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Lufthansa Aviation Training GmbH is a company owned by the Lufthansa Group, that trains Lufthansa pilots. The training locations are Bremen, Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich in Germany, Vienna in Austria, Zurich in Switzerland and a facility in Goodyear, Arizona, United States. The company has about 500 employees[1] and has been in business for around 50 years.[2] Lufthansa Aviation Training owns 9 subsidiaries: Lufthansa Aviation Training Crew Academy GmbH, Lufthansa Aviation Training Berlin GmbH, Lufthansa Aviation Training Operations Germany GmbH, Lufthansa Aviation Training Germany GmbH, Lufthansa Aviation Training Austria GmbH, Lufthansa Aviation Training USA Inc., Lufthansa Aviation Training Pilot Academy GmbH and Aviation Quality Services (AQS)

A former employee said this in a review on Indeed website: "Lots of pressure,no recognition of your hard work,no ethics,poor work environment,no-increments,management hardly cared for working staff. No team players at Lufthansa".


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Design Architect (Former Employee) says

"Terrible CEO running company underground. Worst tech company I ever worked for company kept claiming net 90 on pay for completed projects and never paid!"

Temp (Former Employee) says

"A..Q.S. is a temporary service in Muncie, In that gives low pay for an applicant mostly factory work. And the work you are doing is an high paying factory job. But they keep you as an temp over ninety days. To keep from etting the pay you deserve. On top of myself an others were having trouble getting paid for work they put in the hrs. for! Cons: They dont live up to a true temporary company."

Quality Control Inspector (Current Employee) says

"- No real interview: come in fill out paperwork x drug test x get a vest..... Cons: Payroll, management, Human Resources, no supervisors."

Care assistant (Former Employee) says

"I really enjoyed my time working with the clients of aqs just not the company as much felt they dident do or take in what the clients needed and wonted more what the office belived they should do Cons: N/a"

trasporto valigie smarrite (Current Employee) says

"arrivo nella zona di lavoro, controllo delle valigie smarrite, controllo assieme i colleghi del giro di consegna, carico della merce, consegna giornaliera al privato, ritorno direttamente a casa. Cons: orari a volte assurdi"

Asesor ISO (Former Employee) says

"La Dirección era poco clara en sus objetivos, trabajaba autónomamente y con poca supervisión, entiendo que durante mi estadía los resultados obtenidos fueron adecuados ya que fui contratado por una de las empresas que asesoraba. Cons: Sueldo bajo, dirección poco clara."

Mechanical Engineer (Former Employee) says

"This was a good starting job. It was an easy transition from school to the workforce.A typical day included making MPI & TPI reports, dealing with manufacturing issues, dealing with broken or required tools that are needed for production, and consulting with the customer on assembly needs. I learned time management, how to make MPI and TPI reports, I learned who to operate in an environment where nobody knew what to do so then i would have to use my own best judgement. Management was nice and friendly, we would have company dinners 1-2 times a month (when business was good) where we got to know our supervisors, managers and coworkers up close and personal, they were all good people and they were very nice.The atmosphere at AQS was like a family, everybody talked to everybody and for the most part everyone got along. the hardest part of the job was knowing what your given task was, there were no clearly defined duties at first, but once you learned a general idea of what you needed to do it wasn't as confusing. Sometimes it was difficult to understand what was needed to do. the most enjoyable part of the job was the freedom and the atmosphere, we had freedom in our jobs and everyone respected eachothers approach, its was a family environment but more than that AQS was a team. Cons: Disorganized, mismanaged"

Fulltime employment (Current Employee) says

"It's an easy going place to work for but it has a lot of draw backs. There is absolutely no advancement in the company. It's a third party company which means they are making over $25 an hour and paying you $17 an hour. It is like working for a temp company with benefits. Cons: Absolutley no advancement"

Janitor and Cleaner (Former Employee) says

"This place and employees are what jobs need to have more relaxed d understanding people that care for their employees as their own family members love. Cons: Have to earn your way to get hours to work."

Scaffolding Labourer (Former Employee) says

"Good place to work with a cracking set of lads but management need to learn how to look after their employee's better. The start and finish work times are reasonable. Cons: Normal working hours."

Site Manager (Current Employee) says

"Completing daily P&L/Budget reviews/personal scorecards/employee reviews"

Meccanico (Former Employee) says

"Lavorare in un campus in cui non vi è la possibilità di uscirci perché non c'è sicurezza all esterno è mentalmente pesante Cons: Sicurezza inesistente"

Cleaner full time (Former Employee) says

"A good employer but couldn't give me the increased hours I needed. They made sure that every employee had full training including health and safety. They made sure everyone knew the COSH, every employee was given new uniforms every year."

Assembler/Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"Management and co - workers are friendly, and they are nice person. When they help me and taught me a lot of thing to improve my job."

Cleaner (Former Employee) says

"Working for AQS proved to be hard work, however the hours were relatively short which detracted from the hard work. There isn't much to say besides you should be expected to be constantly working during your shift. The typical day consists of putting half empty, plastic beer cups into black bags. Cons: Bending over seats to pick up litter is not good for your back."

Socorrista (Former Employee) says

"No hay problema para trabajar, se está agusto y se facilita tranquilidad."

QA Specialist (Former Employee) says

"My typical day was to quality control insurance software. Cons: Not a good fit for me. I was not challenged with this position."

Former Employee - Business Analyst says

"I worked at AQS full-time for more than 10 years Cons: Management. Many layoffs and salary cuts. Sales team is pretty much non-existant and company cannot manage to make a sale. Annual employee appreciation trip usually consists of upper management and their friends with one or two token wild cards."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at AQS full-time Cons: Poor managment promissing more than they could deliver"


"I worked at AQS Cons: Very political, even when they "pride" themselves in not being political Too much management for such a small company"

Senior Developer says

"I worked at AQS Cons: Lacking technology focus Lacking processes and discipline No training and career growth Unqualified managers and account managers Incorrect managers to developers/ba ratio"


"I worked at AQS Cons: The status of the company is a secret to all employees except for the President and his few close confidants. He will hold a company-wide meeting and explain how everything is looking up and everything is wonderful... 2 weeks later there will be group lay off. Example: There was a company wide paycut, one month later approximately 15 employees and a guest each were taken on an all expenses paid trip to Jamaica. The President, VP, and CFO also went on the trip. Over the course of the last 2 yrs roughly 75 employees were laid off and the positions were not refilled."

Business Analyst says

"I have been working at AQS Cons: Multiple (yearly) permanent employee layoffs hurt morale make valuable personnel leave. Very clicky, especially management. Recent pay decrease across the board. Expectation of extended work hours. Lack of training or education opportunities."


"I worked at AQS Cons: less Salary, No Canteen, Management issues"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at AQS full-time for more than 8 years Cons: Managers need to take responsibility to guide their employees on career planning and training; managers need to be more responsive in this area- it's part of their job. After a month of training, a new employee is trained via "plug your nose and jump in". This can be good or bad depending upon the project you are assigned and the associated work effort/timeframes meaning mentor is not available when they should be. New opportunities for growth seem to be based on "who you know" and not so much on performance."

Current Employee - Software Developer says

"I have been working at AQS full-time for more than a year Cons: It has fewer than 50 employees at the end of a financial year."

Current Employee - Industrial Cleaner and Offices says

"I have been working at AQS full-time Cons: There's to many to write down"

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