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Amnesty International (also referred to as Amnesty or AI) is a non-governmental organization with its headquarters in the United Kingdom focused on human rights. The organization says it has more than eight million members and supporters around the world.The stated mission of the organization is to campaign for "a world in which every person enjoys all of the human rights enshrined in the Universa


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Dipendente (Former Employee) says

"In piena pandemia mandata a casa perché non avevo preso l’obiettivo (con un lockdown e con tutte le difficoltà annesse). Umanità zero. Contratti co co co rinnovati mese per mese. Pessimi. Amnesty un corno."

Field Representative (Former Employee) says

"Amnesty International in itself is a good organization but this job has a high turnover rate. Why? Well, some people aren't fit walking ten miles in the cold/rain but others no matter how great of a canvasser you are can be fired for a "negative attitude". If you like having job security then this isn't the job for you since they're more concerned about maintaining a number one status than anything. Loved the people I met here but other than that the work environment was messy, stressful, and in the end disappointing."

Refugee Caseworker (Former Employee) says

"I was placed at AIA in a student placement for six months. The organisation demonstrates to be highly passionate about defending human rights however the impact was limited due to internal inconsistencies. We experienced gaslighting behaviour from our direct supervisor, contradicting direction for tasks, limited/no supervision and debriefing opportunities and were met with defensiveness when these concerns were raised."

Telemarketer (Former Employee) says

"The work is pretty basic. Pure numbers game. The pay is decent. The management, however, is garbage. The main manager is a joke. Every week, there's always a day or two she "works from home". On the days she's actually present, she does absolutely nothing and always leaves around 3/4 pm. The assistant manager does the manager's work except that she is not the material for a leader. Not only is she blunt, but she is also rude. It's impossible to communicate with her, as she has a hard time understanding normal logic. It's hypocritical that they talk about diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace when the two in charge constantly belittle and walk upon their subordinates. Cons: poor management, late hours, lack of work/life balance"

Citizen Outreach Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Instead it turned out that I was panhandling for Amnesty, standing in front of shops and "fundraising"/begging for donations. All day. And had to pay for my own transportation and parking fees. So it was almost like I was paying to work the corner. We also had really random sales goals to meet. Like one week you had to collect a certain amount of money from people who were over 30 years old. Cons: Really disorganized and high turnover. Not sure I made any profit bottom line."

TEAM LEAD (Former Employee) says

"I worked as a canvasser in LA. It was revolving door in there because they give you no skills, maybe 1 hours worth of training and expect you to convince people to subscribe to their monthly donors list. if you don't make your quota in the first you days you are let go."

Data Analyst (MIS Executive & Social Media) says

"No job security you can be removed anytime, all ways shutdown fear is there beacuse its sub company of ngo whch is always im eye of government. Bad culture"

Dialogatrice (Former Employee) says

"Bello come ambiente ma per le ore lavorative veramente non guadagnavo nemmeno per il rimborso spese"

Telemarketer (Former Employee) says

"Lots of hypocrisy. Very tough job. Call for 6,7 hours, same pitch everyday, basically pressure people and guilt trip them into donating money to causes. Management constantly passively and constantly warns you about performance and getting fired. Play silly games and hear lectures about current events from people who are extremely partial. Rinse and repeat. If you manage to sell you are treated very well. If you don’t, you’re treated like dirt and reminded that Amnesty International doesn’t need you. Targets are unrealistic and a lot of luck involved. Wait around until someone gets guilt tripped and suckered into paying a monthly fee, keywords like acceptance and diversity were thrown around but I found that we targeted certain groups and addresses for more donations. Cons: Management is inexperienced, everyday was the same, unrealistic targets, extremely high turnover"

Field Representative (Former Employee) says

"Terrible management, not treated like a human-very disposable employees. Hypocritical for being a human right's organization. Absolutely NO job security, even if you have been there over 6 months and proven to be a good canvasser (which is an extremely hard job) Cons: no job security, treated badly by management"

Dialogatrice (Former Employee) says

"Non consiglio assolutamente la collaborazione con questa azienda, perché di azienda si tratta. Pessimo ambiente. Ti tengono in prova per uno due mesi e poi ti mandano via se non raggiungi standard altissimi. Sfruttamento ai massimi livelli. Salario bassissimo ... Amnesty international un corno! Cons: Ampiamente descritti"

Canvassing Coordinator/ Activist (Former Employee) says

"They make many promises to canvassers, upon hire, and boast about their loving progressive environment. However, the only people at Amnesty International that pay any shred of respect to canvassers was the canvassers themselves. Upper Management actively tried to stop people from getting promoted/ raises in an already cut-throat and volatile quota based employment. I met people there with serious health issues that were not accommodated for and those people punished for missing work. Human Rights may be the focus of the organization, but they have little regard for the basic needs of their entry level employees. Expect to freeze, outside, in the winter with 15 minute breaks, expect to never be promoted, and expect to always feel like you are about to lose your job. Cons: short breaks, cold uncaring bosses, little to no actual activism"

Telephone Fundraiser (Former Employee) says

"Do not work here Cons: Mental abuse, constantly lied to"

Telemarketer (Former Employee) says

"Some work experiences are definitely not good. Working for Harris Marketing Group as a telemarketer was a nightmare not only because of management inconsistency but also because of the low pay. Though this job was temporary, it still helped me developed my communications skills as it was a necessity coming in to college as a freshmen at that time which is why I included this work experience on my resume as well. Overall, it was a very stressful part time job as you have to be on the phone consistently for 5 hours a day and 5 days a week. Manager was not so accommodating and quite bossy at times."

Human Rights Campaigner Field Representative (Former Employee) says

"The organization had horrible management, no work ethics, no transparency, and often was unprofessional. There was no balance between work an life some some. And neither was there job security for certain positions. Cons: No Transparency"

Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"Work culture good but daily basics target is there so pressure is high but we are proving our self and team work is excellent manager support also far, but the salary was less compare to other city ."

Volontariato (Former Employee) says

"Impegnativo con scarsi risultati pratici, toglieva troppo tempo allo studio"

Accounting Manager (Former Employee) says

"Management changed very frequently. Lots of lay offs and not a very stable Financial or management team. Employees were not updated in frequent managerial changes. Cons: No room for growth"

Founder (Former Employee) says

"ambiente molto vivace ma poco stabile e senza garanzie, tipo di lavoro come found racer insoddisfacente"

Department Head (Former Employee) says

"Committed and expert program staff with growing willingness to work with other colleagues and growing appreciation of the value of fundraising. Top leadership needs to expand beyond pet projects to encompass the entire scope of the organization. Deaf ears on now former ED except for personal interests. Cons: Low compensation for support and minor program staffs. Needs visionary and consensus leadership."