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Action is an, originally Dutch, international discount store-chain, owned by the British private-equity fund 3i. It sells low budget, non-food and some food products with long shelf lives. Action operates stores in seven countries — Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Austria, Luxembourg and Poland. As of 2012, Action is operating more than 1,000 stores and employing more than 38,000 employees.

A disappointed customer shares his experience on Yelp, * THUD * What's falling down there? It's Action. Falls off its pedestal for a moment. From 5 to 1 asterisk. I'm all done with that cheap crap! If I buy a trash can for €25, it is already broken after 2 months. I go back they say "That is not factory damage, but user damage, we cannot do anything about it". I respond "So is it normal that your bins break after normal use after 2 months?". It wasn't, but it was up to me. What nonsense. Nice service. Then I bought a bicycle lock for my girlfriend. After 1 rain shower, it was completely rusted. What a mess! It is not for nothing that those people are impossible to reach by telephone and do not respond to emails at all. I don't think they even have a complaints department at Action. If it is broken you can buy a new one. Something like that."


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Current Employee - Class A Truck Driver says

"I have been working at Action full-time Cons: Favoritism, disorganized, poor old junk equipment..."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Action full-time Cons: Bad pay, starvation wages, lack of work, just needing on call drivers. It cost them nothing for you to sit at home or on the road. Because if they need you, well you'll be desperate and haul anything anywhere."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Action full-time for more than 10 years Cons: Upper management does nothing positive. The only thing they are good at is lies. Poor management style, skills, and knowledge of their own jobs. Which means they hire others to do their jobs and makes the company TOP heavy. This company has went down hill in the last 2 years. I often wonder when the doors will be shut for good. To be honest it would not surprise me in the least. If they don't fix it soon that very well could be the case."

Former Employee - Office says

"I worked at Action full-time for less than a year Cons: Lies, Lies, Lies. Deceptive business practices. If saying you're a Christian company absolves you of your many sins- this is your place. They drum into your head to lie to customers and agents. Office environment is hostile, there is a lot of yelling, throwing tantrums, cussing out drivers and dispatchers. A shady business."

Current Employee - Company Driver says

"I have been working at Action full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Get used to lack of Communication almost secretive. Rate reduction is new norm. Local (clt) no interaction with drivers. Peanut rate loads. Multiple day dispatch that should deliver same day or next. Most loads preloaded. If you deliver m/t trailer no pay, but bobtail they penalize. Rate reductions not communicated to drivers unless drivers questions rate. Rates reduced but fuel surcharges increased, means nothing to co drivers"

Driver says

"I worked at Action for less than a year Cons: Where do I start? Pay horrible! Go work for McDonalds. You'll make much, much more! Good home time, really? This is a joke, it has to be! The only thing that kept me from losing everything was my savings! Which thanks to this sorry company we have none now! Don't believe a word they put out there. It's all a crock!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Action full-time Cons: gone all week for 500 or 600 just don't get it"

Current Employee - Driver says

"I have been working at Action full-time for less than a year Cons: Too many inconsistencies between what you're told and what's reality. Equipment (trucks, trailers, tanks, etc) are poorly maintained - a very BAD situation for a company that deals in transporting hazardous materials. Dry rotted brake lines, leaking air bags, filthy trucks (inside and out!), check engine lights, damaged and defective hookups, this is NOT a safe company. They acquire equipment from other companies that they've purchased, but do nothing to maintain the equipment on a regular basis or as proactive measures. They have knowingly put defective equipment back on the road. The Charlotte terminal is over-ridden with shoddy equipment and people with a lackadaisical approach to insuring drivers are given safe equipment. This endangers their drivers and EVERYBODY on the road with them!"


"I have been working at Action Cons: they bought our successful company and of the 150 trucks we had there are 3 original truckers left. they're hiring new people inn at 47cpm over us when our rate is 41cpm"

OTR Hazmat Driver says

"I have been working at Action for less than a year Cons: No consistency in loads, unorganized, favoritism, company driver get scrap while owners get cherries!"

Slave (Current Employee) says

"She will tell you it’s $12 hr but you can make $20 hr. LIES. Cons: The manager"

Quality Control Administrator (Former Employee) says

"My first position was as an appointment-setter. I excelled. I was shortly promoted to a new position where I was asked to assist one of the managers as the Quality Control Administrator. A typical day at work included listening to the calls made by the agents, scoring the quality of their calls, advising the agents of their performance & creating reports for management. I was also asked to create a Training Manual for the agents, a Product Knowledge Manual and a Job Description Manual describing the details of my job. Cons: None"

Tele Sales Rep. (Former Employee) says

"Start at 2pm off at 8 pm allot of down time to read and study if you can multi task VERY well, strick management revolving coworkers. Rejection is the hardest part but the commission is good. Cons: no advancement low incentive"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"This place had a negative vibe the whole day throughout the work day. Manager and owners were real uptight and irrational. Everyone seemed to mope around."