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Back on November 2014 a customer wrote a review for Sitejabber about how sucks: I've seen some interesting posts that have been sponsored on Facebook, only to be riddled with advertisements when I click on the link to the site. These adverts slow the website down so much that it is nigh on impossible to navigate to the next section of the post. Also, make sure you turn your speakers down when you visit this website as you'll usually get a random advertisement video start automatically playing with sound. Awful if you ask me.


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Mike Teper says

"Untrustworthy. Poor Customer Service and Call Handling. Your call credit vanishes at times, no explanation given until you query it, this happens on both UK and US accounts. When I asked they charge VAT for oversea's customers, they advised. "We have been advised we have to charge it". When I checked with HM Revenue, there is no such requirement, they just pocket the cash. Calls that come in are spotty in quality, but what really bites is that because they are constantly fidding with accounts in removing credit, phantom calls and charging non existant VAT, your actual call spend is much higher. You can have 20 calls a month come in, but you'll be paying for 50 calls, so stay vigiliant, especially if you use the account infrequently, as that's where they really go "on the fiddle""

BJA says

"A friend tried to do me a favour and recommend a service that he liked and I became a customer and am more than happy to provide my customer number. I wanted to avail of the free trial so I could determine whether it was the service for me and my new business, My confirmation from the business was received today ... Your AnswerCoUk ADMIN details Today at **:** Your login details for your AnswerCoUk admin account are: Company: provided on request Username: A**** Password: ************* Your admin account is used to make major changes to your account. Please keep these login details somewhere secure. My experience was horrendous, probably the worst and most arrogant customer service I have ever received. To avail of the £5 free credit I had to prepay a non refundable £25 and despite getting my friend, who is a long term customer to contact them, they refused to change their position, don’t have a formal complaints procedure, and on the personal instruction of their MD was told that this was irreversible. Happily a competitor offered me a better deal and trial anyway but certainly couldn’t recommend and will never use them again, Really disappointed as a new business that a supposed industry leader was anything but, and at the time I made the review I was an customer and indeed the business has been repeatedly emailing me to this effect which i am more fhan happy to forward to Trust Pilot. Happily one of their competitors have been providing the service i wanted with none of the hassle and also how petty and childish their response is to genuine criticism - if that wasn’t a good idea to avoid their service like the plague I don’t know what is."

Ann Doggett says

"Insist on emailing when someone doesn't want to leave a message or puts the phone down without leaving a message - even internal callers from one office to another - but charge for every email based on the fact there was no set up fee !!"

RTW says

"Have had this service for few years now and it does the job. It's pure luck whether the call handler answers quickly and coherently OR one that doesn't know what time of day it is or worse does not answer the phone at all. It is very inconsistent in quality, so beware! On the whole it is cheap and basic, if you require great standard and outstanding telephone manners this is not for you."