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1stdibs is an e-commerce company. It has an online marketplace, which sells luxury items such as high-end furniture for interior design, fine art and jewelry, as well as a brick-and-mortar location in The Terminal Stores in New York City. The company has been recognized for "pushing the antiques business into the 21st century." It was founded in 2001 by Michael Bruno as an online luxury marketplace for antiques after he visited the Marché aux Puces in Paris, France. 1stdibs.com started as a listings site for art dealers to sell offline, but the site was redesigned in 2013 to give buyers the option to purchase items online.

A troubled client has this to say about the company, she said "I will never ever purchase another item from 1stdibs. The table I purchased was so misrepresented from what the redacted picture of it looked like that I returned it. To my utter shock, it was not returnable. However, it is faulty photography, untruthful descriptions ( steady and firm table ) the table was wobbly, the top of it was terrible. The seller was disreputable. I have deleted them from my contacts and I would never have done this had I known".


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Overworked Low pay and long hours Very high turnover Clock in and out like a factory worker All in all, this is a terrible place to work. I had only accepted it because it was my first offer in New York. Read every good review with a grain of salt because part of the onboarding process is to LEAVE A REVIEW ON GLASSDOOR. I didn’t do it. Seems unethical given the fact that you’ll most likely leave a positive review. Once you see past the facade of catered lunches once a week and an aesthetically pleasing office, you’ll understand that working here is a nightmare. They straight up do not care about you. After working there for two years, I never had a job title change and my total raise was 2%, which isn’t even a standard of living increase. As the months went on, my team got smaller and smaller as people started jumping ship, realizing there is absolutely no room for growth. I raised my concerns to the People team (HR) that I’ve gone above and beyond while working there, taking on more and more responsibilities as my team got smaller and smaller, and they simply didn’t care. They fully understood the situation and just didn’t care. I was told to “look at the bigger picture”. After realizing how insane that sounded and coming to my senses, I gave my 2 weeks notice and found a job in about a months time with almost double the pay. I was told by someone higher up off the record that it’s their duty to pay their employees as little as possible while getting the most out of them. Avoid this company at all costs."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"To those of you considering whether or not to apply to an open position at or accept a job offer from 1stdibs, I would strongly urge you to consider/ask about the following: Consider the inflated rating 1stdibs has on this site. This is largely due to the number of 5-star reviews given by employees that have been at the company for less than a year. The reason for so many of these reviews? HR makes leaving a Glassdoor review part of your onboarding process...WAY before anyone would have been at the company long enough to get a true impression of what it's like to work there. This speaks volumes for how the company is run and where management's priorities are - numbers are regularly omitted, fudged, played around with in order to reflect growth to higher-ups. Be sure to ask about turnover on the team. Even if you ask, you may get a roundabout answer of "we lost people due to restructuring". Be aware that HR will use the term "restructuring" to get you to think the fact an entire team has left is normal. LISTEN TO YOUR INSTINCT. An entire team leaving is NOT, by any means, normal. Turnover on several teams is ridiculously high and for good reason. I would strongly advise you to talk to someone who has worked on the team you may be joining or at least someone who works closely with the team you're considering joining. Look on LinkedIn and see for yourself how many extremely qualified people have had short stints at 1stdibs - this is no coincidence. Be prepared to overhear wildly unprofessional conversations around you in the open floor plan office particularly about the hiring process. You may overhear ridicule of a candidate's education, or even their photo online. You will encounter managers that put down their team members in front of everyone in interdepartmental meetings. There are even employees that remain at the company after making multiple people cry in front of everyone in meetings. Do you really want to work somewhere this type of behavior goes unpunished/has been normalized? Management is extremely opaque while they tout transparency and honesty as one of the company values. Completely laughable. Decisions are made without consulting the team members who will actually be affected, and you will be kept out of the loop on most if not every decision that affects you. You will also encounter management that has no idea what their team members do, and consequently you will neither be utilized properly nor be set up to succeed. Little to no communication. Many times, management will be unclear about what they want and then be unreachable for their feedback as deadlines arrive. By the time feedback is given, so much work has already been done that people end up having to do 2-3x the work they originally had to do. People are suffering and management refuses to change. Mobility/chances of promotion - this has been a company-wide problem as management continues to place emphasis on hiring from the outside instead of promoting employees that have been loyal and devoted to the company for a number of years. You will be passed up for a promotion by someone outside of the company that may actually have less experience than you. Management does not care about you or your career trajectory. You are simply a cog in a machine and to be frank, they couldn't care less about your loyalty. Work life balance varies across teams and I would make sure to get as accurate of a picture of this as possible to set your expectations. Some teams can arrive later in the day and leave at 4PM. Other teams are expected to be reachable and solve problems in real time around the clock. Make sure you know what will be expected of you before you happily sign your life away."

Former Employee - Programmer says

"Alcohol culture Meetings hell Always doing artificial stuff to impress stakeholders Impossible to do an impact, seniors afraid of changes"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Cold brew machine broken a lot"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"-Extremely unprofessional management: It's unreal that the sales leaders are still employed at 1stdibs, as they are unprofessional and have several favorites which they treat preferentially in such a way that lowers team morale significantly. -Change: I've been through plenty of change at the company, and that's fine, but to have had 5 managers over the course of a year on the same team is not normal or acceptable. -Promotions: be prepared, if you want to move up, you'll be pitted against your colleagues and favorites will prevail. Anyone who wants to be promoted must apply for the position and interview, competing with inside and outside applicants. Merit and accomplishments are not taken into account here. -Side note: I was a top performer from day one, and people who were more junior and less capable in their position were promoted."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"many of the 5 star reviews are coordinated and written by HR or managers (notice dates of 5 star reviews mysteriously come in batches. last batch was around mid march) below market pay no career progression no strategy beyond this quarter catty and gossipy and inappropriate executive team manipulates numbers to look better no accountability product ships a lot of not very impactful things completely silo'ed org CEO checked out"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Wow, you are really unhappy at 1stdibs. We're sorry to hear that. Can you please schedule time with the People Team to discuss your concerns? We know we're not perfect, but your experience doesn't sound like the 1stdibs we know."

Former Employee - Dealer Support says

"There is no upgrade here for a meaningful career. Hard work for a start up with no end reward or benefit for your future. Upscale competitors do not hire former employees."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"We're sorry you didn't leave on good terms. 1stdibs isn't perfect, but your experience is inconsistent with those of the many other reviewers on Glassdoor. Please reach out to our People Team if you have constructive feedback."

Exhausted Former dealer says

"I had been a dealer since 2012 and out of sheer exhaustion, I cancelled my account in 2020. It went from a relationship where the fees were fair and I was able to grow a business and pay my bills and tour opinion and concerns were values to one where I was being charged $1,000 a month to be beaten down on a daily basis. As a dealer, you get ranked on how quickly you respond to emails received. As you receive emails from all over the world, you are expected to respond 24/7 or risk losing your “seller status” no matter what your business (or even just reasonable) hours are. If you receive an email at 11:00 pm on a Sunday night and respond to it at 6:00 am the next morning, you’re already behind! Great way to start the week off! If you want send the customer an offer on an item, you are expected to know the exact condition of the item when you send that offer, meaning you basically need your inventory in front of you at all times to make sure that the condition is the same as notes ignoring that there is always the possibility of shop wear. The logistics department in 2020 has become an even bigger nightmare. I was “schooled” by employees at the logistics department on several occasions as to why an item that they have never seen or handled in person was going be an obscene price (like $800) to ship whereas a similar or same item would ship for a reasonable cost (like $45). There was no logic as to which items 1stdibs would assist in shipping and which ones I would be responsible to pack & ship. I was told it was “my responsibility” to pack up and ship a table - I couldn’t even fit it into my SUV if I tried, but a small pair of light fixtures, they would have collected & packed, no problem. I also had a logistics issue for an item to be picked up at the wrong address - I called within an hour of confirming the order and notified customer service of the error and the correct pick up address for the item. I followed up at least a dozen times to get this item picked up for the customer at the correct address as 1stdibs kept sending the shipper to the wrong address in a different state and it wasn’t resolved and picked up for 6 weeks. Meanwhile, the 1stdibs customer service department emailed the customer who was patiently waiting for the piece that “for full transparency” the dealer had staff changes, moved, etc., never once admitting that they had the correct within an hour of the order being confirmed and they couldn’t get it corrected on their end. The monthly fees for US dealers are substantially higher than their oversees counterparts. Fees were increased with an email as to why there was an increase and then contracts “automatically renewed” for a year without an email - just a little one-time pop up on your seller dashboard. Designer/Architect clients are also featured to grow their businesses at no charge AND receive gift cards for purchases. What do the people who are actually doing the hard work of finding/buying/moving/restoring/photographing/packing/shipping great pieces to sell on 1stdibs? "

Slinky says

"The worst communication ever ! They answer emails a week later, explaining how they will NOT do what you asked them to do, and then another week later if lucky another email comes without the answer needed. OH ! You want to get them on the phone ! Wait is between 45 to 60 minutes and then guess what …. You are told the person that is dealing with your order/ case will call you back, and they never will . You want a supervisor, nahh… they are always in meetings , or maybe they do not exist at all. I am so sorry i ordered from them ! "

Jay says

"I placed an order for a chair and paid. A week later I receive an email from 1stdibs that the order has been canceled "because of inactivity or because the item was sold to you or another customer under a different order number." I tried to contact 1stdibs three times and on hold over half an hour each time without reaching anyone. I sent an email three days ago without a response other than that a refund has been issued. I can't leave a rating for the seller--who has a 5 star rating. Customer service hasn't been helpful at all. If this is the level of service I can expect in my purchase through 1stdibs, I will not do business with 1stdibs again."

James says

"Responded with what was necessary, nothing more."

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