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The Allstate Corporation is an American-based insurance company, headquartered in Northfield Township, Illinois, near Northbrook since 1967. Founded in 1931 as part of Sears, Roebuck, and Co., it was spun off in 1993. The company also has personal lines insurance operations in Canada.

A former customer shares his thoughts on, "THEY ARE THE WORST, AVOID ALLSTATE AT ALL COST. They do not know what they are doing, the adjuster and staff do not understand how to look at simple things and get them done. What a waste of money they in this industry."


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Former Employee - Legal Assistant/Paralegal says

"terrible co workesr, management who never cared, harassment"

Current Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"mass layoffs to life and call center departments to lower auto insurance rates"

Current Employee - Insurance Advisor says

"Sketchy business practices and worse"

Former Employee - Agency Owner says

"But ..... no help or security into retirement. Allstate wants to be a great business opportunity but can’t be one with no consideration for agents selling their agencies. The buyer Allstate brought to me walked away after 2 years owing me a lifetime of payments."

Current Employee - Casualty Liability Adjuster says

"The expectations never stop and never slow down, there is always another metric to meet, your work is never enough, and the expectations are always changing, while trying to maintain the expectations that were previously placed. They constantly tell you, your valued and that they care about you and to a degree that is true at least from the team you are on, but the managers dont have control. Its all about the bottom line which is more money in the shareholders pockets."

Current Employee - RFP & Consultant Specialist says

"This is a sister company to Allstate and I’m very much behind with training and expect Great quality"

Former Employee - Claims Analyst says

"Last part of my career was terrible as I watched the company like many not care at all about its employees but only the bottom line Recognition programs slashed ... micro management reinstated and never enough hours worked to satisfy the powers that be The layoffs are coming .. more jobs going overseas and there is little to no TRANSPARENCY!"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"The environment is not ideal for those who do not strive on being micromanaged. Not only that but we are constantly interrupted by the owner to meet in his office once or twice a day. Before coming on board, we are also told we do not have to work weekends yet as soon as you're there for sometime, we are told to come in a Saturday before a holiday weekend just to make up for that day missed which makes no sense. There are no benefits and the owner will try to convince you to buy a life policy . You will also be told that it is purely sales but after a few weeks , you'll start to take care of customer service as well. The turnover is out of control. This agency has been opened for almost a year and I have seen tons of people come in and out, including myself."

Former Employee - Customer Success Manager says

"You have to lie to people, everything is sales focused and they consistently raise premiums leaving their loyal 20+ year long customers heartbroken and bankrupt."

Current Employee - Avail Car Sharing Platform - SF says

"Technical decisions are poor and often wrong. e.x. kafka. logging done in mobile app and not backend. rest api isnt rest. CEO is a micro manager who pats himself on the back. Dev management does not understand or follow agile, they are actually doing waterfall. Dev management does not understand how to manage or motivate the team. Doesn't seem to ever care. Blames engineers when something goes wrong, take credit when it goes good. Dev and Data management both dept have gotten rid of or forced out their best engineers."

Liability Adjuster (Current Employee) says

"They are reporting record profits, buying other companies and layoff a sizable portion of our workforce. We had been promised that performance would play a roll but clearly that was not true Good benifitsEverything else"

Processor (Former Employee) says

"I honestly would not recommend! Nobody cares about career progression. They have their people picked as far as promotions and who will and wont progress with the company None"

Insurance Agent (Former Employee) says

"Boss was rude , he would cuss at you . He would say things to hurt you. Always made everything into a competition. Only short breaks. Made you work weekends when you were told weekends off."

Allstate Insurance Agent (Former Employee) says

"● Work-life balancethis is a very toxic place to work i would not recommend working here.● Job security and advancementmade you click through training so you couldn’t learn it.● Managementworst management i’ve ever had to deal with. they steal your customers and leads● Culturethere were never any leads● Overallthis is literally the worst place i’ve ever worked at.they love to single out the person with the least amount of sales. they wouldn’t help when you needed it and management is absolutely horrible.the things they said to me were traumatizing. do NOT work here."

Owner (Former Employee) says

"Company does not want the agents to succeed. Not worth your investment and time. You have no control of rates and rates are triple the competition."

Sales grunt (Former Employee) says

"Fired summarily for not giving enough notice to attend my dad’s funeral. My parents live a long way away and I had to make travel arrangements with my siblings, I hopped on a plan then got a text that I was firedWorst management I have experienced in a 35-year career"

Licensed Insurance Sales Producer (Current Employee) says

"If I had worked for a different agent, I think I would have stayed with Allstate. I met and exceeded my monthly goals and even after that, my commissions were cut. You’re unappreciated as an employee and the agent isn’t a boss or manager. Greedy, money hungry, drama queen.RUN if you know what’s good for you!It was great without the agent there, the agent brought morale down.So much pressure but no help or compensation."

Claims (Former Employee) says

"The only thing that makes this job good is the people who are stuck there with you. Actually, you're not stuck because each year they find stupid reasons to lay people off. Eventually they will have a handful of people swimming in work they can never get caught up on. They DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS OR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND THAT'S A FACT.payeverything"

Licensed Sales Producer (Former Employee) says

"Agencies are managed by individual agents not the company. Expect to be under paid, have unachievable quotas & experience hr violations daily. It's a cesspool.NothingEverything"

South Dakota (Former Employee) says

"Just found out my job was impacted and was given a 60 notice. I loved my jobs, coworkers and customers. I felt like my job helped people and the company. I will miss my work and coworkers. But I know I will find another opprutunity that I will love more. NaNa"

Sales Producer (Former Employee) says

"do not set up an agency Allstate sets them up to fail then sells the book of business to the next poor soul. As a sales producer you learn pretty quickly you can’t compete with other companies and they pump quotes up 7% over their own online quotes. Run and don’t look back"

Claims Processor/Represented Segment (Former Employee) says

"Low pay, no training, no advancement, ridiculous workload, management is terrible all the way up the ladder. Alot of potluck lunches. I did not like it.Health insuranceEverything else"

INSIDE PROPERTY ADJUSTER (Current Employee) says

"I have been working at Allstate now for a year. From the day I walked in I could see how they were abusing their employees. I can tell you that I am constantly over worked and over stressed. I have asked management to help me and voiced concerns about burnout and that we have too many claims to realistically take care of everyone and every process every day without working 15 hour days where you don't have to answer the phone. You are constantly interrupted to answer phone calls on other people's claims. Claim load is maxed every single day and people keep quitting because of the stress which is causing us to take more work than is reasonable. The pay is low and I personally do not recieve any benefits. Management is constantly on your case for making mistakes but never train you how to do it correctly in the first place. Training is a joke, they have you sit and do nothing for months then you're supposed to somehow handle claims out of nowhere. The recent announcement of layoffs is endemic of how Allstate treats us: we're expenses to get rid of not people working for the company. If you don't sell your soul you will not do well. I constantly feel on the defensive and like they will fire me for the smallest mistake. No help at all, just burn yourself out until we can get rid of you for someone cheaper. PtoNo benefits, low pay, unacceptable workload, management wants to fire you constantly"

Licensed Sales Agent (Former Employee) says

"After this horrible work experience I never want to do insurance sales again the owner changed our pay grade, commissions and bonuses frequently and when it came time to pay you you would have to argue and fight for it. maybe not all Allstate agency owners are annoying and mean like mine was but it put a bad taste in my mouth for Allstate in general. I worked at the Hurst Steigerwald location.NoneInconsistent pay, bonuses, commissions and incentives. Hourly not even enough to survive."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Worked at Allstate for more then 25 years and have witnessed senior management immorally push older workers out the door without any compensation. Specially data management area where they promote not by talent but those willing to move out of illinois. Business and IT are consistently fighting and goals never met. Those on the bottom get berated publicly and is just not a nice place to work. Decisions that AVP makes are not data driven but corporate goals. Directors tend to be push orders with little knowledge of involvement. Terrible culture and not a good place to start your career. Promotions tend to come to those that have a spouse or relative working in the company."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Only thing that matters is the almighty buck, Allstate doesn't care about the employee. Always changing the goals to be even more impossible. Just terrible"

Customer Contact Center Licensed Representative (Current Employee) says

"I would not recommend this type of job to anyone I know or even didn't like. Definitely do not trust the managers, they do not have your best interests at heart. Do not believe in the company transparency they all spout"

Representative (Former Employee) says

"Great start getting into insurance and Learing the basics Allstate has a great computer training and easy platform to use for quotes Working at this office was not great"

Licensed Sales Associate/csr (Former Employee) says

"Worked for an Allstate agent 4 years. I quit due to work overload, it was too much. No balance. Most importantly, no growth within agency. Don’t work for an Allstate agent if you’re looking for a long term career."

Team Member (Current Employee) says

"do not work here. they are the least transparent company i have ever worked for and i absolutely do not trust them. do yourself a favor and work anywhere else."

Wendy Ashmore says

"Just spoke with Carole on the escalations team, she refused to help, refused to admit fault, and refused to get me to their manager Stuart either.

I spoke with another manager yesterday who refused to help even though the payment went through on the wrong day and I had canceled auto pay.

They have cause me 70 in overdraft and they refuse to help or even try to stop the payment all cause I didn't screen shot the rep I talked to on their site

During the call Carole advised its not in their policy to require that, and even refused a 20 dollar credit for me to put towards the 70 dollars in fees they have caused due to this overdraft. Literally the least they could have done and they even try. This is the first issue I've ever had with them and I'm so disappointed.....honestly just sad"

Laurel name says

"They refuse to help after I canceled auto pay, and manager says I have no proof. Which I got successful confirmation that auto pay was canceled and their online rep said they'd make a note I would pay on the 15th. It was all fine. But on 1/12 they auto charged me and over drafted me. Been on hold for 4 hours and I keep getting transferred. Manager.keeps lying. They refuse and wow great insurance but they do not help ever."

Yelena Z says

"Horrible company. We’ve been Allstate home and vehicle customers for 20 years. They would not cover the roof damaged by strong storm winds. I spoke to the Allstate roof inspector and multiple roofing company inspectors and they all stated that there is visible serious wind damage to the roof. Their adjusters are very unprofessional as well. 2 separate adjusters were assigned to our claim. One disappeared completely. I had to call to find out when I will hear from them. Second adjuster was assigned without any explanation. Both promised to call within a certain time frame. No calls received. I had to call multiple times myself to get an update on the claim status. They found every single reason to deny the coverage of damages. Stated that the roof was too old (the roof is around 20 years old, not 40). Garbage of a company with trashy customer service. After being their customers for 20 years, and paying so much in premiums, they treated us like dirt. PLEASE chose a different company for your needs."

Zachary Goettl says

"I don't think I have anything positive to say. I refinanced my home and I ended up going with Allstate because they had the lowest rates at the moment. After receiving multiple phone calls regarding policy changes I didn't approve, I ended up switching to Geico. I have cancelled my policy almost a year ago, of which was its own struggle. I am now currently on the phone with allstate again, 1 hour and 8 min in and still on hold, because I'm receiving bills saying my policy has changed and that I'm going to be charged X amount of dollars because I haven't paid them. I DONT EVEN HAVE A POLICY WITH THEM! My advice is to buy a boat, insure it with someone else and sail as far away from allstate as possible."

Edward says

"In 2014, a speeding, uninsured driver ran a stop sign on a mall service road totaling our car and sending me and my wife to the hospital, he was charged, we were not! Allstate insurance representatives called weekly to see how we were doing ( and looking to get any information that they could against us regarding the collision) until we hired an attorney, my wife’s bill’s were in excess of $15,000 and mine exceeded $100,000, they offered her a ridiculous settlement and me nothing! I fought with them for months on the cars value, and won, they tried everything in the book to low ball me on cars value to no avail. In late 2018 we finally got our day in court, we filed individually and had two court days, and we both won our cases! Allstate not only had to pay our settlements, but the had to pay the court fees and the attorney they hired to defend/represent the uninsured driver that caused the accident which I’m sure exceeded the uninsured motorist liability limits of the policy! This is NOT an isolated case, they do this all the time and they’re damn good at it ( so they think!) to get out of paying a legitimate claim! STAY FAR AWAY FROM ALLSTATE INSURANCE OF ANY KIND AS WE HAVE SINCE CANCELED ALL OF OUR ALLSTATE POLICIES!"

Harold says

"I made an automotive damage claim to Allstate where their insured pulled out in front of us, their insured's fault, confirmed by police report.
Allstate's claim service (Tulsa) treated me with indignation and demanded I mitigate the amount of my claim. They were of little help, refusing to accept liability for almost four weeks. I even had to send them a copy of the police report as they had not requested. In the end, I paid over $3,900.00 out of my pocket to clear all the bills for an accident wherein their insured was 100% at fault. Claim #0433381746 CJN."

Mauricio Molano says

"I was paying $87 per month for home insurance, I got an increment to $135 monthly (55%). I made a claim and do not go down it go up to $224. No customer service, no professional attention, avoid headaches, stay away by Ajax branch Allstate and in general to this company"

Randy Brown says

"Drivewise new update is horrible and on hold forever it seemed lie, so after 30 minutes I just hung up the phone...sad, very sad!"

Terry Shaw says

"Car was rear ended by an Allstate customer. Allstate is now refusing to make supplement payments for ALL damages. Car is new. Shop owner spoke with a Supervisor who told him “he’ll look into it” and will call back. Waiting over a week for a Supervisor to respond. Meanwhile car rental payments continue to accumulate.I guess that will be another hassle. Your client ran into my standing vehicle, FIX IT! At 12:13 Field Tech calls to tell me oh well we payed what we feel we should pay and is unable to provide his Supervisor information. I asked for Supervisor number and states I am in a meeting I’ll text you lol a complete joke. There is a scratch on the tail light result of the accident Allstate refuses to repair instead tells the shop to buff it out when there telling you it can’t be buffed out."

Courtney Carman says

"Rather have someone run me over with their car than deal with Allstate insurance ever again."

Megan Marie says

"I decided to get a quote from Allstate and the guy who gave me a quote was being really creepy, saying he liked my voice etc, then while on the phone he typed my phone number into Facebook and added me. That’s completely a breech of information and unacceptable."

Bob Wright says

"Allstate insurance are horrible at claims. Don’t expect anything from them."

anotherInfo Thief says

"I do not recommend Allstate at all. Been with them 20 years. Dont know why, they have Never paid a claim. I am drawn in by their size and perceived reputation. Last straw. Lightning strike. Lost half my power, appliances and a hole in my wall. They had the nerve to ask me how old the paint on my wall is. They also want me to pay for all inspections and repairs up front. I have $25 in the bank.."

Penny hall says

"My dad died on September 2 an I’m still paying his car insurance cuz they want let my cancel it. Please tell me why a dead man needs insurance. They said death certificate wasn’t good enough I need a legal paper from a closed court house that you can’t access w/o an appointment. Don’t use them"

Tom Knapp says

"Our family has been with Allstate for decades, with multiple properties insured through them. However, they lost all of our business when we filed one single claim -- for water damage inside a wall -- and they found a way to weasel out of giving us any help toward repairs. I knew I was in trouble when we had the contractor in to look at the problem and he said, "This will definitely be covered by homeowners insurance -- unless you have Allstate, they will fight to avoid paying you anything." He was right. The agent even implied that we were negligent homeowners for not discovering the problem -- which was hidden behind a wall -- sooner. Not only that, but an Allstate rep discussed our policy at length, revealing many details of our contract, with someone WITHOUT KNOWING WHO IT WAS OR HOW THEY WERE RELATED TO US. Suffice it to say, your personal information is NOT safe with Allstate."

James says

"I like allstate and the give back promotion but do not like laying off workers lay off big executives I may change due to this"

Marvin Charles says

"Allstate is not looking out for you! I have a 20 year old roof with leaks in it and have never had a claim of any type but when we needed them most they let us down twice. They sent there adjuster out to our house but after seeing the spots on the ceiling in the bathroom and guest room they only going to give us $230 dollars to replace missing shingles or patch job! That was the first time and we said no! Now we asked them again with a roofing company representative to be out there with them to explain why the whole roof needs to be replaced but to no avail again after they were supposed to call us on a Sunday to let us know about their decision but they called 2 days later to only give us $500 and we said no again! 20 years of all the money you have given them from us and paying our Home and Auto on time you take a dump on us? Loyalty and Honesty is pretty foreign to you but as long as your roof is not leaking what do you care about customers.
I will be looking for a Company who actually cares!"

Brookelynne Redfearn says

"Worst insurance company charged me just to cancel my policy not only that not Informative about your policy"

Jon Woodliffe says

"We switched to Allstate for car insurance since a friend worked there and assured me they were the best. They were a little more expensive but we felt it was worth it. the following year on renewal our policies were hiked by several hundred dollars and we were told "all companies had to increase their rates this way". We couldn't switch companies again within one year as it raises your rates dramatically, so we stayed and payed. We had invested in a dash camera which turned out great as we were hit by a flying construction level on the highway (no-fault comprehensive) and then a month later rear ended stopping for traffic at a yield sign merging on a bridge. We were told explicitly that our insurance would not be affected because these were clear no fault accidents with video evidence. Our renewal policy jumped 20% higher! No way. I called them and they confirmed MY rates went up because OTHER people damaged my car. The agent was in the process of repeating that ignorant excuse when I was cut off and sent to their survey to tell them if I was helped or not. Goodbye Allstate. They get two stars because they did cover my vehicle both times but maybe it's the dashcam that forced them to help me."

Pyong Jeon says

"I gave it 2 stars only because the adjuster was responsive after a week have gone by without any information other than "we're waiting for allstate to approve to send BMW X5 to the dealership for diagnostic.

The phrase "your in good hands with allstate" not true. I just called allstate since I recieved a call from enterprise rental indicating allstate had let them know my rental will be done by the 7th., but enterprise said the money allocated for the rental will be good until the 8th. The lady was rude, so i was rude and then she hung up on me. Nice! I don't really need to speak to them again unless there is an issue with my car.

I will say, i am disappointed with allstate. If you call them, they are not very helpful (I have called few times without getting any real answers). So, if your shopping for insurance company, I would look other places."

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