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AllPosters is dedicated to bringing customers the best selection of posters and art prints in the world. Our range of hundreds of thousands of posters and art prints, combined with our framing and mounting services and 100% satisfaction guarantee, make it simple and safe for customers to find a selection that is perfect for their home, apartment, or office.

An upset Canadian consumer shared in a review "As a Canadian costumer AllPosters service was TERRIBLE. The website comes off as very reputable at first but it is NOTHING of this sort. The prices seemed very cheap at first (as i thought) but once you get to shipping and all the bs on the site it really adds up to more then you think (+all being in USD) I ordered 10 posters and received the first poster (1/10) as its own package, Along with an UNANNOUNCED 25 dollar duty fee just for 1 poster... I contacted their costumer service and they had no explanation for this, so i asked the costumer service associate to cancel the rest of my order as he "didn't know if the rest of the posters would come with such duty fees". He said 5 out of the 10 had already been shipped and were unable to be cancelled... the other 4, i was luckily able to cancel. After the longest time of waiting and tracking my order from the app they provide, i see today that my order is being SENT BACK to the shipper... Are you kidding? At this point I'm completely fed up with these people. I contact the terrible costumer service again today, and they tell me some bs as always, and ask AGAIN if i want to keep the order... oh please just end it all. I 'm just waiting for my refund. A SCAM. DONT FALL FOR IT!"