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Abdelkebir Khatibi (11 February 1938 – 16 March 2009) was a prolific Moroccan literary critic, novelist, philosopher, playwright, poet, and sociologist. Affected in his late twenties by the rebellious spirit of 1960s counterculture, he challenged in his writings the social and political norms upon which the countries of the Maghreb region were constructed.

PUBLISHERS WEEKY website wrote a review about Love in Two Languages by Abdelkebir Khatibiç: "Readers may wish that the author had heeded the suggestion he himself voices in his first paragraph: ``The story should stop here, the book close upon itself. Alas, Khatibi, a North African making his English-language debut, plunges instead into a self-indulgent ``meditation (read: no plot and no drama) about the nature of language in general and the peculiar rootlessness of the bilingual in particular--and it has all been said before, more elegantly and more fruitfully. Khatibi succumbs to a fatal fondness for the rhetorical question ``What was it that he wanted? That she should be this abyss between him and himself, in their common language?), which renders his academic phrasing ``I name myself in two languages in unnaming myself; I unname myself in telling my story less ludic than ludicrous"


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