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ACCU TRAK knurling tools and knurl holders are manufactured to extremely high standards from premium alloy tool steels. We have the largest stock of circular and diametral pitch knurls in both inch and metric sizes available for immediate shipment. Special knurls including attachment style dies as well as spline rolling dies can be made to your exact specifications.


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Inventory SpecialistAuditor (Former Employee) says

"Promises are made but never kept. Always said whatever needed to be said to keep you happy. It was awsome to begin with. Never there when you need them.A different place everyday.Lets employees do whatever they want."

Auditor (Former Employee) says

"You use your own vehicle to travel without vehicle compensation. The job is tedious and the hours vary. Long days, and the pay is too low for the work required.Out of office settingPay and hours."

Business development Manager for Africa (Former Employee) says

"Challenges allow me to use my initiative, leadership ability and communication skills towards the successful completion of any project and I am very dedicated to my work. I am quality orientated, can work independently, as part of a team and can function under pressure. I am willing to give total support to the organization that will give me the opportunity, with the experience and capability that I have, in order to achieve organization’s goals and create mutual benefits."