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Aetna Inc. is an American managed health care company that sells traditional and consumer directed health care insurance and related services, such as medical, pharmaceutical, dental, behavioral health, long-term care, and disability plans, primarily through employer-paid (fully or partly) insurance and benefit programs, and through Medicare. Since November 28, 2018, the company has been a subsidiary of CVS Health.

Some of the reviews found in ¨US Insurance Agents¨ agree on the poor coverage and the lack of seriousness, pointing them out as the worst insurance company:

¨I have to switch to Aetna because of work. I have had a heart condition for 13 years. Many years ago my cardiologist prescribed a new medication because the one I was taking wasn't working. In this time period 3 insurance companies paid for it but Aetna denied it asked for documentation from my doctor which he sent, they again denied it saying we need 1 month proof of failure. I guess they want proof that I will dead then okay. Same thing for another medication that because of my resent test results my doctor prescribed again they denied it. For these 2 medications my doctor sent them 100 pages of documentation.¨


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Theresa Levi says

"We just had to switch from Cigna to Aetna because of my husband\'s work. I go to pick up my regular prescription which with Cigna I paid 0 to $15 copay. It doesn\'t prescription that I was picking up is normally $30 copay which I\'m okay with. Aetna wants to charge me $50 saying that it is a tier three medication. They\'re telling me that the same medication at a lower dosage is more formulaic I guess whatever that means. so I have to get my doctor to send me a new prescription for the lower denomination and take more pills than I need to because they decided to charge me so much for my prescription.I am really upset because I don\'t know how many times I\'m going to have to fight them over my other prescriptions and my other medical issues such as needing physical therapy for a I am already thinking about buying my insurance instead of using Aetna because Aetna is absolutely killing my budget."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The company really sucks!!!. They don't provide training or training work material to refer too. Management is anti social and don't know nothing to help you do your job better."

Contractor (Former Employee) says

"CVS/Aetna is by far the worst company to work for they do not care about their employees not even in a pandemic. They also lack professionalism in the way they work with contractors."

Customer Service Manager (CSM) says

"I only work there 8 months and it was the worst working place I have ever work. Management was awful, the work environment was horrible and the pay is out right just sad. A person with real responsibility wouldn’t make it working there. If you was a kid at home and this was your first job, then yes, it perfect for someone with no major responsibilities. It could be a potential good place to work or build a career. Aetna needs a major overhaul of the management staff top down. This was my fist job working in the health care industry and the experience wasn’t a good one. Cons: Pay and work environment"

Utilization Manager (Current Employee) says

"Supervisor was unprofessional and disorganized and exhibited poor communication skills; furthermore, her ethics were highly questionable and she appeared incompetent at times, which management disregarded. HR and upper management were of no help. Overall, the company was disorganized and did not communicate well among departments. Cons: Horrible supervisor and management, poor communication and training"

Consultant (Former Employee) says

"If you want the life sucked out of you for eight and a half years, then this is the place to achieve that success. The restrooms are another topic for another day."

Customer Service Representative for Medicare (Current Employee) says

"Besides dealing with complaining elderly people that may get you fired if they report you to Medicare. No management help, supervisor do not want to take calls, slow rises, CVS is not giving bonuses and to go up the latter is impossible, it has become the typical Inbound call center company driven by CVS and they want to pay less to new hires, so be on the look out. Cons: To many to mention, just read the review."

Claims Benefits Specialist (Former Employee) says

"● Work-life balance"

Utilization Management Nurse (Former Employee) says

"CVS destroyed Aetna. Aetna was a great place to work until CVS took over. Employees are very expendable to CVS. The turn over rate increased and the stock decreased when CVS purchased Aetna. CVS never did what they said they were going to do with the purchase."

CSR - Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"do not work here unless you desperately need a job.............................. Cons: Everything. Training classes went from 100+ down to like 8 before the first phonecall."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Constant layoffs and re-org's. The company moves people around constantly. No clear vision from the management team.Way behind the curve in terms of technology and business practices. Lack of strategic vision, constant changing of strategies with no commitment of follow through. Cons: layoffs, constant re-org's"

Utilization Review Nurse (Current Employee) says

"Management only cares about numbers. They micromanage and will force you to work OT in the 8th hour of your day and they don't care about work/life balance or family obligations. Was just forced to work Friday July 3 'a federal holiday for every other insurance company, but not Aetna'. Management is very disrespectful. There is no communication. Questions go unanswered. Training is Nonexistent. They favor the lazy people who are poor workers but talk a good game. As far as pay goes, I have made more in prior jobs. Took a pay cut to come to this dead end job. There is no room for advancement. Accrued time off has been reduced. Company 401k match has been reduced. Staffing has been reduced. The only thing that has increased is the cost of your health insurance, hours you work, and the work you are expected to do. Do yourself a favor and don't waste your time. I assure you, you will live to regret it. Cons: Every aspect of this place is a con"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Horrible management and they don't care about the hire turnover rate they just continue to hire temps. Huge turn over rate from COO to Supervisors, and try speaking to HR about an issue, and they will just ignore you. The manager plays preferential and borders on the bully side she will overwork you while she makes sure she is out the door by 5 pm. This place aint worth it, so sad that Aetna does not care about their employees"

Account Representative (Former Employee) says

"I had such an awful experience here because practically"

Care Management Associate (Current Employee) says

"This is a company that appears to care about its associates but that seems to be just for face value. This company does not care about their associates unless its of their benefit. Leadership is horrible Pay is horrible Cons: Too many to name"

National Certified Pharmacy Technician (Former Employee) says

"Stay away, power hungry supervisors. Too many buddy buddy boss relationships. Very racist work environment. If you not part of particular race you will never feel welvome. Cons: Do not apply here."

Case Manager (Former Employee) says

"This is not the place you would want to work. Unless the whole chain of management has changed since 2016. They pay the least out of all MCO's and they micro manage. I have been in this field for 8 years and never had I ever become so Depressed as I was working at this MCO."

Health Advocate (Current Employee) says

"If you were former military, sups throws it in your face constantly. Favorites are constant. sup don't check with HR just makes threats all the time."

Claims Benefit Specialist (Current Employee) says

"I was fired from a health company for making an urgent call to a doctors appointment. DO not work here. They fabricated dates and lies to make It seem like I had broken this rule multiple times all because I went to HR on my manager for harassment."

Health Concierge (Former Employee) says

"At aetna they say members first but when it really came down to it, Aetna did not care about really helping its members. And management was not helpful at all. They are vindictive, and truly do not have anyones best interest in mind besides Aetna/cvs"

Patient Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"This place needs a lot of work , the acquisition of our company thru CVS has been one of the most inconsiderate and unorganized that we have ever experienced .The don't care about employees let alone the patients"

Current Employee - Concurrent Review Nurse says

"I have been working at Aetna full-time for more than a year Cons: They demand you work excessive overtime with no compensation. They demand you to work for other state plans, even though your contracts states you only work for your state. They demand you get multiple state licenses, but no reimbursement for those fees and it is not in your contract. None of the management follows policies, guidelines, or state and federal regulations. No matter how much extra work you pick up, you never get a thank you. It is never enough. This is the most hostile work environment, i have ever been in. Alot of staff has had to take leave for medical conditions caused by stress. This is the most abusive corporate situation I have ever seen. It is truly disgusting that the nurses are treated as if they are working in a sweat shop. No break, no lunches, working 16 hours a day, to get screamed at for not doing enough."

Former Employee - Designer says

"I worked at Aetna full-time Cons: If you are considering working here, I highly suggest you look elsewhere. Why? Several reasons..... 1. Upper Leadership has NO IDEA what they're doing. You will be given happy ideas but the leadership in Boston has no idea how anything works in the digital group in Denver. They will spin up meetings pretending to do so. 2. They have this idea of "DesignOps," but nobody in the group knows ANYTHING about actual design nor any actual background in UX. 3. The corporation is CVS and CVS does not care about you. In fact, your benefits through Aetna insurance is abysmal. Ask for details on deductibles and if you have any underlying health issues (you or your family) like terminal or chronic illnesses, they will only provide the lowest quality tech and medicine available. Better off w/ GoodRX and Obamacare. 4. During Covid, while CVS promoted this idea of massive testing and support for the US, they offered ZERO testing support for actual employees. They also said nothing about helping with vaccination. 5. The majority of employees there are just there to collect a paycheck. Do not expect inspiration or positive vibes. 6. SAFe. Look it up."

Current Employee - Provider Relations Representative says

"I have been working at Aetna full-time for more than a year Cons: Poor management Poor Human Resources Horrible communication Back stabbers"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Aetna full-time for more than a year Cons: None at this time. etc etc etc"

Former Employee - Customer Service Consultant says

"I worked at Aetna full-time for more than 10 years Cons: Outsourcing, not much chance of advancement"

Current Employee - Program Coordinator says

"I have been working at Aetna full-time Cons: Disorganized, Poor training, Poor health benefits"

Current Employee - Data Scientist says

"I have been working at Aetna full-time for more than a year Cons: It's a very depressing environment where you can see everyone just trying to fill their 8 hour daily work quota instead of trying to enjoy work and accomplish something. Pushing back on requests and quick senseless analyses are rewarded, whereas digging deeper into problems and trying to improve processes are being punished. There is also very high turnover within the organization which creates gaps in knowledge. Managers that should be helping their direct reports have no expertise in the area or Analytics whatsoever and provide little to no help while avoiding accountability in difficult projects. The health benefits are also not very competitive which is very ironic working in a healthcare insurance company. Your 401k will also start matching after 1 year."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Aetna full-time Cons: management, in ability for honest or any feedback to be taken into consideration"

Former Employee - Manager says

"I worked at Aetna full-time for more than a year Cons: Director and above + corporate level are unnecessary. This creates their prime goal to sustain their position and move up further."

Current Employee - Member Services Representative says

"I have been working at Aetna full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Unclear directions and not following policies"

Barbieneedsmedication says

"First, if you take a commonly used drug; antibiotics, blood pressure meds or Metformin, the coverage is great. But, anything out of the ordinary and you’re up a creek. One of my scripts cost me $146 for 8 pills. Another-the reason for calling Aetna, was a script that was going to cost me $463! I wanted to see if I could request an ‘exception or redetermination’ of coverage (which the booklet says to do). The first time when I was speaking with a woman, in the midst of a sentence-I was totally disconnected. I called back (went through the teleprompts) and was speaking to a woman about my medication issue, and without warning, there was a click and music began playing. Apparently I was put on hold without so much as a ‘hold please.’ Rude!Rude! Rude! I hung up and Will Not call back. Aetna is a Big Company and to subcontract with foreign countries to handle customer care that are incompetent, is an outrage. I will get into another drug plan as soon as I can, and I suggest you do too."

Sean says

"Aetna is incompetent! They don’t know what’s covered In There own plan! You call you get transferred to multiple departments! They are quick to pass you along . And why do we pay for insurance?! Be prepared to spend a significant amount of time on the phone with these jack asses! "

Aetna Sucks says

"They barely cover any drugs, they pay the doctors late, my doctor\'s office said they are the worst insurance plan. Businesses should not use them. "

Blendergod says

"Aetna denies everything, now I c why Aetna ceo is cvs ceo, she and overpaid crooked company chairman, I can’t wait to dump them in September 2021"

Jonathan Singer says

"I had a call with Aetna Teladoc and the Doctor prescribed both medications I regularly take incorrectly. I placed no less than a dozen calls to member services and escalated it to their Resolutions Team. I have recordings of all of my calls to document the lies that Aetna has repeatedly told me about my prescriptions. Five days later, I still do not have the correct prescriptions and do not even have one of them! After escalating to Aetna resolution team, they hung up on me instead of fixing the problem and correcting the lies they have told, and i have on recording. What a disgusting company."

herolevelzero says

"Don't make the mistake of signing up for Aetna! I'm a European expat without alternatives. I need to pay them about $500USD (+500USD from my company) per month for their awful "service" so my current strategy is to only dispute claims over $250 since I end up spending about five to ten hours on getting my rightful claims back (I often do end-up winning in the end). They will do everything within their power to deny your claims and put burden of proof on you even if you follow their process perfectly. A couple of tactics on rotation: - Blanket denials of claims (I think they do this randomly as I can have an identical claim be accepted at one point and denied at another). - Requiring manual copies of claims to be shipped internationally (again, randomly). - Disputing the necessity of a claim over a medical doctor's advice (Who is even making these rebuttals? definitely not a medically trained person!) - Not answering / replying at all. - Extremely non-functional website which is down half of the time (just the claims part), I cannot shake the belief that they do this on purpose. - They also have "dark patterns" everywhere. It is unnecessarily difficult to find information about anything related to payments/claims. I have a personal document with all the required steps which I need to update every once in a while when they """upgrade""" their services. If you are not like me and do have a choice: stay clear."

John Scobie says

"I reside in Thailand, I was a member for a few years until in January this year, I woke up in hospital, yes i paid my own fees. There was some dialogue with Aetna, but it was a waste of time. On the 7th February this year, I sent them 49,000THB to extend cover. Turns out they never applied the cover, i'm fighting to get my money back now"

Albert says

"Poor claims experience - initially claim was denied because I didn't get a stamp in my passport when travelling between UK and Italy when this isn't provided when you trave within the EU, despite providing all other evidence."

Elizabeth says

"My employer outsources their medical leave mechanism to Aetna and mandates that we use them. I opened my claim, submitted the requisite documents, had my surgery, and two weeks after my surgery I was cleared to return to work. I called and went through the automated "return to work" system. It's been over a week and my status is still listed as "pending" on Aetna and my employer is unable to schedule me until Aetna closes the claim. My employer schedules employees weeks in advance and at this point I'm not sure when I will ever be able to return to work since I am now wholly at the mercy of Aetna being able to complete my claim. I've polled other employees across my (large) company and my experience was far from uncommon. It seems to be the norm - rather than the exception - to have claims handled expediently or appropriately. I have great respect for my employer and I cannot believe they continue to do something as irresponsible as use Aetna for something so critical as leave management."

Kathleen Hulser says

"Horrifying incompetence and malevolence. Aetna defrauds its so-called customers by denying them every kind of service every day, all day. Their pharmacy fails to fill prescriptions, fails to ship them, fails to remedy their mistakes, but always, always remembers to charge hideous amounts for cheap meds. Their denial of coverage is a default position: this is not an insurance company, it is a medical racketeering and extortion outfit. Aetna puts the Mafia to shame, because they have enlisted the authority of the state and the courts to enforce their barbaric practices. Every person I have talked to there tells lies over the phone, and then on second attempt to fix things blames you for the information the company's idiotic representatives supplied. Meanwhile, rarely do doctors or qualified people are make decisions: it's all in the hands of Aetna employees with no degrees, little or faulty training and a code of extreme hostility to the policy holder. They should not be allowed to donate to the politicians who protect their racket. Hope this company goes bankrupt and Medicare for all comes in. No government agency could do a worse job than they do. The real question is why do Americans tolerate this trampling and abuse? Oh, right, we have no other choice (all in the name of private enterprise, where fattening off the sickness and death of others is a national pastime)."

Shooby says

"About to enter February and still no ID cards. (Signed up in December) Attempt #1 : (Aetna) You can go to our site and print out a temporary card. (Me): I don't have access to a printer can you mail them? (Aetna) : You can go to our site and print out a temporary card. (Me) Please read my e-mail, I DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO A PRINTER! (Aetna) Your cards will be mailed shortly, in the meantime feel free to go to our website and print your cards. Attempt#2 (3 weeks later) (Aetna) Your cards were mailed (15 days ago) (Me): Still don't have them, please mail again. (Aetna):Your cards will be mailed shortly, in the meantime feel free to go to our website and print your cards. UGH!!! Nothing but a bunch of cookie cutter replies! They don't read your messages! A billion dollar company that wont print my cards and wants me to!!"

Carol Tittman says

"Recently changed to a direct Medicare Plan F through AETNA. I initiated this through a Justin Ballock ,Senior Market Quotes. Everything went wrong with the billing, of course, these insurance companies are soo SLEAZY. I instructed Justin that I wanted a bill on a monthly basis, NO CHECKING ACCOUNT TO BE LINKED at this time. This policy is on a 1-3 month TRIAL, until everything goes smoothly, or as I like to say “SANS BUMP or BRUISES”. Of course, received a bill for 3 months, had to call AETNA, took hours, days, to have this FAUX PAS corrected, received bill, paid it in a timely manner. Now what AETNA did was link this checking account from my first check payment and took it upon themselves to EFT money out of my checking account, WITHOUT MY PERMISSION for the next month’s payment. AETNA, these call centers have been reported to the appropriate Bureaus, Agencies in my Capital, Washington, DC. USA."

Amy C. says

"App doesn't work right and the insurance is awful."

Elizabeth Granate says

"I tried going back to my original policy of Aetna Secondary Health Insurance on a Trial Right basis. Was told it's not accessible. I did have a good policy with Aetna Plan G, then tried something different and couldn't get it back. An underwriter told me I should be able to do so through Trial Right. I guess others thought differently. I now have Amerivantage Classic HMO. So far ok. Will see how long it takes for my kit and I'D."

Dolly Gelsleichter says

"Signed up for Aetna Medicare Advantage plan. I am retired and was told I would get $400 reimbursement for dental. So we called Aetna and they told us my dentist took Medicare so put in a claim and was denied, so appealed. It is now June 25, 2020. Saw the dentist January 27, 2020. Disappointed."

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