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Anixter International Inc. is a company based in Glenview, Illinois, United States and founded in 1957. The company supplies communications and security products and electrical and electronic wire and cable. Anixter is a Fortune 500 company. In 2011, the company had $6.15 billion in revenue, operating in 260 cities in 50 countries.The company operates with three major divisions: Network & Security.

Andrew L mentioned "Anixter customer service is not a top priority. Numerous emails and phone calls ignored by customer service representatives, managers and even upper management. Would not do business with this company again."


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Current Employee - Business Analyst says

"Benefits structure is very very poor, barely any coverage . The PTO structure is terrible given the size of the company . You get 10days off a year !!! Only 10"

Current Employee - Outside Sales Representative says

"Pay isn't worth the stress. If the stress gets to you they will kick you to the curb. Terrible Mental Health Understanding as a Company. Outside Sales gets hassled and ridiculed even when exceeding sales goals. Won't help you transfer. Manager was stealing commissions."

Former Employee - Global Enterprise Account Manager says

"Poor management. Leadership doesn't really take suggestions seriously. Delayed commissions. Reporting systems are confusing and the CRM system (CORE) is dog crap. They think its a God-send, but its terrible. Ordering is confusing and looking up invoices takes forever. There is no real culture here. You just come to work and leave when your time is up. You have no voice."

Current Employee - Driver says

"Very unsafe trucks, after reporting repairs needed, nothing done for a long time."

Current Employee - Forklift Operator says

"Once you accrued your sick or vacation time they have a fit when you want to use it. If you sick you must go to work. Like you are a robot"

Former Employee - Credit Analyst says

"Very Stressful. what I was doing - was not what was listed on the job description"

Former Employee - BI Manager says

"Office politics, organization is littered with "lifers" who want to hold onto the way things have always been done. You're going to start with a "data warehouse" that really isn't a data warehouse. It's a collection of unrelated tables/views that was created to accommodate the needs of specific users. You can look at two different tables that allegedly contain the same information, and you will see two completely different things. The whole thing is governed by dinosaurs who insist on maintaining the status quo because they've been there 30 years and know better than you and guard their turf viciously. I want to add that at one point I argued with IT for 104 days in a row about getting things done. Simple things like push SSRS reports to PROD, give my users permissions on a database. The new guy needs Office and network permissions. Absolute stonewalled. Every single request I needed required a Vice President to intervene and get it done. It was completely insane! Users...they're used to doing things one way and one way only. There are hundreds (thousands?) of Access databases all over this company. Everyone compiles their own data, and no one really has a clue how to reconcile what one person here is reporting versus what another person over there is reporting for theoretically the exact same thing. You can literally walk the hallway and ask "how much inventory do we have?" and you will get as many different responses as people you ask! Management. Wow. I didn't work for IT, but for one of the business units. If you like people running around presenting themselves as a "data expert" trying to pitch what are actually good ideas to the business, but then come back to you with "so and so would like to see this broken down by quarter instead of as a whole year" and when you protest "why can't you just copy the code???". Stay away from business intelligence in general with this company, because it simply doesn't exist. But more specifically, stay away from BI in any of the business units. The culture and backhanded politics is absolutely toxic and you can do so much better."

Former Employee - BI Analyst says

"Favoritism and you will be held accountable for the work your past employees did even if you are unaware of. My Manager planned to build a case on me by requesting ambiguous tasks day by day with un-clear deadlines and expectations. As its just my opinion I want to add that because of managers less professional and more political behavior 7 people left out the team of around 15 people within an year. Want an honest opinion: Reach out to ex employees on LinkedIn for better review. Lastly, only 10 Pto's for first 3 years of service with no Time off on common holidays."

Current Employee - IT Professional says

"Used to be a great place to work before outsourcing to IBM. Management does not engage with staff. Seem to not be aware/or do not want to know how bad things are. Culture promotes staff that bully others and are promoted for their behavior. There is no project management. Everything is an emergency. Very understaffed."

Current Employee - Inside Sales Representative says

"Management is not great at providing clear expectations or service level expectations for their employees to succeed in their roles. Inside sales dabbles in EVERY aspect of the business and doesn’t have efficient ways to navigate this. ISRs are constantly being pulled in several directions but don’t have a “go-to” person other than themselves. Company Culture is nonexistent, or even thought about daily. “What does Anixter do best and what are we trying to achieve every day?” is not something that is present in the office environment every day. The employees in the offices are simply trying to survive the day with no plan or strategy to improve their service level or get better. Management could do better if they weren’t so focused on golfing or entertaining customers so frequently."

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"Horrible location to work. Primarily the issue is management, they only look out for themselves and the leads. They try to sweep things under the rug when their leads and management violate the company’s policies. The environment is very hostile you’re micromanaged for every little thing you do and are constantly watched on the cameras. They discipline you on things even when you’re off the clock and when you bring up a concern they make you feel like you’re in the wrong. Definitely would not recommend working here unless you like hostility, horrible management, and not to mention horrible background music."

Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Where do I start!! This company is apparently big on anti bullying, when I reported some severe bullying to management they refused to do anything about it, I told them I was taking it further and I ended getting sacked less than a week later!! I was sat around doing nothing asked if their was anything that needed doing and to which they said no!! This is a very toxic environment to work in. The management treat you like a slave and you get no thanks for any help you have given. I was never trained properly they expected me to know what I was doing straight away!!"

Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"Busy everyday. good variety in the job including fork lift truck driving goods in order picking van driving. going out to collect goods and delivering to the right people."

wharehouse worker (Former Employee) says

"there isn’t much opportunity here unless you all apply for the same position. Most have favorites that will let them succeed while some work harder it’s unappreciated most of the time. Got hurt here while everyone laughed had waited about a week before having the manager come back at me and tell me to pull some metal strap out so i got hurt and then the metal strap had hit me so idk what is up with managers here"

Warehouse staff (Former Employee) says

"Anixter as a whole may be a good company, it may be a great company. You would never know it working at the warehouse of the Burnaby location however, thanks to the negative, overtly aggressive, abusive behavior of the warehouse manager. Not to mention his shortsightedness and reactionary management style. Add to this he is stressed to breaking simply because he is out of his depth in this position and you have an individual creating one of the most toxic work environments I've ever experienced."

Channel Manager (Former Employee) says

"Salary is mediocre at best and has he worst commission structure of any job I've ever had. 80% to target isn't all that different than 130% to target. Might be okay for someone just starting out, but any semi seasoned professional should look elsewhere."

Receving (Current Employee) says

"I didn’t like it because I was doing my Managers work for him and he took advantage of me. He was the only supervisor who didn’t help in the warehouse."

Order Picker/Packer (Former Employee) says

"Worst company to work for been there for 5 years and no place for advancing. If you are not friends with boss you get all the work. New boss did nothing but got rid of all the veterans cause they got paid the most and everyone was replace with new people to get paid less very stressful place to work at knowing someone new was guna take your job"

Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Terrible company takes accounts away from people who established them. Robots for managers. Marketing analysis week. Just another product provider in wholesale distribution"

Reciever (Former Employee) says

"The lead man was so rude every day. Like he had nothing better to do but to have me do all the work while everyone gets to hang out and talk. I was never put in one place instead they relied on me to do everything for receiving and shipping. They waited to hire another temp even though I had more time in. I decided to leave due to the traffic. Was not worth the stress going over there having to get hurt while the lead man was telling me to be pulling metal straps from the pallet. They don’t have any tools here they have it all thrown around. They don’t even have a good relationship here either. They all come to work to fight and gossip.NoneEverything"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"You are fortunate if you don’t become the subject of a Federal Government investigation. Google “Anixter” and “Department of Justice”. There was always sufficient “Incentives” paid to win contracts.Plenty of bribe moneyFederal Prison"

Management (Former Employee) says

"If you've been at Anixter since the beginning then you are probably used to the toxic culture. If your company was acquired by Anixter, start looking for a new position unless you enjoy mismanagement and no opportunities for advancement because of cronyism."

General Labor (Former Employee) says

"They point you for our own familys funneral and I asked them over three months get me on the forklift instead they fired me because I was trying to advanced....These people dont know how to run a bussniess ready to always point a figure....And always haave to over ask them for protective gear more then 5 times in one day.....These peoplel have no since how to work together let alone take care of there employees... Run awayyyNoneDont work with you"

Shipping Clerk (Former Employee) says

"the worst company i have ever worked for. over worked underpaid hostile work environment stressful manager was sexist. supervisor didnt know what to dononehigh turnover rate, way too strict"

Various Positions (Current Employee) says

"Senior Management folks are extremelly unethical. I would strongly steer anyone from this organization. Horrible place to work and very very bad senior leadership."

Life Skills Instructor (Former Employee) says

"Stressful job and bosses used staffs. Staffs have to deal with clients aggressive behaviors and bosses just don't care about staffs we staffs have to cook clean bath feed and give meds and deal with the behaviors sometime it's not safe for is staffs but we do our job for the clients. I loved my job and my clients. We also have to take clients to putting and doctor appointments shopping work,NoneNone"

Head locksmith for the APS key center (Former Employee) says

"I did not feel it was a team effort. Things tend to follow the buddy system. Issues get passed from department to department. A lot of red tape just to do simple tasks."

Truck Driver Class A (Former Employee) says

"Management is terrible with no patience.They make bad decisions,listen to their buddy employees about others.Will fire u fast!! Don't go to Mcdon. GA.Free waterShort breaks"

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Arrogant upper management is clueless to the marketplace and a two percent up charge is charged back to every sales order. Living in the past with their initiatives and marketing programs, and they have multiple business units selling the same products making it nearly impossible to compete against competitors. There stock has fallen nearly 30% in the past year and they still do not know how to adapt. Run don't walk from this company it is a horrible place too work, but everyone is afraid to say anything because of the fear of losing their jobs. Additionally their benefits are bad, no retirement accept 401k, 1500 dollars out of pocket before insurance kicks in, Their are much better distributors who offer much more as far as salery and benefits."

Multiple (Former Employee) says

"Management is biased. (Mostly sexist) definitely a boy's club. You get no incentives for doing a good job. HR looks the other way for certain people. Learning too much is actually detrimental to you. If you are planning on working with Anixter in the warehouse, I suggest second or third shift. They are 99% unsupervised and don't have to work too hard. Took YEARS to get a decent pay increase, because they refused to give us a market value raise. Bonuses are awful. If you're going to work in a position other than warehouse, make sure it's a higher up management position. And make sure you're not female. They are the only ones who get any kind of recognition. All in all, my experience was awful and lasted way too long. Most days I would leave with chest pains from stress picking up slack from other employees or management and cleaning up messes. But good luck to you, I really hope your experience is better!!InsurancePay, management, Hr, working with lazy people"

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