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23andMe is a privately held personal genomics and biotechnology company based in Sunnyvale, California. It is best known for providing a direct-to-consumer genetic testing service in which customers provide a saliva sample that is laboratory analysed, using single nucleotide polymorphism genotyping, to generate reports relating to the customer's ancestry and genetic predispositions to health-related topics. The company's name is derived from the fact that there are 23 pairs of chromosomes in a normal human cell.

Deborah of Orlando, FL shared "My son purchased a 23andMe DNA kit many years ago. It was very informative at first. Then they took all of the valuable information away, and want you to purchase a new kit to get back all of the initial information. Now there seems to be a glitch, and I can’t even get into my account. I tried contacting them with no response to my email."


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Current Employee - Lead Engineer says

"The company doesn't seem to care about employees. They don't offer any training or career development. They pay significantly under market rates, and there are no bonuses. They don't give equity, only options which are priced high enough that you're not likely to see any upside, if you can even afford to purchase them. And the options are ultimately worthless, anyway, because the company has no intentions to IPO. The new Sunnyvale office is a nightmare. The desks are all in open office layouts in rooms the length of football fields with no sound dampening. When employees brought up designating the desk areas as quiet spaces, the executives actively rejected this, stating "quiet" wasn't part of the company culture. Work from home is strongly discouraged, and if your team doesn't have butts in seats, expect to get bad feedback from above. While ostensibly a tech company, engineering is not really valued as if it were. As a result, there is not a strong engineering culture, and your experience will be strongly team dependent, since directors tend to form silos. Some teams aren't allowed to say 'no' to requests, and constantly burn out team members. Others barely do anything. Teams rarely coordinate, and as a result very little gets written down or documented. There are often multiple teams working on near-identical projects because they don't know about each other. Trying to deploy new services is a hassle because nothing is written down, and because different security and infrastructure 'experts' won't agree on what you need to do. Things are micromanaged by execs. Every hire, raise, and promotion has to be personally approved by the CEO. All company objectives come from the top down, and there's no communication upwards from employees about whether or not they're feasible or reasonable. The execs claim to hold weekly Q&A sessions, but substantive questions are either deleted or given vague non-answers. Expect to spend hours of your week giving status updates."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Hiring process is a mess. HR were unprofessional and provided wrong information during hiring process. Poor management with no career development. No intention to develop or retain employees"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Micro managers, toxic environment- no raises, no bonuses- no on boarding or training to get you up to speed."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Toxic management and certain employees. Ineffective HR who do not take any action to make this a welcome place to work. The top executives seem to be aware of the toxicity to the point of telling people to come to them with reports of the toxic culture -- of course then nothing is done to change. Such a shame."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No support from management. No career development. Nepotism is rampant, if you don't already have a sponsor in the executive team, don't bother joining the company. No rewards for good work done. A lot of inexperienced employees who think they are still working in academia. Lack of a clear business model. Scientists are valued above all other employees."

Customer Service Representative says

"Brief Training Poor communication from management Let go for no reason with no warning five days before Christmas"


"All decisions came down to one person, and it was NOT the ceo. Senior managers made some grave mistakes and many employees suffered. Managers and co-workers inexperienced. Did not value customer satisfaction. Vague product definition with very little marketing support."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- terribly poor handling of racial issues especially surrounding issues facing black employees and bad managers are kept around leading to toxic environment at company. they hide these issues behind "diverse" cultural events, "diversity" initiatives that are heavily deprioritized, and PR stunts that are all surface level rather than meaningful actions - if you luck out with a good team and manager (or you are white), then most likely you will have a fantastic experience at this company as many have mentioned. i mean this earnestly. but if i could give one word of advice for prospective employees, especially for minorities: be as acute as you can during the interviews to look out for signs that your manager or team might be toxic. google is your friend if you don't know what the signs are"


"Over the last FIVE years we've hired many new employees, managers, and executives across the organization, including in our customer-facing, product, communications, & HR teams. Today, we are a group of passionate individuals pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to help turn genetic insight into better health and personal understanding!"

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"Nepotism, scapegoating, bike shedding. Internal dating is encouraged by management, but I didn’t like feeling chased by other employees or my manager trying to play matchmaker. I watched the same manager constantly berate a team by making half of the people in it feel like they were worthless. Most of the team eventually left."

Erik says

"Extremely buggy interface, inaccurate results, unhelpful customer service... the whole nine yards. I wouldn\'t be surprised to find out they did no genetic testing at all and just made up the results. "

Failed Marketing Intern (Former Employee) says

"I applied for an internship here and the next thing I know they closed the position. Seriously did you not allow anyone under age 25 to work with you? I am a marketing major in desperate need of a job. Care for the broke. Cons: Hard to get hired, HR bad. heartless people"

Systems Engineer (Former Employee) says

"When I first started I noticed it was the norm for new people to be properly welcomed. New people would all get balloons, office supplies, welcome papers with confetti on their desks and other neat things. I, however, received none of that. For a while I wondered why unlike everyone else new I did not receive a proper "official" welcome to the company. Not that I care for balloons, but the thought of not being welcomed through the traditional way made me feel like I wasn't important enough. With that said, there are way too many extreme egotistic people with low quality interpersonal skills, complete lack of training/mentoring especially from "leadership". They have 3 main sites and only their main HQ has a small gym. You would honestly think as someone new you would have some form of training around the specific types of processes and procedures that were in place. I had zero mentoring from "senior" level staff. Trying to collaborate was a nightmare and forget communication. One of the main people there with a "manager" title literally never spoke or bothered to be a team player at all. When asked questions or trying to collaborate as a "team" this person would be all annoyed. Many workers always looked so highly stressed except for management since all they really did was join meetings all day and just about completely neglect their direct reports. You have no real work-life balance. Total joke of a place to work at. Would not recommend. Cons: Benefits were overpriced, management communication, team collaboration"

Lab Aide (Former Employee) says

"23andme is a very silicon valley company. They have large aspirations but reach beyond their means. The best thing about working at this company was the people you worked with. Their had some okay benefits (health, dental, vision). The downfall of working for this company is that they create projects then cut them off without any forewarning. So if you work here keep an updated resume and enjoy it while it lasts. Cons: Job security"

Katie says

"I ordered from 23 and me on 25/12/20. As of 18/01/21, I still have not received the kit. This is despite contacting customer service and having had a second kit sent out after being told it must have been lost in the mail. On the same date, my mother ordered a kit from ancestry.com which arrived promptly. If you want to order a dna kit, go with ancestry and avoid 23andme. At the very least, the cost of delivery should be refunded to me as this is ridiculous."

andrew kirby says

"My uncle gave my dad this test, someone gave it to me. My dad's mom was a really rare and exotic person. My dad knew she was Roma Gypsy that had intermarried with Oceanian/East Asian on one side of her and another side had intermarried with African and Amerindian. My grandma looked African, but not African. She looked Amerindian, but not Amerindian. South Asian, but not South Asian. Oceanian, but not Oceanian. My dad's dad had a lot of Lumbee in him as well some African. He had Arab as well, and a bit of European. I'm a super genealogy nut. So, the results, what did they come for 23andme? They said my dad was all British and Northern European! What a bunch of hogwash, I knew right then their site is fake. I took the results to Stanford's free genome testing. It came out with them as I suspected, and I was able to pinpoint what East Asian groups we might be. So, 23andme, when I wrote them, said their test is accurate and blah blah blah. then I found out they only test .1% or so of the DNA. What a huge lie they gave me, I mean, how can they claim to be able to discover your heritage with that little? I think they should do a whole genome test and do it for $223.23. I also discovered they throw people from other nationalities into different testing pools. So, Italian or Arabs into their British sample pools. That's got to be fixed. If they failed so badly at testing my dad, who, at most, is 25% European, then I know they need to fix themselves. I bet if I tested my pal's dog, he would come up 80% British, 10% Northern European, and 10% Unknown. Hey 23andme, do what I suggested (and how about giving my family a free conversion into the new whole genome testing) and I'll give you five star rating on 23 different review sites~ seriously, I will."

Matt says

"Ordered the test kit. Received it fairly quickly. Spit in the tube (my DNA sample), sent it back in the box and label provided on Friday December 4, entered the USPS system on the same day, and 2 weeks later, 23andme still has not received it. At one point USPS tracking said it was out for delivery on Monday December 14, but as of Friday December 18, it still has not delivered. It is USPS first class, and it only had to travel about 265 miles (from Alexandria VA to Burlington NC), but with 2 full weeks in the USPS system it still has not been delivered. As a result, I had 23andme cancel my order and issue me a refund (that much I give credit to 23andme.) Then I explained why I cancelled. They replied to me that even though it it was USPS first class, it is treated differently by the USPS than other first class mail because the USPS handles 23andme mail differently, and that it is not unusual for it to take 2 to 4 weeks to arrive. My problem is: 1 Because I do not remember ever being informed about this weird and unusual treatment in shipping my DNA sample back to 23andme, I ask: Why couldn't 23andme be upfront to me about the long shipping times and the fact that it will be treated differently (more like snail mail than first class) than normal USPS mail when I first bought the product or even before I sent the sample back to them? Why couldn't 23andme be more considerate and upfront to their customers? 2. With my package out for delivery on Monday December 14 and not delivered by Friday the 18th, I find it disrespectful and even suspicious to have my DNA sample in federal custody in a manner that it disappears for a long period of time! For these reasons, I feel they deserve a one star and that customers should think twice before entrusting their DNA sample to 23andme. Caveat Emptor!"

Maria says

"They just simplified their reports, so your background is your nationality. It is not scientific! Maybe they get the results from your facebook account?"

Maria Thomson says

"Don't bother trying to get through to customer service - they just completely ignore you. £140 spent and they ignore you. Rubbish company,"

Adie says

"I would give 0 stars if I could. Go with Ancestry.com NOT this company. Pack not arrived, no response to emails, live chat actions by agent not followed up on. Abysmal service. I only wish I read reviews first as it appears I’m not the only one. AVOID!!!"


"Can I give this 0 stars? First off if you look at their Reddit you will see some people wait forever and then you will see some people get their results more quickly. I have been on computing which says only 1-2 days and is all computer generated. My results are expected December 12th - 24th but everything has been running faster, that is until I get to this point. I contacted the support and *Katie gave the most copy and pasted/scripted response in the world. Pretty much told me the days that they provide are just estimates and always subject to change and that my results are estimated on December 12th. ***Like I could not see this information myself*** According to other people the results change as well. I'm tempted to contact Amazon and get my money back on this one and call it a bust."

Josh Marshall says

"Awful. I have sent my kit THREE times. Only for them to 'not receive' it, or for there to be 'not enough DNA' in my saliva to test?? It is December, I have been trying to get my report since June. Absolute joke of a company. Would not recommend."

Chris Sansom says

"TLDR: Your results will change from one week to the next. Just throw some darts at a map for better accuracy. My wife purchased tests for herself and her mum last year. Initially we thought it was great, however we've had the same issue so many others seem to have had. The dna results change so much that they are rendered absolutely useless. Very difficult to have any trust when you go from one extreme to another overnight. Really shocked at how bad this is, please don't waste your money!"

Lee Crawford says

"My dna ancestry report has changed so many times in the past three years that I can only believe they are either absolutely FOS or don’t really know what they’re doing. One day I’m Spanish french and German, next day I’m 100% Brit. Load of rubbish probably just a massive data collection scheme."

Kate says

"I bought the Kit on Amazon ($199 Kit) with a prepaid label. Followed instructions and shipped it on October 21st. A week later I received an update from USPS that my kit was forwarded because of the wrong address or forwarding instructions (again it's a prepaid label). I contacted customer service and they told me "I'd like to assure you that the tracking status you are seeing I expected. Some samples are first mailed to a routing location in Phoenix........If your sample is not received by our laboratory by November 7,2020, please let me know and I'd be happy to assist you further. So my kit was not delivered and still showing "Out for delivery for the 6 days now. I reached the CS again and (should I mention the quality of CS?) 1st agent simply left the chat, second told me to wait (!) again. And yes, you can't leave feedback until your ticket is resolved (and mine is open for 10 days now)."

S K says

"The results I received before had in-depth information going back up to 6-7 generations and gave results that made sense given the family history. Since the new update the analysis is only going back up to 1-2 generations. Is this a joke? I do not need a DNA analysis to tell me where my parents and grandparents are from. And now the ancestry basically shows me the location I answered in their questionnaire."

Vicki Stone says

"Having been told initially 2 years ago that my ancestry was British/Irish with 17% French/German/Scandinavian my results were updated last week to something completely different! Now I’m 98.5% British and 1.5% Iranian! What a joke! Total waste of money I’ve completely lost faith due with the total shift in what they told me originally."

Rosie Lee says

"so if i could have a no star rating it would be more appropriate - they got very little right in my DNA analysis. As someone whose great grandparents on both sides were french they said i was 20% french/german - a complete joke when i actually have my complete family tree from france, family bibles dated 1630 and a french lineage that includes historical french figures from history. Shockingly incorrect. It appears to me that they seem to think that if you fill in your details that your grandparents were born in UK they are genetically from this country when in actuality all my great grandparents were french but born in the uk. I will report this to the society of genealogy and will be writing to the press as I can prove my lineage. My advice to all is to avoid"

Mary Smith says

"I had done several DNA tests prior to doing 23 and Me and this test was the more expensive out of all I’ve done and least specific. My results only partially compare to results of other tests done with other companies. Do not waste your time. If you truly want to know your ancestry do your family tree. If you don’t wish to do that, then I would recommend FamilyTree DNA, My Heritage, or Ancestry."

John says

"I bought the full 23 and me “experience” when I joined years ago. Unfortunately what I thought was a lifetime of updates from me giving them my DNA doesn’t seem to be the case. I now seem to constantly get emails to “update” . Recently I was told my data was put through an old (computer?) “chip” and now there’s an updated “chip” I would need to pay.....hold on hold on no one mentioned constant upgrades and additional fees when I first joined....I used to advise people to get this now I think it’s just a constant cash flow scam."

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