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AppNexus is an American multinational technology company operating a cloud-based software platform that enables and optimizes programmatic online advertising. Headquartered in the Flatiron District of New York City, the company has 23 offices in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

A verified user mentioned, "AppNexus was a disappointing experience for a product that has lots of potential. the AppNexus platform is incredibly complex and requires a great deal of understanding of how the platform works that caught us by surprise. The wiki is not enough and when we resorted to reaching out to AppNexus it was a nuisance of having several emails going back and forth. No phone support is offered which would have made several things easier than exchanging confusing emails. Video inventory is still not implemented."


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Former Employee - Senior Product Manager says

"Lacking executive leadership and support"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management not holding management accountable."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"AppNexus has comprehensive difficulties transitioning from start up to enterprise/corporate model. It seems to have lost it's soul somewhere along the way. Initially when I worked there I worked in a flat motivated team, however the team structure become increasingly hierarchical, bureaucratic and political. Senior team members tend to leave NYC, work remotely and lose touch with the workings, needs and aspirations of the wider team. For UX Designers and Researchers the AppNexus Console is uninspiring subject matter. It is devoid of emotion and constrained by an unimaginative pattern library. AppNexus products suffers from a significant UX debt. Many AppNexus products actually have little or no UX input. Many of the projects that UX are involved in have a have a minimal amount of UX design engagement and testing. The UX research team for AppNexus, a global company of well over a thousand employees consists of only 1 full time UX researcher. Also there is no formalized UX process to understand how well features fare when in Alpha or Beta. In addition there is virtually no UX process to assess how a well a feature is doing in production. For a career in UX AppNexus at best is somewhere to get some experience on your resume while you keep an eye out for better opportunities else where in NYC."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Don't get the wrong manager. If there's the slightest issue, you have no recourse if he/she doesn't support you."

Former Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"I didn't get to work with any of the folks who interviewed me. My to be manager did not even interview / meet me before i was given the offer. Once i started they wasted few weeks doing broad irrelevant on-boarding. Then i was asked to work on a java application that had no written unit tests, with no requirements that was getting restarted in production every few days because the product manager and the developers all quit. I interviewed for a senior data engineering position with scala, hadoop, spark and mllib background. I quit within a month."

Current Employee - Product Manager says

"So much turnover that its hard to say that the culture is a good one. When you double in size every year like we have, its simply too much too soon"


"Senior management doesn't have the right skills to work with people. As the company has grown, they have just promoted low skilled employees to VP positions"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Supervisors/HR jumps to conclusion without knowing the facts. You would think HR would be the first to say, we do not terminate employees unless we hear from them. Unexpectedly had a serious medical problem, and could not communicate with anyone - including family and friends. The company decided to terminate. When I returned home, first thing was to contact company and let them know about medical problem. Rather than the company to be understanding and bring me back (the job was still available and still is as to this day), they stuck with the termination although they knew I had no means of contacting them while I was in the hospital. If that is not insensitive, I don't know what is."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"From top down, chaos and mania reign and all company decisions (down to the bonuses of junior employees) are decided by the CEO alone. Middle managers are hired from the outside and then promptly ignored (if not yelled at in public). This is probably for the best since we cannot seem to get any middle management that does more than pretend they know what they are talking about while they are looking on LinkedIn for a new job. The company changes direction and organizational structure on an every-season basis and everyone who has been here for longer then two years is either gone or is desperately looking."

Current Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"Management is absolutely pathetic especially at the Director level in the remote offices. Clicky. You are either cool/dorky enough to be in the club or treated like crap. Don't dare to be different!! It seems like the people that work at Appnexus are not worth squat unless you are in the inner circle of Brian O'Kelly as many of the old Right Media folks are leaving no way to move up in the company other than brown-nosing. Lets face it, this company is all show."

Java Developer (Former Employee) says

"Meaningful work and impact for clients Company is growing fast Great flexible work-life balance Fun team and culture Exciting technical challenges to tackle"

Mark A says

"AppNexus are American scum bags that serve false / fake British Brexit (political) polls on MSN sites to get people to vote in those polls while, all along, is a scam to something else. F you for serving up false Brexit polls you lousy American dirt bags; you must be Trump supporters (F Trump too)."