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Koso says

"The experience of buying form this company has been the worst shopping experience we ever had. We are now living in a house with no windows for 6 weeks and still don't know when the windows will be delivered... Communication with this company is horrible. The director of Albo, first blamed my builder for misguiding us, thought my builder has been extremely honest in all respects, and was very upset with the broken promises that were made with regards to delivery date. So to our disappointment our windows were to come 5 weeks later then we expected and they emailed me that the windows will only come by the 23rd of October. Then, On the 25th October he said the window factory in Check-Republic lied to him, so we have to wait another week, but he then committed they will be picked up on a Wednesday and delivered on Saturday, but on Saturday he emailed saying the delivery company only just picked it up and we have to wait another week, he admitted he is in breach on our contract and offered a small compensation. But now.... listen to this, the delivery company's car according has a problem with the clutch, so I have to wait another week on top of all that... There is no end to the mockery of this company, now they give me phone numbers of their factory and of their delivery company in Check-Republic but when I call, nobody there speaks English and they hang up on me..... My neighoubers also got their windows from Albo, theirs were only two and a half weeks late, but came oin the wrong color to what was ordered. Avoid ordering your windows from Albo if you ask me. We only got small compensation from them at the end, not reliable."

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