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AdMob is a mobile advertising company founded by Omar Hamoui. The name AdMob is a portmanteau for "advertising on mobile". It was incorporated on April 10, 2006 while Hamoui was in business school at Wharton. The company is based in Mountain View, California. In November 2009, it was acquired by Google for $750 million. The acquisition was completed on May 27, 2010. Apple Inc.

Yohan Wadia shared his angry opinion "AdMob customer service is by far the worst ever. They have to stop banning user accounts for no reason. They have been wrong on so many counts, it just will make you wonder which primary school student is giving them info to make such horrendous decisions. Their high handedness is handling cases, they keep giving copy paste client servicing replies, won't own up to it being their fault, and leave you in a lurch absolutely unbothered. This is a black spot on Google. They keep sending you emails with warnings about stuff you haven't even dreamed of doing. Saying absolutely shady stuff like "asking your family to click on ads for you is an invalid activity" What will I earn out of that, 25cents after a 1000clicks? Do you think my 80yr old granny has the energy to keep clicking something for 1000times? AdMob never has the courage to accept they've made a mistake and they may have collected some invalid data without considering all of the circumstances. And if you try to draw their attention to that, they give you a deaf ear. It is really sad, for such an amazing product. The attitude sucks big time."


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Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"Telus Sucks did not enjoy work atmosphere. Management very bad at communicating with staff. Facility decent. Work place is uncomfortable to work in so yea"

Store Operator (Former Employee) says

"Google only cares about profit and the same political outlook. If you think differently your ignored or talked bad about. Never will anything positive about fbi founded corporationNoneAll"

Senior Manager - New Product Introduction (Former Employee) says

"They purchased Motorola, isolated us, kept the patents and sold us as soon as they could. We were never Google, we were the red headed stepchild. You could tell they did not want us."

Process Developer/ Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Very bad local Management, they are not worth but act like it's their own organization. Supress, insult and dominate subordinates. The managers are not worth a paise. Too much INDIANISM & COMPLEXITY. FAKE CROWD, no work culture only fake attitideBetter job outsideDo not work under INDIAN PEOPLE, They have their own complexity."

Project Management (Current Employee) says

"Dont let this place fool you. They do not care about the mental health of their employees. - Managers micromanage - Managers do not and will not have your back - Managers will take credit for your accomplishments - Managers definitely show favoritismKPIs and the dogsWeak managers"

Program Consultant, Google Expeditions (Former Employee) says

"The population is mostly young white guys who seem autistic and over value themselves. Many of the jobs are task based so there's no thinking out of the box, no critical thinking or room for creativity. There are sooo many employees. In real life any other company would consolidate employees. They have 20 employees doing tasks that really only one person can do. Tech people are spoiled and feel over accomplished for the most simple things. A public school teacher does more in one day than any Google employee does in one month.Free everythingLong hours, working weekends, working evenings, arrogant tech bros creating the culture."

Software Engineer (contractor) says

"None I was a software contractor there twice (GoogleX and Google Pay). Google doesn't care about contractors. Contractor job specifications are narrowly defined so don't worry about attending meetings because they don't care what you have to say. Just do your job, eat, and go home. You get none of the benefits that regular employees get. Hourly pay may be equal but no stocks or bonuses obviously. You don't get to participate in group activities. Keep in mind you are not one of them, you're a short timer (< 1yr contract). No prospect for conversion either. Do it for the money and your resume. BTW, Google doesn't like it when you say on your resume you worked there even if you are neck deep in a Google project and working/sitting with Google co-workers. I just add "contractor at Google" to my title."

Chrome OS Engineering Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Bad management,,,, no leadership .... no guidance ... impossible expectations. They expect a person to read the mind of the manager ... the manager needed to clone himself and do the job himself."

Contractor (Former Employee) says

"Its fun to work there but remember you will lose the sense of your belongings outside of google. No work life balance. Over all not recommended with people with family."

Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"I do not work for Google, I work for Allied Universal. Google is Allied's client. Google chose security companies that they want to work in their building. Allied Universal was selected by Google. Allied Universal hires the security officers to work in the Google building."

Sourcer/Recruiter (Former Employee) says

"I was a contractor at Google with exceptional metrics every quarter. When it was my time to convert to a full time employee, none of that mattered. It was unfortunate to say the least."

Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"The conditions were not safe management was a joke. OSHA was call and they cut our hrs, and trying to get relocated for more hours they refused to even try to work with us"

Construction (Current Employee) says

"If the title doesn't say it all, then you get what you deserve. Chase the carrot, until you realize you will never catch it. That's how it works. No training, no culture, no trust, no one cares. Good luck."

Mechanical Design Engineer (Contract) says

"Management at Google has very low regard for anyone who comes in as a contractor. Very low percentages of people will get converted into a direct position, regardless of the quality of your work. In addition, if you work as a contractor, they will not allow you to have the information that you need to do your job. You will also not be allowed to attend meetings to discuss the information that you need. The smartest thing that you can do is just avoid the company altogether, unless they offer you a direct position with good pay and benefits for the area where you are located. Otherwise, you will never get it later on.noneeverything"

ad consultant (Former Employee) says

"Hated working here. boring sad unhappy bad money weird hours unprofessional dirty racist rude repetition people drink at work managers swear on the floorpartiesall"

withheld (Former Employee) says

"Dangles conversion promises in front of you to work you to the bone. Never follows through with conversion promise. A revolving door for temps, vendors and contractors."

None yet (Current Employee) says

"It is amazing to me that a multi billion dollar company has zero control over its employees. They are rude, and act like they can treat consumers how ever they want - which is usually like a arrogant immature employee - or a hacker that could care less about others because they have never interacted with others in society - because they are so consumer with being on a computer, hacking, or playing video games. AKA no personality, no class, no soul. This is the world online and tech has grown. I cant imagine what will happen to the world in the years to come - when every employee that works at a tech company can treat consumers without respect.noneArrogant, narcissistic, socially inept employees."

Forefront Identity Manager (Former Employee) says

"Complete and utter bias, toxic, I would avoid, pays little, works you 60 hours a week with constant corporate propaganda. No respect for the individual, all about teh agenda.NooneAvoid aty all costs"

Hayward - Store Operator (Former Employee) says

"don't care about the employees, only their numbers of reaching goals and what not. wouldn't recommend anyone to join google if you guys are interested."

Customer Service Agent (Current Employee) says

"Workload wasn't that much but was pushed on the shoulders of few coworkers and the others sat around and did nothing. All the work and ideas that were given were credited to the wrong people.Too relaxingNo one does their job."

John says

"They canceled my ads for no reason. No contact support. Probably the worst platform on the planet."

Henry says

"Spend $2000 on ads on facebook and google ads. Make $90 and get twice band on Ad serving is limited for something total out of my controle. Cant base any busness on Admob"

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