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Air Methods Corporation is an American privately owned helicopter operator. The air medical division provides emergency medical services to 70,000 - 100,000 patients every year, and operates in 48 states and Haiti, and air medical continues to be its primary business focus. Its corporate headquarters are located in the Denver Technological Center, Greenwood Village, Colorado, in the Denver metropolitan area.


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Former Employee - Sales Consultant says

"C-suite turnover every year with new directives and this last team had driven the company into an abyss by not supporting known vent platforms such as Vela Avea LTV and Revel and focusing all on Hamilton copycat BV but lacking the clinical and industry knowledge to support the BV as well as Hamilton supports their platforms. Inflated inhalation water prices to drive the market to increase but that failed and they lost many long time customers due to supply chain disruptions. Newest strategies to transfer all front end sales to distributor partners such as McKesson is leaving huge deficits in the ability to deliver inventory to mutual customers."

Current Employee - Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Any time a company is having meetings to assure employees that payroll will be processed on time you know you shouldn’t be there. Management continues to make vague promises of incentive rewards to employees in an attempt to reduce the high turnover but structure those promises in such a way that the company will almost assuredly not payout on any of them. A majority of the executive leadership team does not reside in Illinois so it’s very likely the current corporate headquarters is temporary. Despite the high turnover there is a continual hiring and promotion of directors and above for roles that do not need that level of expertise. Often you can find departments staffed with several directors overseeing a single analyst or none at all. Management openly admits the company's post Covid future is bleak. With the cancellation of the government ventilator contract things are likely to be very bad for employees going forward."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The systems are old and make everything a headache. Everything has to be done 3,4 times because of multiple ERPs instead of being on one instance of SAP. There is no incentive for management to fix it, it is PE owned so they want to make the financials look pretty and get rid of it. They don't want to invest in making everyday processes quicker and more efficient. Vyaire has $1B in backlogged orders, a good chuck of which is the $400M order from the US Federal government. They are already having supply chain issues so frankly I have no confidence in them being able to fulfill the orders. Once this rush for ventilators dries up, Vyaire will go back to losing ~$100M annually. The salary will be enticing but trust me, stay away."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Terrible leadership starting from the top, which is why the CEO was replaced recently. CFO and CIO are the only OK leaders while the rest of them are a joke. - Benefits are terrible: No choice of provider. The only options are a terrible Cigna plan or an even worse Cigna plan. - HR is woefully lacking in all areas. Communications to the employee/manager base are almost an after thought. We are not given a enough time to plan for and complete things like yearly review activities. Even our managers aren't given advance notice of these activities. Which shows a problem at the top level in terms of planning. - Lacking training programs - No leadership development programs - Third CEO in 2 years."

Current Employee - Marketing Specialist says

"Back orders, Lack of understanding of markets the play in, Customer records and data are non existent, Technical support does not know the products and does not call customers back, New product development internally is non existent, Finance is controlling pricing in the market place with zero knowledge of competitors or pricing."


"We understand the importance of providing pay and benefits that attract and retain our employees (and families). We are always looking at opportunities to improve our offerings and invite you to to continue this discussion."

CC Flight Paramedic (Former Employee) says

"Concerned with pushing flights and billing as much as possible. No concern for employee well being (emotional or physical) and certainly patient care is never factored into the decisions made by management who doesn’t know a tampon from Tylenol. Worse place I’ve ever been employed. Management lies and withholds information from Med crew more often than not in an effort to rule by fear.,Competent and caring Med crew (most)Horrible management, lack of concern for patients, pay is below industry standards, the list goes onThank you for taking the time to provide feedback. If you are a current employee, we encourage you to review both the "Asking for Guidance and Voicing Concerns" section of our Code of Conduct and the “Reporting Concerns and Nonretaliation Policy”, both of which are available through Air Methods’ Intranet site. Please consider sharing your specific concerns through our anonymous employee hotline (the “AlertLine”), which you may access by phone or through the online portal by visiting the Resources/Compliance tab of our Intranet site.Current or former employees may also email Human Resources’ confidential InBox at"

Patient Financial Counselor (Former Employee) says

"This is a unhappy place to work for I recommend anyone that is looking to keep on looking this company has its picks. And believe me when I say this you will be unhappyNonAlotThank you for taking the time to provide feedback. We’d love to learn more about your experience and how we can improve. Please email us at"

Nurse (Former Employee) says

"You’ll fit in great as long as you’re mediocre at your job and use the words “yes ma’am/sir” nonstop. They don’t care about you or your life. Culture is disastrous. Back stabbing and bull is the best you’ll find working for this awful company. I hope they close for good.Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. We’d love to learn more about your experience and how we can improve. Please email us at"

EMS helicopter pilot (Former Employee) says

"Terrible company , they are only concerned with political and their shares holders No where are they concerned with their pilots or safety They preach safety when you get there but when you ask questions about improvements they could do to make safety better they black ball you and ignored youDecent equipmentToo many to list. Stay away from themThank you for taking the time to provide feedback. If you are a current employee, we encourage you to review both the "Asking for Guidance and Voicing Concerns" section of our Code of Conduct and the “Reporting Concerns and Nonretaliation Policy”, both of which are available through Air Methods’ Intranet site. Please consider sharing your specific concerns through our anonymous employee hotline (the “AlertLine”), which you may access by phone or through the online portal by visiting the Resources/Compliance tab of our Intranet site.Current or former employees may also email Human Resources’ confidential InBox at"

Dispatcher (Former Employee) says

"I worked here long enough to realize they did not have adequate training. You start in a classroom setting and then are not allowed to dispatch on your own for months, which makes good sense in the industry. However, after months of working there, I realized they had literally no one lined up to finish my training. This didn't provide me the opportunity to get signed off and work independently. They were so short staffed, the head manager was working 80-90 hour weeks and doing the job of many. No one else cared enough to acknowledge or fix the problem. Save your energy and work for a company who values their employees. It should also be noted that one of the employees on my team caused multiple hysterical fits while on the floor and even when called out, was never held accountable. You cannot afford to be this risky when working in emergency medical dispatch."


"This company is constantly changing and not for the better. In the 2 years I was there, we had more than one CEO, multiple Managers, and the turn over rate was extremely high. They did not care about employees and would add extra hours after you would arrive to work, give you a schedule and then change it the next week, took away breaks if work was needed to be completed which was always. No support nor a positive environment especially when you are doing such important LIFE CHANGING work."

Project management (Former Employee) says

"I experienced ad hock reactive work environment, The engineering teams were very competent. The work load and priorities seems unclear and management of teams changed regularly."

Regional Business Development Manager (Former Employee) says

"Dodge the fire on sinking ship and don't even apply here. The company is run from the top down from employees who have very little to no industry knowledge. Communication is poor and knee jerk decisions made, which means you are always just one quick decision away from losing your job here!"

Mechanic (Former Employee) says

"You are just a skin suit with this company. Management is driven by corporate policy and numbers. You get zero support from mid level management. Good luck!parts availabilityeverything else"

Flight Paramedic (Current Employee) says

"Very poor choice for career advancement, unfair treatment, culture and team operation. Unfair Pay scale for employees. Extremely overmanaged. There are more managers in this company than line crew. Very very corporate and inflexible to employee needs. Benefits are not that great but overall average. My experience was a very hostile work environment."

Patient Advocate (Current Employee) says

"Always gives you the run around. Could care less about you!! You don’t get paid enough for everything you do! They tell you be kind but yet treat you like trash. Your opinion means nothing to them even if it would save them money. You will be worked like a dog and expected to be okay with it and do even more.BenefitsEverything management, pay, environment"

Regional Director (Current Employee) says

"Very unorganized, especially in the Midwest region. No processes, No HR assistance, No training. Pay is mediocre for the duties. Family/Work Balance is awful. You are pretty much on 24/7. Good Benefits, Probably the worst leadership i have ever seen."

Patient Transfer Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Sucked, if you aren't fast enough at the job then you get fired. You will be on your own after people say they are there to help you. management gets mad when you ask for helpnadarumor mill"

Patient Financial Counselor (Former Employee) says

"I worked there for a year temp, they switch managers like you change clothes. They are liars and don’t want to give you time off but they want to apply the rule for there employees for you, also I was discharged due to stating I never called the sick and late hotline come to find out they lied they are the worse! Not worth the time or moneyWorked from homeNone"

Flight crew (Former Employee) says

"They will close a base with no notice and give you a two weeks to find another job or you're terminated. They have no investment in human capital, it's just open a base, close a base. So, don't sign a lease, or buy a house, just get some experience and move on. They shortened the PTO and sick time accrual to almost nothing, no raises for years, the bases had no air conditioning, or heat, the roofs leak. Employees were paying for beds to sleep because no one would buy them beds. Worked in Texas, New Mexico, & Florida. Not all bases are the same in crew quarters, but the company is the same.Pay is averageEverything else."

Application Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I have had some luck finding places where management ended up being dishonest and corrupt. Don't trust this place or it's leaders.NoneLeadership do shady things to stay in their positions of authority"

Senior Buyer III (Current Employee) says

"the director was more concerned with keeping the department running as a high school and both encouraging and rewarding this type of behavior rather then growing it into a professional department.not a single onehad to use signs to show we were on lunch if we stayed in our office...ect ect"

Technician (Former Employee) says

"I worked for this company as an Aircraft Technician for about 3 years. The Technicians are treated like slaves and abused. This companies answer to nearly every problem they encounter or create themselves starts with three words, "have the mechanics...________" (fill in the blank). I saw this company waste literally millions on bad management decisions yet they will make your life miserable if you need something to do your job. As a Technician you will find yourself ever increasingly doing tasks that have nothing to do with your core and most critical duties. I can safely say I was one of their better employees and I corrected many issues with their aircraft and it's documentation while I worked there. The aircraft under my care were left in better condition than I found them. That's a fact. The first day on the job I determined the helicopter was not technically airworthy as I found it. The point is I did a good job for them as an employee, definitely above average with a significantly higher than average productivity percentage. When I voluntarily resigned from the company in good standing, they treated me like a jilted bride and sought to harm me anyway they could, savagely dismissing my work record and contributions as well as the circumstances (personal, family) that caused me to resign. They made significant deductions from my final pay that were essentially unjust and illegal but I could not afford to hire a lawyer to fight this.Lots of job openings at numerous locations across the country.Petty, vindictive, soulless bureuacracy, huge potential liability exposure for Pilots & Techs. Many more cons too numerous to list..."

IT tech (Former Employee) says

"This company is not worth the time. Poor management, no raises, revolving door with employees, Stay away from here."

Pilot (Former Employee) says

"This company is set up so the medical side has authority over the aviation side. Bases open and close frequently and it is easy to find yourself out of a job."