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Altiris Inc. is a subsidiary of Symantec specializing in service-oriented management software which allows organizations to manage IT assets. They also provide software for web services, security, and systems management products. Established in 1998, Altiris is headquartered in Lindon, Utah, United States. Altiris has over 20,000 customers managing more than 3 million servers and 60 million desktops and laptops.

An angry customer said this on Spiceworks "Every body I talk to hates Altiris, and right now, I'm among them. It's hard to use, and seems to hang a lot, They just need to do some real work on this".


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Kiran Bhayani says

"I am using Norton products since 1980s with advent of first PCs. My most recent experience is terrible. I have a Mac laptop, and Norton 360 was working fine until I installed BigSur OS 11.1. Norton 360 says setup needs to be completed. I can not uninstall Norton 360 nor complete the setup. Norton support tossed the problem to Apple. Apple engineers worked on the issue for two weeks and concluded the issue with Norton. Now, I have to wipe clean hard drive and reinstall other apps leaving Norton out. This is taking up so much time on my end, and all I get transferred to dept. to dept. and problem continues. Only option I have is to get rid of Norton altogether."

T B says

"I've been using Norton Security and Norton 360 for years. I always bought it from a local shop for around £20 and just entered the activation key in the package. But now they require that to be able to activate it you must enter your credit card details and automatic renew is on by default at an inflated price of £84.99. They say that it's now policy and you have to enter your billing details and then can later choose to not auto-renew at the inflated price. But if I buy the software from a shop I've already paid for it and shouldn't need to provide my personal contact details and credit card details to be able to use the software. If you look through the Norton forums, MSE forums, and TrustPilot reviews for and then you'll see endless complaints from unhappy people who have been charged inflated prices over a month before their 1 year contract ended. The stress of dealing with dubious business practises is not worth it and they've now lost me as a long-term customer."

Lachapelle Tommy says

"I payd for a service that i never got. They lie by contact, and even with billing proof i still got nothing. So i took Bitdefender and take legal action agains Symantec. Be carefull, they are a thief company."

Andy Lock says

"Terrible way to operate a business. Automatically charing a £98 renewal for a product you can purchase on Amazon for £22 yearly. Taking payment automatically - 1 month before it expires unless you cancel it and no email provided for customer support. This is not the way to do business or treat your customers."

Customer says

"From awesome, to awful, overnight. Broadcom have rendered the product utterly ridiculous."

David Doom says

"Terrible company, have gotten even worst since Broadcom bought them. They take your money and don't provide the service you pay for. Everything is always down and their support is useless."

Luke D says

"Causes constant blue screens of death of Windows 10 64bit, and ruined my internet speed. Not worth it."

Richard Schmidt de Almeida says

"I have been a customer for over 15 years and recently I have been getting a couple of emails from Symantec stating I have enrolled in an automatic renewing subscription which is not true, I have already emailed them but unfortunately they have chosen to simply ignore my emails. If you do not remove the automatic renewing subscription from my account I will be forced to file a lawsuit against you."

Eric Chan says

"We had a Symantec Messaging Gateway (version 10.6.4-3). Broadcom without any notification, then stop to provide the anti-spam update, we just renew the license for 5 months, still have 7 months to go. When the beginning, I did not know what was happening, then I asked for help, their support told me that our version had already been ended of life as of 12/2019. They ignored me my questions, just told me to install the latest version 10.7.3 (not upgrade, our version had already been told a year ago that our current version cannot be upgraded because of the old CPU). Will stop to renew the service when the license expired, just leave the SMG to be a simple SMTP server or buy a new server with another Secure Email Gateway."

NCHEX says

"Honestly, if there is rating below 0 I would give it to Broadcom and Symantec support. Very poor support and products. Soon moving away from them and I highly recommend staying away from Symantec."

Vaughn burtenshaw says

"Norton will only renew your cover if you agree to an automatic payment next time it's due, this will be at a hugely inflated price.Kaspersky is a far cheaper and superior product that can be renewed manually at an agreed price."

Vishal j says


Jaspal says

"Absolutely disgusting service, Broadcom have now taken over Symantec and the service is the worst I have ever seen. God help you if you get a virus as THIER IS NO SUPPORT NOW. The telephone number will make you wait for 1 hour and then when I spoke to a rude customer service agent and asked for his manager, he just put the phone downon me. COMPANY HAS LOST THE PLOT! Will have to look for another antivirus company for my 1000 licenses required. A 10-year-old customer LOST!"

Nafisha Desai says

"very bad services no response on call or email ."

Peter says

"Symantec - not long ago they fraudulenty minded over 30 thousands HTTPS certificates for websites without validating to whom they really belong. They don't have security of their customers in mind, they don't care. Avoid using services of this company."

Frank Weippert says

"A Symantec software caused severe problems and interfered with my internet connection which did not work anymore. When I asked the hotline for help, they first gave me a number that did not work. When I called the hotline again the next day, I had a different person on the line. He told me that I should figure it out on my own and hung up mid sentence as I responded. Never experienced anything like this. I want to point out that I am a very calm person and did not ask or say anything unreasonable. There was no reason for him to hang up."

Pete says

"very bad customer service, no one give a $hit anymore, they got sold to broadcom."

Tom says

"hold music wants you to just end the call. if you can survive listening to it for a hour then feel free to love this company......................"

Josh Clark says

"553-Message filtered. Refer to the Troubleshooting page at 553 for more 553 information. (#5.7.1)'. Last 3 days multiple clients are getting this, I try to escalate to Symantec and nothing, total disaster, a true nightmare. Day 1, 4 hours of useless conf calls Day 2, over 6 hours of conference calls, we have multiple clients, emails are being dropped by Symantec as identified SPAM then dropped, both inbound and outbound. These emails are to/from Symantec/MessageLabs and to/from multiple domains. Mail is being dropped both ways. I have sent them tons of NDRs, over 50 emails, we have gone back and forth. This was finally escalated to the top tier (through a 3rd party, they will not work with us directly), only to be told it is in the way we are writing emails being. The way we are writing emails is triggering as SPAM and being dropped. This would mean hundreds of users, all around NY/NJ/CT (and beyond) have all a sudden, and all at once, decided to change the way they are writing emails to mimic SPAM just so MessageLabs could drop the email. The proof in their own logs, track and trace shows line after line of logs being dropped as “SPAM” and this is what they tell me. Meanwhile, it’s still going on, no resolution, no help, only more and more garbage with no actual useful help. On DAY 3, no resolution! More lies, more cover-ups with no actual work done to fix my clients issues. We are an MSP so we handle their IT which includes emails and hygiene. Unfortunately we use a terrible service called Symantec. Symantec is having sporadic failures dropping email and they will not accept responsibility, nor do anything to actually fix it but make excuses and blame me and my clients. This is the absolute WORST support I have ever faced in the 25+ years of doing messaging and senior system engineering. I am floored by this, absolutely FLOORED. Buyer beware of what you are getting yourself into! Symantec was put into place long before I came on board 4 years ago, and we have over 100 sub-clients of ours which means tons of revenue for Symantec but I have recommended we REMOVE Symantec from the mix and move on to a real provider that actually cares about their customers. Not to mention the terrible service and terrible support, but TRY to report ANYTHING not 100% positive on the Symantec user voice forums @ www dot symantec dot com/connect/forums and its STOPPED, and blocked. THEY WILL NOT LET YOU TELL THE TRUTH TO OTHER USERS OR COMPANIES ABOUT THEIR TERRIBLE SERVICE! WOW! I have revised the forum post so many times trying to get it through, but they never allow it, this is day 3 of probably 30 different ways of writing about the issues and they simply will not approve it on the forums, designed by Symantec to give us a voice about their product, so this can kind of tell you what they are all about!"

Kate says

"Without notification, Norton billed my credit card for renewal a month before the current subscription expired. I have carefully avoided being stuck with an automatic renewal contract and had already purchased a new package, planning to implement it when renewal is actually due. When I called to complain, the Norton representative tried to talk me into various schemes of giving partial credit and forcing me to keep track of the new one until next year. When I refused he said he would turn off Norton, and I would have to uninstall Norton and then install the new one. I protested that I still had a month left of the current subscription, and previously had just entered the install codes to do a renewal. Finally he agreed to do a proper credit of the whole amount charged. While I like the protection I get from Norton and have used it for about 30 years now, I am really annoyed with their tactics. Renewal would have cost me three times as much as I paid for the package. Automatic renewal schemes are hidden in all kinds of "free" offers. Is this corporation really so hard up that they want to abuse current loyal customers to squeeze more dollars out of them?"