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Aareal Bank AG is an international company listed on the MDAX index with headquarters in Wiesbaden, Germany, which traded as DePfa Deutsche Bau- und Boden Bank AG and formed part of the DePfa Gruppe until 2002.

An anonymous former Aereal Bank employee recounts his experience working in the company on the "Glassdoor" website on November 29, 2016: A very disappointed employee shares his frustrating experience on, "Aareal pretends to have "international" work culture but behind this face in real it is very local hard "German" and allows a lot of discrimination from the local old German back-office employees, what is tolerated by HR. During the recruitment process they help foreign candidates with language and provide documents in English but once on board, you have no help anymore but a feeling of being a second-class work force with no career perspectives which are reserved only for locals. The HR in its majority is also non-English speaking so there are a lot of people disappointed after a short period of time being shocked with treatment and general obstruction from German speaking employees. It is not unusual to hear on the meetings that this is a German company and if you do not speak a language, you are a problem. The recent immigration issues in Germany significantly increased hostility against foreign employees in the bank. The mid level management is there since years in place without change and career channels are virtually blocked. There is completely no creativity expected or promoted. If you are a foreigner, you should seriously consider before joining Aareal Bank whether you are prepared to adopt to the local work culture and for sure not join without having at least good German language skills. If you are of a different religion or ethnicity, do not join. This is not an international company, despite its business interest in a few other countries."


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