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ASML Holding N.V. is a Dutch company and currently the largest supplier in the world of photolithography systems for the semiconductor industry. The company manufactures machines for the production of integrated circuits. The company is a component of the Euro Stoxx 50 stock market index. The photolithography machines manufactured by ASML are used in the production of computer chips.

A disturbed employee writes " I would never work for a non US owned company again because of how you are made to feel with ASML as your boss. They devalue you and your worth because you are from the US. They treat Americans as second class citizens, you are used, disrespected and then thrown to the curb. Their work ethic is so out of line with the USA. Watch ASML make billions of profit and you are left with no home life, and health issues brought on by lack of management support."


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management. Favoritism. Good old boys club."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management is always absent yet also overbearing. They never care when you do well and will always find a way not to give a raise and give out a poor review. This has led to the loss of a few really excellent people. During the quarantine, all office people worked from home but anyone in the fab was left to do things just the same. ASML never did anything to help us. We never received support for disinfecting work areas. We never had social distancing even in the subfab, outside of the gown. We never even received acknowledgement for coming into work during this time. Office people received a special billing code for working from home that was "if your kid bugs you, clock the hour and get paid." When our customer's fab gave out a bonus to anyone who still worked onsite, ASML did NOTHING for their working people. I have never felt so expendable. The pay is not worth it. Most other tech companies pay the same. They would rather work you to death."

Current Employee - Technician says

"They don't plan anything out. This shift has been going on for over a year and they can't figure out that they need to provide support for the night shift. They preach getting everything done on time but yet when production comes to a standstill they give you lip for not getting the work done. They have their heads so far up their butt it's unbelievable. Try not to work for the 24/7 schedule nights because it's terrible"

Current Employee - Product Manager says

"Chaos working environment & high employee turn rate. Very racist environment if you are not Chinese or from Netherlands"

Former Employee - Design Engineer says

"-Management expects engineers to work 10 hours/day in office + work from home in weekend. -Poor managers and team leaders are leading project team of engineers which results in delay of project, poor quality of product and stresses in team. -Not sufficient technical resources to complete project with in time. -High turn over of engineers. -Complex and unclear processes and procedures; No training for processes and no ownership culture. -No work life balance due to the long stressful hours in office. -Profit sharing is no longer same(%) all across board. It's less to bottom level employee and more for managers."

Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Wilton management are puppets and followers of Veldhoven team.Management need to reflect high tech company environment.Develop and implement best HR policiesLithography equipment for semiconductor industry No competitionSenior management and team steal ideas and others work, (This can be confirmed by talented people who left this company.), Pay is less, Some managers are useless and worthless, No career development opportunities"

Engineering Technician (Current Employee) says

"If you are going to hire somebody for only contractor, then give that person part time instead of full time so that person has the time to go job hunting. Also most managers don't take contractors seriously and use them like slaves and kick them out whenever they feel like it , so it makes sense to give them 20 to 30 hours right?"

Service Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"very stressful job and they look down upon you. It’s not worth the salary you get paid. Small office and you are expected to do everything and no appreciation for anything you doNoneAlot"

Optical coating (Former Employee) says

"The manager at optical alignment is very sadistic and cruel. He needs to retire and be at the mental institution. His immigrant minion is crazy too. I felt like i was working at mental asylum rather than company.Nasty psychotic manager"

Engineering Project Team Lead (Former Employee) says

"German culture has crept into what "Cymer" and has ruined a very good US company, I did not like the changes during the transition period many of the old original Cymer people left the company,Nonethey took a way the innovative culture"

Production Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Low training percentage arrangement for employees. Always asking Engineers overtime for evening and weekend. Arrange high salary and training for specific person. Working content is not match with end of year expectation. Team leaders and senior Engineer bully new hire employees. Conflict instruction from management lunchlow salary and lack technical training"

Logistics analyst (Former Employee) says

"3轮面试(2轮电话&1轮现场英语测试&面试)通过后&背调&上家公司薪资流水审核OK后,才开始和部门主管商定定薪,薪资不符合候选人(所有资料审核已通过)要求。后来决定还是去这家公司,但公司(中国区招聘负责人)Derek搞小动作,引起候选人和部门领导负面情绪,最终没给offer(原话:说要面候选人以外的其他人,如果部门主管回头想起候选者的好,再来找她当然薪资不变)。此岗位Logistics analyst为第三方两年任期合同工,前后浪费一个月时间。"

Sr Payroll Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I would never work for a non US owned company again because of how you are made to feel with ASML as your boss. They devalue you and your worth because you are from the US. They treat Americans as second class citizens, you are used, disrespected and then thrown to the curb. Their work ethic is so out of line with the USA. Watch ASML make billions of profit and you are left with no home life, and health issues brought on by lack of management support."

Mechanical Engineer (Former Employee) says

"-Chaos in each team I worked for 5-6 different projects over 3 years. -Too many projects, not enough time, and a mistaken belief that more hours from engineers lead to faster development. This combined with extremely aggressive program managers leads to over-worked and stressed engineers. -Unstable / immature product delivered to high end customers resulting in constant escalations. - Too many processes and controls resulting in a very political work environment instead technical. - Finger pointing and blaming culture seen in every workday. - No ownership in Wilton management; Poor group leaders and managers.Stable demand of product, Health benefits, Paid time off, Opportunity to travel, Tech conferencePoor work-life balance, Not a great place to work, No training, Poor team leaders, Long hours in office"

Manufacturing Technician (Former Employee) says

"The company is lacking leadership in manufacturing. They have temporary people working for less money no benefits then employed people. Some people have no background in manufacturing yet get hired as the ones with manufacturing stay temp. The pay is all over the place for people doing the same tasks. It’s a job but not a place for growth"

San Jose (Current Employee) says

"Over all mgmt. sucks. No plan for improvement. They have different sites with completely different mgmt. style/culture. Big gap in terms of communication between organizations... They create no sense of belonging."

Senior Customer Support Engineer (Former Employee) says

"25 years with this company and was laid off due to reduction in workforce. Company has changed over the years. Paid good but no loyalty to workforce. Very disappointed."

System engineer (Former Employee) says

"They don't like to speak English there and it is hard to force them. If you are not Asian you are in a trouble. The management is not always competent and fair. They offer free food if you are there just for the dinnerbad management"

Design Engineer (Former Employee) says

"I worked at ASML in Wilton as mechanical design engineer for 3 years. Poor managers and team leaders running the projects who makes schedules at fly without technical inputs from team members. Blaming culture between departments where tasks/process crosses roads and ownership. Helpful HR. Paid vacation. Lot of complex and unclear process. No training for process and no owners for processes. No help from managers. No life work balances. Work from home during weekend is becoming normal to meet project deadline. Open offices (no cubicles) with lot of noises. Product has quality issues and customers are screaming for it but managements seems to not taking care of it. Profit sharing(%) is no longer applicable all across board. They have reduced it. Huge turnover of the engineers in Wilton.Stable company, No layoff in last 5 year, Paid vacation and holidays, Opportunity to travel in Europe and AsiaPoor managers and task leaders, Long hours, Lot of contractor with no responsibility, No training for specific processes, No process owners"

Sr Product Engineer Modeling group (Former Employee) says

"Manque de compétence et d'éthique Managers incompétents Entreprise dirigée et constituée d'étudiant sorti d'école sans expérience, démissions toutes les semaines, aucune vision ni aucun bon sens"

管理業務 (Former Employee) says

"日、週、月単位での会議が多く、一日に何度も会議に拘束される。 個人の裁量が全くなく何でもチーム内で合意を得ないと何も決められないし変えられない。 典型的な日本企業で働いてる様で、上記の理由に因りさっさと辞めた。"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"High tech company but employees starved of learning opportunities. Core technologies kept in VHV. Engineers at sites are just installers. Work is highly stressed. No work life balance. Managers are effectively politicians than technically competent individuals. Issues are often debated again and again with no results. Pay day is e most enjoyable part of the job. That is it.Prestigious and very expensive namePolitical, stressful, acting skills needed"

Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Constant bullying and verbal abuse. ASML is a big company and has good pays and a good full-time job. But not a safe environment to work for long-term due to too many bullying from both supervisor and coworker."

Engineering Intern (Current Employee) says

"Work was interesting and I made many friends =. However, there are some bad ones that make the company look bad. For instance.... 1. Abusive coworker. She screamed and threatened to report me all the time. She took photos of a misplaced item and displayed it to every group member to humiliate me. She speke Chinese all the time when there was a work issue. 2 .My boss is worse than her. He pretended to give me fake interview. He said he was not supposed to be in the interview for ethical reason. But later, he said he is supposed to be in the interview otherwise it is not an interview. He encouraged the coworker to bully me and he told me once, "maybe she had a reason to lose her temper at you." My trainer couldn't teach me thoroughly due to language barrier. My boss mocked me and refused to help me learn. He even forbids me to talk to anybody other than my two coworkers and himself. He even warned me that I must take break and lunch exactly at the same time with my coworkers. Which means, I couldn't go anywhere even outside. I had to stay with them exclusively all the time. He forced me to work with my coworker even though he knew I couldn't get along with her. I requested transfer and he threatened that he will report me to his boss. I finally got an interview and was waiting for the result and he ended my contract suddenly to prevent me going to another department. To him everything was a joke. He never paid any attention to my trainer’s report. He ignored my progress report and kept going back to beginning and use that as an excuse for not hiring me.Nice and caring people.Bullying culture among some elderly supervisor, they think they are above the law and abuse employees whenever they feel like it."

CAD Support Engineer (Former Employee) says

"if you have any creativity stay away from this place. They work you to death and complain you are not putting in enough hours. Management only cares about getting their bonus.nonea 60 or 70 hr work week"

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