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AliceSoft (アリスソフト, ArisuSofuto) (sometimes Alice Soft) was established in 1989, as an eroge developer and publisher for the computer market, first for the PC-88 and PC-98, and later for PCs running Microsoft Windows platforms. Its first titles were Rance and Intruder, released simultaneously in July 1989. It has continued to release several titles each year, though not always exclusively adult-oriented. It is a brand name owned by ChampionSoft Co., Ltd. (株式会社チャンピオンソフト, Kabushiki-gaisha Chanpion Sofuto), a company founded in March 1983.

According to Famdom Rance is a role-playing video-game series created, developed, and published by AliceSoft.

The Rance series is one of the oldest on-going H-game franchises and one of the oldest series of the Eastern RPG genre rivalling in age with the Ultima or Final Fantasy series.

The series is also known however for having an outrageous and sometimes brutal plots, embodied by the completely anti-hero behaviors of the protagonist Rance, which defy social conventions and common moralities.

A few years after Rance IV, Alice Soft was facing economic problems and they almost went bankrupt. As a result they decided to finish the franchise with one massive game that would feature all the ideas they had but couldn't implement yet and give the series a proper ending.


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