assurance Specialist (Former Employee) says

"basically working at this place is the equivalent of working in a burning building. If I could actually give this place zero stars I would, the cut throat mentality, the underpayment of employees, the sickening cliques that form, not even getting properly fired the only positive of joining this hellhole is the free food and even then its barely worth ityeah hahahahahasee above and i didnt even get to the people in "charge""

Animal Care Technician (Former Employee) says

"Bad and poor management. Animal Care management does not step up to help when needed. Hard labor for little pay and not enough appreciation towards the animal care team. Would not recommend working there under same management."

Senior Laboratory Technician (Current Employee) says

"The company is managed horribly and instead of fixing issues, they're simply placing bandaids. The culture is very petty, much like being in high-school, so if you thrive on that then go for it. Language used is offensive and the good people keep leaving or getting let go. Focus too much on touchy feely bull instead of the science. There is no room for growth, despite what they preach at on boarding session. Favoritism is prevalent throughout every department.Free parkingNot managed well. Very clique-ish."

Laboratory Associate II (Former Employee) says

"Don’t work at this place. High pressure, low pay and zero consideration for the employee. Get a job a anywhere else before you enter this pit. High turnover because the company is very poorly managed."

PAYROLL SPECIALIST (Former Employee) says

"Absolutely no dress code and very lazy management who hide behind closed doors when they do make it to work. Employees do the work and supervisors take all credit and present to upper management as their work."

Associate Laboratory Technician (Former Employee) says

"This place is the most unprofessional job I have ever had. The facility is sub-par and the culture is that of high school. Would be a good starting place for someone straight out of college but get out as soon as you can!"

Sample Staging Associate (Former Employee) says

"Management is by far the worst. They gossip with other coworkers like they are in high school. It is a revolving door. Sample staging is always short staffed and the culture is horrible. If you complain about the work environment or the people, they will fire you. Lack of teamwork and career advancement if you are not a lab tech. Turn around and find better opportunities. Wuxi is not worth it."

Molecular Laboratory Technician II (Former Employee) says

"Management is racist, homophobic, and sexist. There is a boys' club in the molecular biology department. Supervisors are constantly looking for scapegoats to sacrifice. Incredibly unethical CRO practices are encouraged by supervisors."

Lab Technician (Former Employee) says

"If I could score this company 0 stars I would. I have NEVER worked for a more disrespectful unprofessional company in all my life. I know most people applying for this job are recent college grads looking for a job in the science field. But I would HIGHLY advise to never take the job even if you have nothing lined up… KEEP looking. Don’t just take the job because you have no other prospects! things WILL come your way! The company is bleeding people and have an extremely high turnover rate and it is ALL the companies fault for that. The coworkers, at least in the molecular group, are the ONLY reason the company even has one employee. However, the management team is the worst one I’ve ever dealt with. They are extremely unorganized, unprofessional and act like they are in high school lunch period with all the gossiping you hear about others and yourself. The favoritism, at least in the molecular group, is constant and unfair. The batch records and SOPs you are required to run in the lab are on the level of a fifth graders… language and scientific knowledge! The funniest part is when something goes wrong in the poorly written test method… it’s the technicians fault ALWAYS. Be prepared for the newly appointed “non conformance assistant/pseudo manager” to make up LIRs, DEV, NCEs out of no where, just because she has something to prove.. Not to mention once you get out of the company they might take over a month to pay you the money you earn. Basically this company is like a ship… unfortunately with the same fate as the titanic."

Sample Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"No room for growth at this company you will be stuck in your position if you stay here. They will try to keep you in your same position for years unless you are a favorite. You will do other peoples work because no one likes to take ownership here. Management sucks. They will lie to you in the interview don't fall for it . Most of the previous reviews are very accurate. The pay is not competitive for the area its located in the pay really sucks. Use this place to gain experience and leave as soon as possible. When accepting a job here please do not stop looking else where. If you are fresh out of college this maybe a good first stop for you.The people make the environment enjoyableManagement and no room for growth"

Lab Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Terrible place whole department was let go because we wouldnt falsifie test results. Manager didn't even know how to run the tests and treated the employees like they were not even people."

Manufacturing Disinfectant Associate (Former Employee) says

"I came into this job as contract to hire and from the beginning it was not what was initially described. Managers talk in circles when asked specific questions. Constantly being told what "new and exciting" things are happening but never seem to be apart of them. If you have your degree get some experience here for resume sake then get out. I was hired under a different group and was actually overqualified but I gave it a chance being fresh out of college and I regret it so much. Depending on who likes you, you can get away with whatever. At this point I feel like this job is holding me back because there's nothing else I can learn in this department."

Scientist I (Former Employee) says

"Many employees are cut throat and not caring whats so ever. I had many experiences in which my work was hindered because of an employee feeling they were more important and didn't care what happened to my samples in the process. Many times I would be remanded for no perfect work because they only wanted perfection.nothingBad management, Terrible employees, Terrible Learning environment"

Study Director (Former Employee) says

"Bad work environment, lots of management and structural problems in the company. High turnover rate and constant need to train new individuals. Only good quality was a lot of the people their were very good to work food, good peopleeverything else"

Lab Technician (Current Employee) says

"First of all if you are expecting do be involved in complex cutting edge studies look elsewhere. This company runs standard assays and your day to day life will consist of the same thing every single day. They also have no work to do, getting 40 hours is almost impossible and the only way you get PTO is to wait. Rather than being proactive Management is completely reactive and deaf. Your requests will get ignored. They treat you as a replaceable cog in a wheel and I would recommend not to work here if you want a fulfilling career in research."

Associate Research Scientist, Study Director (Former Employee) says

"The problem with this company is that they don't truly care about the health and well being of their employees. Their main concern is making money and they will promise stuff to clients just to bring them in the door when they actually have no idea what they are getting themselves in to. The will work their employees to the bone and not compensate well or appreciate all the heard work."

Laboratory Scientist (Former Employee) says

"The environment is entirely culture based and most of the employees are not sociable in the least. Management prefers to give training responsibilities to those who hardly possess the skills to train and do not have good management of time. Social skills of employees are terrible Multiple environments are available but have limited or short need of new employees. They prefer others in company who have been their for years. As a recent graduate I found it exceptionally difficult to learn in the environment in which every mistake was penalized and never discussed on how to improve. Management was oblivious and not willing to communicate in a fair manner.Multiple environments and areas to workTerrible Management, employees, and scientist are not knowledgeable in the least"

Associate Scientist - Study Director (Current Employee) says

"Terrible work-life balance. Revolving door. Most people last one year or less. No opportunities for career development. Everyone is so stressed and treat each other badly because of it.A few nice co-workersStress, no life outside work - even weekends"