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Applied Materials, Inc. is an American corporation that supplies equipment, services and software for the manufacture of semiconductor (integrated circuit) chips for electronics, flat panel displays for computers, smartphones and televisions, and solar products. The company also supplies equipment to produce coatings for flexible electronics, packaging and other applications. The company is headqu

A former employee said this in a review: "Hated working at Applied Materials, they are unreasonable people. They just dont care about nothing, the people they have in supervisor role should not be there. They suck."


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Technician (Former Employee) says

"Hate it they unreasonable poeple They just dont care about nothing well it over now we all have to move on but the poeple they have in supervisor role should not be thereHateHate"

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"They don’t care about your career, there is a lot of assaults in the company, unsafe company, management is poor specially at ETCH department, HR is useless"

Tecnico (Former Employee) says

"Ho lavorato con applied per 2 anni su turni di 12 ore di notte e di giorno ! Spesso ho saltato il pranzo e la cena. Il training è una farsa non vi è un vero trainer e tutto lo devi imparare sul campo se qualche tuo collega è disposto a insegnarti se no rimani al punto di partenza. Un ambiente fatti per intimi conoscenti in cui solo chi è amico di qualche manager può fare carriera. Il trattamento non è dei migliori ti trattano come un principiante e sei considerato pari a 0. Qui le conoscenze la fanno da padrone. Gli obbiettivi sono una finzione che solo alla fine dell anno ti accorgi di averli, in poche parole non te li fanno e alla fine dell anno ti dicono che non sono stati raggiunti non sapendo nemmeno quali erano. Nel complesso una azienda per amici"

Manufacturing Technician II (Current Employee) says

"-No room for improvement -Low raises -In order to move up you have to be a puppet!! You'll spend 10 plus years giving your all just to get penniesExperience different workLack of opportunity"

Material Program Manager (Current Employee) says

"One of the worst companies that I have had pleasure to work for and taught me a good lesson of what is important. First of all it’s very ancient company with political driven top down approach. Broken into business units where they hardly speak to each other and culture depends on which business unit you would go. They portray and have false image of great place to work but in truth not a great place for ambitious young millennials."

IT Support (Former Employee) says

"The onboarding took over a month. The manager took a very long time to tell me i got the job. First day i cane in and sat, they do not have training for employees. They had me leave way from Cedar park almsot to Hwy w90 to do a drug testm i apparently was supposed to do that before starting but wasnt informed until i reportef in to work 3 hrs later. The manager stated i would be paid fullday. But i havent recieced oaymwbt and they havent returned emails or callss."

Mechanical Engineer (Current Employee) says

"My comments only applies to DDP department. I've heard good feedback from other departments, but in this department not a single engineer is happy. Extremely long work hours including evening, night and weekends and lots of unrealistic deadlines. A lot of micromanagement, several managers/directors will ask you to do different things and want to see update the next day. Pay is low compare to the high intensity of the job. Only a few managers have people management skill. This department's high turnover rate already tells you everything.a lot to learn, a lot of smart peopleno life, low pay, too many emotional incapable people"

Process Engineer Manager (Former Employee) says

"It is a lousy company to work for including the lousy management that they do not know how to manage I quit the company because of its management not because of the company"

Customer Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Save yourself the trouble, don’t bother. Lack of structure, no guidance, it’s sink or attempt to swim. Try a reputable semiconductor conductor company like ASML, maybe even LAM."

Engineering Tech III (Current Employee) says

"Don't look back just RUN!! If I could give zero or negative stars I would. This is by FAR the most poorly managed company I have worked for, and I have worked for a few. No possibility for advancement. You never know what your schedule will be until the very last minute. You have no life because you can't plan anything in advance. The negatives go on and on, and the positives are few. I repeat, and in all seriousness, run away!!! Run like your life depends upon it.It's a job.Too many to list."

Assembler III (Former Employee) says

"Don't care about work life balance just work people to the ground, 13 days straight at 1 minute & then less than 40 hrs a week the next schedule crazy"

Hillsboro, Oregon - Logistics Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"The management and training policies need updating. No structure within the company for their new hires. I recommend that they get a training supervisor."

Systems Administrator (Former Employee) says

"This company will grind u to the bone. Their leadership is inept. They have little regard for work life balance. Way too many managers per employee. I hated every minute up until the point where i needed to train my Indian counterparts to take over my work.stock options/bonusesadditional hours worked for bonuses and pressure put upon you is no where near worth it"

Mechanical Assembler (Former Employee) says

"I worked for a small local semi conductor company until purchased by Applied. I think that they're a bigger machine than the federal government. Benefits have spiraled only to fatten the big guys at the top.NoneEverything"

Design Engineer (Current Employee) says

"• Responsible for the release and management of the engineering change order for assigned Business unit and product families from initial supplier problem statement, solution statement through implementation and execution of the engineering change. • Support to manufacturing by documenting and releasing engineering drawings and BOM using engineering change order process. • Review ECR/ECOs for content completeness, structure of BOM, drawings, drawing mark ups, specifications and reason code."

Adecco Contractor,Accounting (Former Employee) says

"I left this job because of extreme harassment- all parties involved in the harassment were fired shortly thereafter. HORRIBLE Applied had opted to lay off a majority of its employees to refill those positions with contractors (me). (We) The contractors were hated/harassed to the point of physical violence which I've NEVER experienced in a work place. I was appalled that ANY company would ever allow such behavior for any amount of time towards innocent people who just wanted to work and make a living.NoneToo many to count"

Mechanical Technician (Former Employee) says

"worked on R&D Prototype project Pasma Etch machine open &friendly atmosphere an opportunity to learn an exciting new project with a highly skilled staff and Department Manager cannot recall most difficult phase of project at this time. A most highly enjoyable place to work would do so again if the opportunity arose`Easy going atmosphere and personnelNo particular negatives to recall at present time."

Scanning Technician (Former Employee) says

"This company is truly the worst company I’ve ever worked for in this industry. They have no regard to how you are as a person. You feel like a machine and even then you never work fast enough for them. The management is not good, unfair and hire only foreigner women. They just don’t care about you as a person. No work life balance whatsoever.MoneyUnrealistic working conditions"

Customer Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Too many managers and up that got beat up as children. Major lieutenant style power trips. Literally will try to destroy an employee to prove they own you at all costs. Beware"

Test Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Nothing but negative. You are not to be honest to stay. There is continuous danger of being laid off. Changes in the culture due to outsourcing effects your well being."

cristina says

"Scam! I've ordered my mat over one month ago, I got a confirmation email and fake tracking number that never updates. It's a fraud, the seller has never replied to my emails. Don't trust the guy."

Sofia Dahlstrom says

"This website is a fraud. I ordered a yoga mat to the UK and my order was cancelled (by them on the tracking) after waiting for over a month. They have not returned my money and have not answered any of my emails on various addresses. Do not order from them!"

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