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The Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP) is the biggest and longest-running professional beach volleyball tour in the United States. Founded in 1983, the AVP is headquartered in Newport Beach, California. The AVP operates as a 3-tiered development system with AVPFirst, a youth program; AVPNext, a developmental circuit; and the AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour itself.

The p1440/AVP controversy According to Volley Talk there is a controversy regards players should be allowed to play in both tours/event series/exihibitions¨

A former member of the club said in a review for the same website: Without bashing either Donald Sun/AVP or Kerri Walsh/p1440, I’d like to take a poll of my fellow posters. There seems to be conflicting reports that some of the players were denied permission to p1440 while others were granted permission. With permission granted were many stipulations placed upon the athletes...Stipulations I’d rather not get into, due to the fact I don’t want to possibly state false news.

I don’t believe letting all the athletes that wanted to play was going to hurt the AVP brand. Only enhance both brands. Thus grow the sport. The sponsors of these athletes would get double exposure. I can’t imagine a players sponsor not wanting their athlete front & center as much as possible in their gear. Reading the article above it certainly appears that p1440 has aligned itself with the FIVB, and if the rumor is true and all 4 P1440s events are FIVB’ in early 2019, this may really force the hand in letting these players play. It is only going to make our core players stronger, the more they compete against the international players.

Just curious if everyone here would like to see more AVP players at these other events?


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