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Accor S.A. is a French multinational hospitality company that owns, manages and franchises hotels, resorts and vacation properties. It is the single largest hospitality company in Europe, and the sixth largest worldwide.Accor operates in 100 countries, with more than 4,800 hotels and 280,000 employees worldwide. Its total capacity is approximately 704,000 rooms. Accor owns and operates brands that cover every segment of hospitality, such as luxury segment (which includes Raffles, Fairmont and Sofitel), premium segment (which includes MGallery, Pullman and Swissôtel), midscale segment (which includes Novotel, Mercure and Adagio) and economy segment (which includes ibis and hotelF1). Accor also owns companies specialized in digital hospitality and event organization, such as onefinestay, D-Edge, ResDiary, John Paul, and Potel & Chabot.

Christine angrily mentioned, "Disgusting stance. In the midst of a global pandemic and with the Australian Government not allowing overseas travel at this time, Accor is refusing to refund. We made the booking pre-pandemic in February 2020 with travel for September 2020. We notified them of the need to cancel in April and they have had months to deal with it. Still saying no refund and credit voucher only. Get with the times and REFUND customers like every other hotel, airline, tour, etc. My countries Government has a TRAVEL BAN in place. I literally can not stay at the hotel. I think that is a good enough reason to refund me."


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Cafe Manager (Former Employee) says

"Company is filled with group of barking dogs who knows how to get treats and follow orders. No brains to create something new. Specially people at higher rankings no common sense at all. Believe me!I worked for 9 months could not find one.Can’t fit all but racial profiling is the main."

Night Auditor (Current Employee) says

"Salaire très bas pour un travail de nuit beaucoup de tâches à faire . Peu de reconnaissance . Pas de prime comme promis ...."

Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"Unless you are British don't bother to apply. This department is run by an old fashioned lady who is treating all other nationalities different. All the time understaffed and continuous harassment to do more and efficient. The office gets cleaned like 2 or 3 times a year. Managers don't help at all when someone is missing or on holiday, they simply give more tasks to team members creating an hostile environment."


"Not a good experience and not recommended. Huge staff churn Unnecessary pressure on staff Unprofessional working environment Would not recommend .........."

Contrôleur Hygiène et Qualité et sécurité (Former Employee) says

"pas a la heuteur de l'entreprise en terme d'évolution ainsi que le travail"

Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"Avoid if you can, never had such a horible management and is a joke honestly. Been forced to clean rooms as being hired as receptionist, harrased by supervisor, management did nothing.."

Empfangsmitarbeiterin / Rezeptionistin (Former Employee) says

"Sehr schlechte Geschäftsführung. Geschäftsleitung hetzt Mitarbeiter gegeneinander auf. Viele Überstunden bei schlechter Bezahlung."

Service petit déjeuner (Former Employee) says

"Na pas du tout aimé la pire de toutes mes expériences etais celle ci"

Multi Skilled Team Member (Current Employee) says

"Very underpaid for the role, staff can be very rude and uncaring, management... what management??? Very hard and stressful environment with no support from anyone. Underpaid & overworked"

Recepcionistas (Former Employee) says

"Um lugar horrível pra trabalhar, muita pressão por parte da gerência e hóspedes, salários pouco atrativos e poucas oportunidades de crescimento, apesar de ser uma rede grande."

teknik (Former Employee) says

"10 yıllık çalışanlara bile neredeyse asgari ücrete yakın ödemeler yapılıyor. prim vs yok. ellerinden gelse yakacak bayram yardımı dahi yapmayacaklar"

Maintenance (Former Employee) says

"When I interviewed for a Maintenance position, my manager told me not to bother with Sebel, I'd be better of elsewhere. He was a good boss, and the only reason I stayed as long as I did, which ended up being 8 months of wasted time. During the first month, another staff member resigned and left in tears after being bullied out by management. The GM then started a rumor about another staff member being pregnant, only to put her on salary when the rumor got around. This staff member is now going on maternity leave, leaving the GM looking pretty silly. My hours were cut from 4 days to 2, soon after my wife made a complaint the GM about her treatment. My manager helped me out by making my days set, so I could do other work, but the GM changed my days for no reason. When I asked my manager why my days were being changed, he said it was the GM. When I asked the GM, I was flat out lied to, as she said she never changes the roster. The next day I witnessed The GM and the assistant manager, changing the rosters. The final straw was when the GM expected me to go back to 4 days when my manager resigned. After owning and operating my own Accomodation business for 5 years, I honestly can't believe how this place is run. Staff are a businesses most valuable asset. Without good staff, things will fall apart, as Sebel Pinacle Valley Resort is provingNice locationPoor management."

Kitchen porter (Former Employee) says

"Couldn’t say one good thing about this place, the management is awful, the staff treat you with no respect. Always being massively underpaid, no one doing there jobs properly. The cleanliness is just absolutely disgusting and nothing will ever change, Reheated staff Dinner , the meals they send out are not worth the money the customers pay for , lift had been broken for months meaning staff hadto being heavy stock and up and down the stairs and the housekeeper had to bring their heavy linen up and down the stairs absolutely everything about this place is bad!"

Head Chef (Former Employee) says

"Honestly, if you want genuine work/life balance and a rewarding career, AVOID these guys. Maybe I just got unlucky, but literally worst Company I've ever worked for! They show 0 appreciation for ANYTHING you do and will not get a “Thank you”, there is not a “TQ” vision at all from the top managers to the hotel level . Shelfish management , unhonest , unprofessional, uninspiring. “LEADING BY EXAMPLE” - none of them has been trained that way ... they r just make u feel awfull to work for them or just to put them on ur reference ! A few things u need to know b4 u wanna go there : 1.SLAVE LABOUR / UNREALISTIC MARGINS !!!! 2.NO WORK LIFE BALANCE 3. ALWAYS CUTTING HOURS , OTHER MANAGERS HAVE ACCESS TO UR ROTAS AND CAN CUT AND CHANGE THE HOURSE WITHOUT NOTICE. 4.40hrs CONTRACT BUT U’LL DO ABOUT 65(free of charge) 5.ALWAYS UNDER STAFF 6. NO DEVELOPMENT , IN HOUSE OR OUTSIDEits hard to find onelong hours, management, pay, morals, no support and lied to about bonus and much more"

copeira (Former Employee) says

"ambiente não agradável direção omissa foge das responsabilidades culpando pessoas inocentes para omitir pessoas negligênteBomfalta de tempero"


"Management improbable et harcèlement moral et j'en passe. Turn over est leur mode de fonctionnement surtout des directeurs qui se prennent pour des rois . La devise est d'exploiter le maximum les étrangers avec un salaire de misere. Les conditions de travail sont déplorables ex: les femmes de chambres sont payées au nombre de chambres . Je vous déconseille fortement sinon vous allez laisser votre peau."

Réceptionniste (Former Employee) says

"L'hôtellerie est un secteur qui demande de la flexibilité. Le management et les avantages liés à la franchise Accor qui m'a employé en ferati fuir plus d'un. Pratiquement tous les employés sont partis, turnover important y compris les directeurs (4 directeurs en 6 ans) sur un ouverture d'un nouvel établissement. A éviter.aucun"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Le groupe 25hours dont Accor est participataire est un très mauvais employeur. Le directeur et sa directrice adjointe sont des menteurs."

Events Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Mercure Holland House Cardiff - I left after 6 months due to the poor work culture, the constant change in staff and management - plus the over arching negative attitude of management. No training or guidance - but the world is expected of you."

Adjointe de direction (Former Employee) says

"Aucune reconnaissant envers ses collaborateurs... Je ne recommande pas entreprise."

Ma S says

"Their program doesn't allow you to use accor points for hotel booking until you choose the higher amount. For instance, you find a room at X hotel for $100 per night, and you are expecting that you can use your points to make the booking, however, after reaching the payment section, it appears that you can't use your points until you upgrade/choose the higher amount, which is almost double $190 per night for the same room and same hotel. They are trying to make it justifiable to choose for the higher amount and use your points, which provide free cancellation, or breakfast, but I am not gonna pay $90 + taxes for a breakfast at 3.5 starts hotel. What the heck...I also don't want breakfast. Besides, you cannot use all your points at once. You are only allowed to use 2000/4000/6000/ and so on. So if you have 5,900 points then good luck, you can only use 4000 points. This is really the weirdest and most scammable loyalty program."

Sam White says

"sofitel Heathrow terminal 5 covid package I recently took advantage of the overnight Sofitel hotel accomodation deal that included a covid test by another company with a desk in the hotel lobby under the name HALO even though Sofitel under their disclaimer insist HALO are an independent 3rd party the Sofitel front desk staff handle the covid test kits and are well versed in the procedure assisting customers like me arriving at check in for the test. the test kits are sent to a lab for overnight analysis with the results expected early in the morning to enable people to travel with a covid result and printable certificate to download if required to show authorities. due to an error in the lab the test had to be rerun which resulted in my receiving the covid result at 2pm. my 11am flight was therefore cancelled and I lost 1000.00 sterling as the ticket was non refundable as well as holiday accomodation booked and extras including the hotel package 199.00 and travel to and from Heathrow from home the whole experience was abysmal and left a bad taste in one's mouth other distraught passengers in the lobby included 2 women who missed their Christmas flight and holiday to Tenerife as well as a couple travelling to Zagreb. the hotel sent us an apology but neglected to offer any kind of recompense or refund. I was contemplating boarding the flight and hoping the covid all clear result would get emailed before I landed in Africa but transiting thru Belgium would also mean covid isolation on returning to these shores not to mention 2 weeks quarantine on arrival in Gambia without producing a covid clear certificate. for anyone contemplating the Sofitel hotel test package be warned of the inherent danger involved both financially and mental well-being"

Neil Mcguigan says

"Disappointing to see you policy for Covid 19 cancellation is not flexible . Booked a hotel at Bordeaux airport in 2020, which I now don't need though do need a one night stay in Bergerac instead , can't believe a group your size can not accommodate a change of hotel from one ibis style to another ibis style . Very disappointing and very poor service. All other travel companies during covid have shown compassion , flexibility and the desire to support there customers. We will definitely not be using your group ever again ."

Sanjiv Harduwar says

"The site will not accept a hyphen in my email address. Accor is a global brand and your website in this regard is disappointing. Had to use a secondary email to be able to book."

HELEN says

"Very frustrating site. Have to enter dates and destination several times in a row. SEE RATES button in choose your room area doesn't give you the pricing until you go back to the original hotel site. grrr"

MB says

"Absolute disgrace. Booked a hotel and due to Covid needed to cancel. I had chosen the flexible option which allowed me to cancel three days in advance and they took the money from my account.Fine so far.I cancelled fully nine days before I was due to arrive at the hotel, it is now eleven days and still no money returned to me. I telephoned customer service (an oxymoron) by all accounts they have to contact the hotel directly who then will contact me!!!! (Still waiting) Nowhere on the site or in the App does this information appear. I have been a customer for years and have a loyalty card (worthless). Poor beyond belief. Do not book with these charlatans."

Happy Mum! says

"As a single mom and main financial care taker of my father, we plan our vacations way in advance, and save up for them. I booked a stay with ibis Styles London Excel January 2020 for our short stay in July 2020 for EUR 834,83. I always book through - this time, I thought, let me book directly with the hotel so they don’t have to pay commission and I’ve stayed there previously. During July, London went on lockdown, the borders were closed. The hotel was closed, borders closed, flights cancelled, travel stopped. I contacted the hotel who were, beyond rude and not cooperative that the borders had been closed due to COVID. I made a reasonable proposal to either move our stay to next year, or refund our stay so we can return when we are able to after the borders are open. They refused. Behaved unreasonably and utterly abused their power as a hotel chain. I can do nothing! As a single mother, main provider, I was responsible in my planning. However, I failed in placing my trust in Accor hotels to be ethical and a genuine hospitality company. Accor has gravely abused their power, a major hospitality chain claiming to be in the hospitality business while leaving their customers outside in the cold with no regard to them as people. They refused to refund me, while they were unable to deliver services to accommodate my stay. They are in breach of their own contract, they refuse to cater to their customers and do the right thing. I, myself, have worked 10 years in different hotel chains, never ever have I experienced a company this unethical, and a brand that would abuse its power to this extend towards their customers. I would be ashamed of being the CEO or CFO of this company. You are responsible for robbing thousands of people from precious family time, and finances they have worked hard for, saved for and you just steal them to make your bonus."

Ciaran Brooks says

"the price guarantee is a joke. Both times I've tried they have denied and the rate has miraculously changed on the competitor's website after making the request. Cannot trust them. Oh well, I'll just book somewhere else."

josh says

"If you are a frequent traveller Accor is a totally uesless program compared to hyatt, hilton or marriott. IN march of this year DURING COVID peakin the my reward points points expired . they did not extend points then. amazing !! Also very few real benefits to elite members. one year expiry of points is also the worst i have seen in any program. Why give your business to a ocmpany who doesnt care about you"

Camilo Jiménez says

"The room was good but I don't understand why I cannot leave my baggage for a couple of hours, I cannot see the relationship with Covid. Thanks to that I couldn't enjoy my day in the City, terrible service"

cwash says

"its alright.... better than having to use other sites but yeah that doesn't mean its great"

stan cutcliffe says

"Overall I have found I is staff at hotels to be helpful and the rooms up to expectations. But let down by the booking app spent 6hrs on and off trying to cancel a room booking which no doubt I’ll be charged for. It the site seems to think I’m a robot when I try to cancel the room. Tried on a phone laptop and tablet. Then tried to register a complaint via there website I cant get past the mandatory field boxes which were blank so I would be guessing as to what this was"

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