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Authorized push payment fraud (APP fraud) is a form of fraud in which victims are manipulated into making real-time payments to fraudsters, typically by social engineering attacks involving impersonation. As of 2019 in the United Kingdom, because the victims of these frauds authorized the payments, albeit mistakenly, they are typically not fully reimbursed by their banks.


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Current Employee - Practice Director says

"I have been working at Apps Associates full-time for more than 8 years Cons: Management will burn you out then discard you"

Former Employee - Senior Principal Consultant says

"I worked at Apps Associates full-time for more than a year Cons: Micromanagement /Horrible Project Managers Bad middle and upper management Constant layoffs No projects No learning growth"

Current Employee - Senior Principal Consultant says

"I have been working at Apps Associates full-time for more than a year Cons: Complete lack of ongoing dialog wrt training, upcoming assignments, etc. If you're on the bench, you are invisible. The lack of communication leads to concern over one's position, and good people leave as a result. This pattern will continue, and even get worse, now that the company is owned by Venture Capitalists. Continuing to solve staffing problems by going to the well of ex-Bluewolf consultants is not a good long-term strategy. During my time at Apps, it was stated several times that one's annual bonus was not based on one's billable utilization. This turned out to be a complete lie. In March 2018, the company announced there would be no bonuses unless a previously unadvertised utilization percentage was achieved. 1) It is not the fault of the billable consultants that Sales is incapable of building a pipeline of work; 2) Funny how the managers all got their bonuses, despite abysmal overall performance. BEWARE. This company will not be good for your career."


"I have been working at Apps Associates Cons: Beware.They post fake jobs online and conduct fake interviews. for their trainee and outsourced that they can learn from the knowledge of experienced professionals.I would avoid their interviews unless you are a fresher."

Former Employee - BI Architect says

"I worked at Apps Associates full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Bad Project Management , Missed deadlines , everything is sent to India to work on. You will be lucky if you get 8 hrs sleep. Lot of dirty politics. Customers are overcharged and sometime double charged for the work which didn't happen at all. Stay away from this company"

Former Employee - Consultant says

"I worked at Apps Associates full-time for less than a year Cons: Managers are staying for long time and no professionalism and they want to survive by sucking the blood of juniors or newly joined people."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Apps Associates full-time for more than 8 years Cons: Top Management changed now, but incompetent managers are still there for long time and recently hired few managers who are worst than existing managers. Top Management usually goes by below manager's words who are incompetent and unfit to the company without checking the ground level situation. Top Management and GDC head totally failed to identify high performanced and loyal employees . If you suck few managers shoes ( Some new managers joined recently and some Existing managers too) and Managers talks good about you to the top management, then your positions will be safe, secure and high growth and good salary growth. Few Managers rate their team members how much you please them by your actions, not by your performance, Few Managers intentionally create negative environment and discourage their top performers in the team no matter what you do just to let you go out of the organization. Some Managers dont approve your leaves as well although your positions is critical, but they take leaves when there is need from managers and dont inform their team members... Overall, I dont recommend Apps for any one except for freshers."

Current Employee - Senior Consultant says

"I have been working at Apps Associates full-time for more than a year Cons: No future as employee You will be working as contractor in india No groath"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Apps Associates full-time Cons: low level manager uses spy to monitor all the employees. and that spy is useless fellow"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Apps Associates full-time Cons: Worst ceo inspite of you give complaint also they are not taking action on them. They have state feeling one manager and vc are from same city.So there will be no action."

Sales (Former Employee) says

"Brought me on board to help and was driven away because the other people were intimidated by someone educated. It’s an hourly wage job... what do you expect? I worked in the office and it was the worst job I ever had in my life. Ugly people both internally and externally"

Medical Insurance Examiner (Current Employee) says

"No mileage pay. Wear and tear on your vehicles. No insurance benefits. Supplies are bought by examiners no reimbursements.. No acknowledgements of the work you do on a daily basis."

Mobile Examiner (Former Employee) says

"This is a good starter job but is not the type of company to work for if you are trying to advance in your life such as buying a home or a car there is no stability and you're not paid for travel or the time it takes to make the calls to schedule your clients."

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"They do not allow you to have brakes there you're not allowed to use your vacation time as you like they pick and choose when you can use your sick time. The regional director there likes to verbally harass and degrade her employees"

QC Manager (Former Employee) says

"After 8 years i was laid off with no explanation as to why simply because the office manager through a fit two days prior and walked out and it had nothing to do with me. Horrible company with horrible management"

Paramedical Examiner (Former Employee) says

"I was left to fend for myself... I was the only one who had a huge area... Drove over 30-40, and sometimes up to 100 miles for some clients and never got credit... never got any kind of tech or management support... i was let go because I couldn't do the impossible."

Mobile Phlebotomist (Former Employee) says

"This is the worst mobile phlebotomy company I've ever worked for. Pay is low and if you miss ONE thing, they take half or more of pay per service. Worst boss, he called and yelled and cussed because I asked a question. I would never recommend this company at least not in the Phoenix, AZ area."

Medical Examiner (Former Employee) says

"Bad place to work no training you are double booked sometimes and not paid for gas. You run out of supplies and have to wait to receive them after appointments are already set. Cons: Low pay"

Examiner (Former Employee) says

"Take care of your own taxes. Same salary for 15 years. You can make your own schedule but spiteful declining work. 50% of the clients are ignorant. Wear and tear on your car."

Phlebotomist (Former Employee) says

"This type of jobs is paying less and less. There is equipment you will be required to purchase. You will spend many hours working for free. The only time you will get paid is when you are actually with the client. You will not be paid for driving time or mileage, doing and submitting paperwork. If you have 15 clients who need to be scheduled and each one has two phone numbers and an email. You will be required to make 30 phone calls and send 15 emails every day until the client is scheduled. If the client decides they do not want the policy you will not get paid for the time you spent trying to schedule them. If a client cancels or misses the appointment you will not be paid. There are no benefits. Cons: To many to mention"

Medical Examiner doing insurance exams (Former Employee) says

"This company pays very minimum. They charge you a fee for using ekg machines, tablets, and any equipment you need. They also charge you a fee for the office help scheduling your appointments. This all comes off the top. You must go to all appointments even if you can't reach clients. Most of the time clients are not home. Cons: You end up spending your money"

Paramedical Examiner (Former Employee) says

"They nickel and dime you for everything: Kits, ekg, centrifuge, butterfly needles, plus an “office fee” each check. You get no mileage, no upkeep, no benefits, no support from management. You must upload paperwork, process specimens, update cases daily which eats into your evening hours, making a long day that much longer. The compensation is poor. APPS makes good money per case and you get about 15-20 dollars...unless you forget someone’s middle initial, then you get docked. You MUST go to every appointment set, even if you can’t confirm them. If the client isn’t there, then you don’t get paid. You MIGHT get $10 for your trouble if you take pics of the house, fill out a report and hope that insurance company pays for reimbursements. Clients are poorly prepared and exams drag on forever."

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"The regional director is demoralizing, unprofessional and let’s her position go to her head. You get time taken from you and no time sheets. Hostile work environment isn’t even the beginning of working here."

Customer Service, data entry and quality control (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work! Management was bad ! Other co workers were horrible ! Nothing was good about working here! Waste of time every day ! It’s was a one man job ! Too many males and not enough female workers"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Upper management is strictly focused on revenue growth - no personal development or opportunities to grow within the company. A Typical day only includes exposure to local issues and very few opportunities to work as a collective group. Cons: No learning and development or opportunity for autonomous development"

Independent Contractor (Current Employee) says

"my interview was great.. office staff is wonderful when it comes to help.. scheduling is sometimes scattered but it's fixable if you give them a notice Cons: pay is HORRIBLE"

Home Health Examiner (Current Employee) says

"They will draw you in with visions of high pay checks and flexible schedules then only schedule you one or two cases a WEEK because they hired someone else for the area"

Mobile Examiner (Current Employee) says

"Compared to other companies I worked for this company is the most unorganized company of them all. You never know who your area manager is. Once you get used to one person then they switch it up on you. Compared to other companies this company pays pretty low. This company does not like to pay for no-show, or give you any extra money for going out of your way to help them out, but they are quick to charge you for an error that's not even detrimental. They expect you to do extra work or double the work. If you're closing out a case and putting in the airbill number and so forth there is no reason you should have to send that in with the paperwork. We're having you fill out extra paperwork just to make sure you are sending paperwork to the right area. Cons: Constantly calling about dumb stuff"

MA-C (Former Employee) says

"I worked for this company in Seattle and it was amazing. APPS is a franchise and individually owned and operated, The Dallas office is something you definitely want to STAY AWAY from. Cons: Dallas office has very poor management."

Traveling Phlebotomist, Medical Insurance Examiner (Former Employee) says

"This is a contract position where you do a lot of work with little or no pay. I went to peoples' homes and workplaces to do a medical history, draw a blood sample and get a urine sample for life insurance companies. Some jobs paid $20, but if I was unable to get a blood sample from the client I was penalized $15 making the total earnings for the visit $5. Not worth the time or pay."

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