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The Alfi was a German automobile built in Berlin by an electrical company between 1921 and 1924.

A former employee said this in a review: "The management at Alfi (Aldi) is literally a group of adult aged people with the maturity of Elementary School’s recess yard. With me working there, take my word & don’t waste your time unless you are truly that desperate. If you are, work there and never cease your job search until you’re gone from there".

Aldi Reviews

Cindog says "STORE 46 Brooksville. Purchase 2 racks of baby back ribs. Open them up and they were spoiled. Corporate said to go to the store and great a refund or replacement and a gift card. ALDI DOESN'T STAND BE THERE GUARNTEE. Dirty store and rotten product. I qill NEVER give this chain another penny of my month!!! After wasting hours on this problem, they DID NOT stand behind there double guarentee."
Deb says "i was a huge Aldi shopper - until recently. All of my groceries are nearly expired when delivered. The lid was warping on my spinach dip from the gasses and my bread molded a day after receipt. Its not cheaper if i have to throw half my groceries away."
Dan schrey says "Aldi has lost me as a customer. They no longer wipe down the carts or can't seem to keep the cart wipes in the dispenser. Also they have taken down the social distancing signs and are not enforcing the 6' rule. I guess its not cost effective to ensure customer safety."
Kenny says "I bought a £850 joint of beef for Sunday dinner from Hilton riverside Sunderland I have never tried a joint of beef like it the dog would spit it out it would be alright if you want to make yourself choke disappointed disgusting"

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